10 Incredible Health Benefits of Board Games in The Classroom

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board gamesWhen class breaks arrive, usually children are fond of playing board games that are already available in their class. Board games are various such as chess, snake ladder, monopoly, harma, and so forth. “However, board games are rarely played by young people today,” Clinical Psychologist Son of Three Generations, Saskhya Aulia Prima, M.Psi. In fact, board games have many benefits to grow their flower.

Health benefits of board games in the classroom can also help simplify the learning process in the classroom. By playing the game that is almost extinct, they will get some benefits such as:

  1. Sharpen mind intelligence

In every board game, someone will be required to think how to win. By utilizing existing resources, calculations, opportunities, and rules of the game. indirectly, this game can hone the intelligence of the mind. read more: health benefits of being in nature

  1. Planning and strategy skills are increasing

Board games such as monopoly, can improve the ability of planning and strategy. Because in this game, a person is required to think of a strategy to be able to profit as much as one of them by making urban planning

  1. Sharpening accuracy

Board games can also hone one’s accuracy. it is very prominent in the game of chess. In playing chess, it takes a high level of precision. If one goes wrong, then the whole strategy that has been prepared will be messy. Not only that, one must also be careful in seeing the movement of the opponent

  1. Learn to manage emotions

Rules that exist in the game like who goes first, things that are allowed and not allowed in the game, and other rules indirectly is a means to learn to manage emotions. read more: benefits of exercise for emotional health

  1. Train motor skills

In the growth stage of the child, exercising motor skills is a matter of concern. This motor skills can be obtained by holding small objects that exist in the game. So, there are many health benefits of board games in the classroom.

  1. Train social skills

Social skills can also be trained through board games. Because in board games needed socialization with friends who become opposed to play

  1. Train sportsmanship

In the play, there is a rule of thumb. This rule of thumb should be obeyed by all players. If there is a violation then the player can be disqualified. Obey the rules of this game is used as a means to train sportsmanship in health benefits of playing rugby

  1. Train communication

Board games can also train communication in benefits of writing. Especially for those who are afraid to communicate because they are embarrassed to talk to others. With the media game, fear can be eliminated, and confidence in communicating will increase.

  1. Learn to concentrate

In doing any board game, it takes a name of focus. Players are required to focus on playing his role as a player. Especially games that require high focus like a game of chess. This is excellent for media concentration learning in health benefits fidget spinner

  1. Learn to work together

Playing together also teaches about cooperation. How to make the game work according to the rules. How between players to control each other so there is no cheating. Learn to organize the game when you want to start and restore to the original place together.