15 Health Benefits of Playing Guitar (#Research Base)

Keeping the body healthy either mentally or physically is really important. Consuming the healthy food mostly is contributing in physical health and even mental health. Food is not the only one which can improve and enrich physical and mental health. There are some methods in which they are proved and used to stimulate the mental […]

12 Horribles Disadvantages of Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is one of the important meal time we should not miss. It is the need for people of all ages in order to have well-performed body. This is because or body need energy source to perform well for the whole day. The best time for having breakfast is one hour after getting up from […]

9 Benefits of Dry Brushing (No.4 Amazing)

Dry brushing may sound strange for most of people, except those who concern with health care on traditional touch or have much knowledge on it. As the name implies, you may likely be able to imagine that dry brushing is brushing activity conducted in the condition of drought or without water. When this idea comes […]

Benefits of Zero Drop Shoes (# You Must Try)

Zero drop shoes style is relatively a new trend in shoes industry. It began to become a common talk following the popularity of barefoot running done by some people to do exercise and keep the health at one time. Needless to say, the zero drop shoes is intentionally created to support the barefoot running style […]

14 Insane Health Benefits of Kissing on Lips (#Shocking)

Many people expressing their love with kisses the partner’s lips. The fact is, a kiss on lips can deepen the ties between the two lover who are romantic couple. Not only good for the continuity of the relationship, the benefits of lips kissing also could have an impact on your health a favor. Sheril Kirshenbaum, […]

18 Health Benefits of Indoor Plants (No.7 Amazing)

Plants has become important thing in live since the dawn of the earth. They provide human and animal with food, building material, fiber, fuel, and medicine. Since thousand years ago, human has brought plant in a container and put in inside their home as an effort to decorate the home. Plant decorate the garden outside […]

12 Proven Ice Bath Benefits (# Research Base)

Soaking ice is one of the simplest ways to help the recovery process after a long running sessions. Benefits and explanation behind the cold-water immersion is the result of research from the Cochrane Collaboration, a nonprofit organization composed of scientists and physicians who support treatment with scientific evidence. In 2012, the Cochrane Collaboration published the […]

15 Health Benefits of Eating Cantaloupe for Breakfast

Cantaloupe is a famous crop and also known as melon or muskmelon in United States. Cantaloupe is a member of guord ( Cucurbitacea ) family, same with other melon types such as honey dew, watermelon, cucumber and etc. This melon has orange flesh with yellow skin background and musky aroma. Cantaloupe or Cucumis melo var. […]

Benefits of Walking for Losing Weight (Know How it works)

You might have known that walking can burns calories. It’s an easy and healthy way of exercising with least price. According to researchers walking can lead to impressive results such significantly reduce diabetes and heart disease, increase bone density, decrease blood pressure, and so on. Another good news: the studies also shows the benefits of […]

29 Health Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (No.13 For Everyone)

Good day to you, fellow readers! Today, I want to bring up to you the topic about healthy lifestyle! Since, you might have already browsed around our website and find an abundance of articles regarding healthy food and beverages, let me shakes things up a little bit and give you a breath of fresh air! […]