10 Amazing Benefits of Bathing with Cold Water in Winter

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A cold shower or ice bath is referred to as cryotherapy. This activity is commonly done by both amateur and professional athletes. Many people will shake to the unavoidable sign if offered the benefits of bathing with cold water in winter. However, a cold shower has benefits that are even greater for your health. Here we present the benefits that you can get if a cold shower in winter.

  1. Increase alertness

A cold shower in a cool atmosphere requires you to always breathe deeply and with high intensity to warm your body. This is one way to keep you alert. read more: health benefits naps

  1. Good for the skin

In winter, our skin and hair will feel dry. The warm water bath will aggravate the problem of drying your skin and hair. Cold water bath can be the solution. With a cold shower, then your pores will be closed or docked so that moisture under your skin can still be awake. you may also like: benefits of vitamin c for hair

  1. Immunity and circulation

Cold bath also has the effect of accelerating blood flow around the organs so this will increase the immunity or immunity of your body. read more: the benefits of malunggay leaves tea

  1. Relieves muscle pain

Usually after exercise, then your muscles will be tired and painful. Cold water bath can be a solution to your muscle pain problem in health benefits of pandan leaves.

  1. Eliminate uric acid

Research shows that a cold shower can reduce your uric acid in benefits of cinnamon. And can help keep antioxidants to an optimal level.

  1. Lose weight

A study in 2009 found the fact that exposure to extremely cold temperatures, in which case your shower with cold water in winter, reportedly burned brown fat in the body by a 15-fold increase. Which means you can lose up to 5 kg a year if you continue to diligently bathe with cold water every morning.

  1. Help manage depression

Cold splashing stimulates your nerves and stimulates the antidepressive brain and improves mood, making you much more excited about the day.

  1. Sleep more soundly

We will have difficulty getting into the situation REM (Rapid Eye Movement) that sleep stage that sleep and tend to dream if body temperature increase or us in the hot atmosphere. But if in a cold atmosphere, we will be easy to sleep soundly. The cold bath can condition it. 

  1. Detoxification

Cold bath water causes the lymphatic system in your body to work more actively. This affects the detoxification process of your body to work optimally.

  1. Increase energy

Your body’s metabolism will increase if you bathe in cold water. This causes your heart to pump more blood throughout the body. That way you will get extra energy because your body metabolism is very good.


But not everyone can take a cold shower like an old man and also who have heart problems. This is because the benefits of bathing with cold water in winter have a high shock effect for the body.