14 Surprising Health Benefits of Liver Soup, A Chinese Tradition

Do you ever know the health benefits of liver soup? If not, then the next question is do you ever know liver soup? If you answer no again, then you should read below article. What is Liver Soup? Anyone knows that liver is one of the organ meat. Many contradiction on selecting organ meat as […]

How Healthy is Egg Drop Soup, Try The Recipe!

Among many kind of soup in the world, some people feel curious with how healthy is egg drop soup for the body. This traditional Chinese soup is commonly serve in many of Chinese restaurant. Preparing the soup also quite easy, so that you can easily make it at home. Therefore, if you really want to […]

Is Wonton Soup Good for You When You’re Sick, Check The Benefits

Cold and fever is a common diseases that can be happen frequently. While one of the famous solution among Chinese people is by serving a bowl of soup. Some of them choose wonton soup, but several people still query is wonton soup good for you when you’re sick. Of course, there is no specific research […]

12 Health Benefits of Maral Root for Stress Relieve

If you feel that you always full of stress, or get frequent fatigue, nor having difficulties on sleeping, then you might need to know the health benefits of Maral root! Of course, it might sound rare for you. Many people in the world not really understand about the plant, specially the benefit. Therefore, many of […]

9 Hidden Health Benefits of Cordyceps as a Traditional Chinese Medicine

For those who never hear about the health benefits of cordyceps, it might be important to read about the cordyceps first. Therefore, it will be easier to define the benefits. Cordyceps is known as a genus of fungi. It grows worldwide and comes from Latin words. Furthermore, it consists over than 400 species in the […]

10 Mysterious Health Benefits of Rhodiola Rosea for Body Wellness

It is an interesting to know further on the health benefits of Rhodiola Rosea. For many years, this plant is known as a good herbal that able to bring people better feeling and wellness. Furthermore, it also helps to increase the body resistance in a natural way. This is because the essential nutrients inside the […]

9 Fantastic Health Benefits of Schizandra Five Flavour Berry to Support The Body

It has been common for many people to know the health benefits of Schizandra five flavour berry. This specific plant which grow in the area of Northern China and East Rusia apparently can bring many healthy advantage for the body. It contains various interesting vitamin and minerals that will support a healthy body. Therefore, schizandra […]

7 Magical Health Benefits of Jiaogulan for Blood Circulation

For many years, Chinese people has known the magical of the health benefits of jiaogulan. This herbal tea has been proven can help to improve the health of your body. Mainly if focus on the blood circulation and body wellness. Consuming tea in every countries is a good habit to perform daily. The same thing […]

11 Super Health Benefits of Jiangxi Natural Tea for a Calmness Mind

Drinking a tea is one of a good healthy habit. Including the habit to get the health benefits of Jiangxi natural tea in Chinese country. Jiangxi is actually a province in China that famous with its tea product. There are several kind of teas from this province, including green tea, scented tea and black tea […]

13 Delicious Health Benefits of Tangyuan, A Chinese Dessert

Everyone loves dessert, this is why many Chinese people also loves the health benefits of Tangyuan. It is one of the Chinese dessert that not only taste good, but also suitable to keep a healthy body. This is because Tangyuan made of glutinous rice flour and added with sweet ginger syrup for a better taste. […]