8 Benefits of Vibrating Foot Massager #1 Body Treatments

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Massaging foot is one of health traditional that has been famous this several years. It is quite easy to find foot massager in the mall or public service since many peoples start to understand the vibrating foot massager benefits for the health. Therefore, it is common to have 5-10 minutes relaxation using the massager.

This kind of foot massager has been found as an alternatif for massage. Even though it is not using human power, but the result still can optimize to the health. Therefore, it is no wonder if people start to have this massage in their home. Hence, they can use it daily and improve their health each time. No need to worry or try to loosing outside for this facilities. By having it at home you are one step closer to manage your health.

Below are some benefits of vibrating foot massager:

1. Improves Blood Circulation

Using frequent foot massager will help to improve the blood circulation. Therefore, it is good to avoid cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and possibility of stroke. This is the same benefits of magnetic bracelets for blood pressure control that can improve the blood circulation too.

2. Relaxation

Foot massager can help to bring relaxation. It can improve the calmness and avoid stressful. Therefore, it is a good therapy to manage mood and feeling. Since every day there are so many problems that can lead the mind to feel hard and stressful. Therefore, foot massager giving a pleasure time and beneficial to the healthy too.

3. Improves Better Sleep

The benefit of relaxation can lead to avoid insomnia. Therefore, perform the foot massage will help to improves better sleep. Since many stressful people difficult to get a nice good sleep due to their own mind. Hence, the pleasure of relaxation can improves night sleep. This is the same health benefits of deep sleeps.

4. Avoid Cardiovascular Disease

This kind of massage also good for cardiovascular. It helps to maximize the arteries and help to avoid any blood cod. Therefore, it benefit to reduce cholesterol level in the blood. And manage to avoid cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack or possibility of having stroke.

5. PMS Syndrome

Doing foot massage also can help to reduce the PMS syndrome such as menstrual cramp and moody feeling. Therefore, it benefits to soothe menstrual pain and bring calmness during menstrual periode. This is the same health benefits of sky fruits.

6. Decrease Migrain

Another benefits of vibrating foot massager is to decrease migrain and headache. It works by eliminate the nerve tension by optimising the blood circulation. Therefore, the blood supply to the head can work better and release the muscle tension around the head. Furthermore, it works to eliminate pain in the nerve and cure the migrain from its center.

7. Relieve Leg Tension

The main benefit usually works for the leg by relief the leg tension and bring leg relaxation. Due to many activities such as walking or running, the leg might get tired. Therefore, foot massager help to improve the leg blood circulation and eliminate tiredness from various activity. This is the same health benefits of drink milk with tumeric powder that reduce the leg pain and bring back leg muscle capability.

8. Improve Metabolism

Another benefit is to improve body metabolism. When the blood flow is optimized, blood circulation to entire body will also maximixed. Therefore, the metabolism system can be improved and perform better. Including the digestive and breathingg metabolism.

It helps a better hormone secretion and converting food inti energy. Furthermore, this will eliminate fat and optimize nutrition absorbed. This is the same health benefits of arugula that work to optimized the body metabolism.

Recommended Intake

To make sure the body will gain the maximum benefits of foot massager, it is suggested to do routine massage. The best benefit can be gain by doing the massage 1 to 2 times each week. Therefore, the blood circulation can keep improved and no blood cot is happen inside the arteries. Means that the body will keep healthy all the times.

To do the massager is quite simple. Follow below step for a beginner:

  1. Clean all the foot and leg parts;
  2. Put on the foot into the massager;
  3. Turn on the massager;
  4. Use the massager up to 15 minutes or until the foot feel relax.
  5. Add some leg lotion for more relaxation and to firm the leg skin.

Side Effects

Like any other treatments, using a foot massager can bring some side effecrs. Eventhough it is not as bad as other effects, however it is still important to pay attention on some below points before doing the massager:

1. Pregnancy might not allowed to do foot massager. This is due to the possibility of misscarriage. Therefore, it is suggested to avoid vibrating food massager and do the massage with the pregnancy expertise.

2. People with heart attack also have to use the massager carefully not to shock his heart due to the high intense of the massager. Therefore, avoid high intensity and do it calm.

3. The same applies to the person with blood pressure problems. Do the massage carefully and try not to harm the leg.

4. It can produce some muscle pain a few days after. But this effect only appears for several days and can soothe by natural after some days.

Those are some benefits of vibrating foot massager. If you think it can benefit you a lot, it can easily get in the department store and keep in your room for daily use. In case it not that important, use the foot massager available in the spa or any public mall. You can do it once a week with little cost. But the benefits might be bigger than you though. Have a try!