5 Health Benefits of Reading Books You’re not Aware of

Reading books has been believed to give a lot of benefits for your brain. Improving vocabulary, relieving stress and slowing down mental disorder are some of the health benefits you can gain by reading book. Reading books benefits both your mental and physical health and those benefits can last a lifetime. Health Benefits of Reading […]

Great Benefits of Lifebuoy Hand Wash for Health – #Healthy Habits

Handwashing should be a habit for life. This activity promotes a healthy life and can prevent certain health problems. In this case, many of you might just wash hand with water alone. Indeed, it isn’t enough to clean hands. Then, you need to wash your hand with soap. In this article, we will talk about […]

Surprising Benefits of Quitting Nail Biting #Healthy Habits

 People may have their own habit when they are nervous, such as pacing, fidgeting, and nail biting. From those habits, pacing and fidgeting any be considered to be harmless. But nail biting is a different case. It may be harmful and cause some health problem. Underlining this fact, some institution even conducted some researchers about […]

Great Health Benefits of Wearing Flip Flops You’ve Never Imagined Before

Do you love to wear shoes? Or you may choose flip flops just for walking around? In this case, we will talk about the benefits of wearing flip flops. This may sound doubtful, but it turns out that flip flops can makes you relax compared to the use of shoes. It can make your feet […]

Top Health Benefits of Wearing Compression Socks – #Muscle Health

People wear socks in order to protect their foot and to promote comfort. In this case, there are compression socks which are known as the supporting tools for health. It is being used for promoting circulation and maintain blood flow. As the consequence, compression socks can help you to reduce discomfort and relieve joint pains. […]

Incredible Health Benefits of Wearing Tiger Eye Stone for Healthy Mind

Wearing gemstone is a good idea for you who want to look beautiful. More than that, it turns out that gemstone can help you to promote health benefits. Then, in this case, we will talk about tiger eye stone. It can be found in the Northern Cape Province in South Africa and Thailand. The stone […]

Excellent Health Benefits of Wearing Carnelian – #Healthy Stones

Many people wear carnelian to promote their beauty. In the same way, they use carnelian to get the benefits of it. Carnelian made from microcrystalline quartz, this bright and cheery version of Chalcedony gets its brown and orange-red specks, bands, and stripes from iron impurities, which look best when polished. In this case, carnelian itself […]

Find Out Unbelievable Health Benefits of Wearing Blue Sapphire Here!

Do you love to wear accessories? What are your favorite accessories? Is it a necklace? Bracelet? Or earrings? In this case, we will talk about blue sapphire that is known to have the benefits for the body health. As a matter of fact, blue sapphire is a gemstone that can give the good effect to […]

Physical and Spiritual Benefits of Licking Fingers After Eating

Every person has its own habit in eating. It may in term of the food combination, the way in eating, or the habit right after eating. One of those eating habits is licking fingers after eating. Well, it may show that the food is too good to leave a single stain on fingers. That’s why […]

Surprising Benefits of Spitting Saliva You’ve Never Known Before

Saliva is known as the key ingredient in food digestion. In fact, it can help to protect teeth from decay, prevents infection, and makes chewing and swallowing possible. Also, it cannot be denied that saliva helps to break down food for proper digestion. Moreover, it is known that saliva can be the indicator of a […]