10 Proven Health Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage for You

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The benefits of Abhyanga or ayurvedic oil massage are as same as the meaning of the name, which sneha means ‘oil’ or ‘love’. As well as being loved, abhyanga makes a deep feeling to your stability and also warmth feeling. Pure sesame oil or herbal oils were being used for the ayurvedic oil massage.

Furthermore, here are the details of health benefits of ayurvedic massage:

  1. Decreases stress, heart rate and blood pressure

An analysis of physiologic data shows that ayurvedic massage reduce in heart rate. The benefit in reduce blood pressure from the total sample was not recorded but the result showed in the pre-hypertensive subgroup. So, ayurvedic massage reduces stress which also lower all the heart rate and blood pressure in pre-hypertensive. Or you can also read health benefits of thai tea.

  1. Reduces roughness and dryness of the skin

Do ayurvedic massage on foot with sesame oil for one month can effectively reduce roughness and dryness. Based on the study, the group that does ayurvedic foot massage has significantly reduces dryness of the feet, both reduces dryness which is in relation with itching and reduces dryness which is in relation with texture of the skin on feet. Or you can also read benefits of chinese foot reflexology.

  1. Reduces migraine

The ayurvedic massage supports as a non-pharmacologic treatment for those who are suffering from migraines. The gentle pressure over your face with the oil massage will make your blood circulation on your face increase which it can relieves the pain that affects because of migraine. Or you can also read benefits of bay leaves.

  1. Relieves chronic back pain

Ayurvedic massage therapy is more effective to treat chronic back pain than any usual care treatment where it can last at least for 6 months. Moreover, you can also do yoga for the best result, that you can read in health benefits of ustrasana and how to do it.

  1. Helps in gain weight to low birth weight babies

The study shows that ayurvedic massage is potential to gain weight of low birth weight babies, which also supports better adaptation to external stimuli. Furthermore, it helps the growth and development of the babies to increase because of gain weight, as well as the increasing of their physiology and behavior. In addition, it is not only for babies, but doing ayurvedic massage helps in gain weight for all of us.

  1. Helps in calm the nerves and supports in deeper sleep

The warmth feeling during the massage reduces anxieties which also brings calmness to your body. The calmness brings through your nerves and mind which also gives relax feeling. When you feel relax, it helps you to get deeper and better sleep at night.

  1. Removes the toxins

Gentle pressure during the ayurvedic massage has the benefit to remove the toxins inside out. You can choose the oil, herbs and massages that is suit to your body to get the best result. It will help you promotes self-healing of cells as well as the toxins will get rid of the body.

The other health benefits of ayurvedic massage are:

  1. Makes your hair thick, soft and glossy.
  2. Helps in improve the process and function of your internal organs, also by increasing blood circulation
  3. Supports your body’s tolerance to injuries.

Those are some of health benefits of ayurvedic massage that the other massages you can read in health benefits of oil massage and health benefits of thai massage to get more benefits for your health.