13 Health Side Effects of Walking on Concrete

Walking is good for your body movement. Thus, there are many Health Benefits of Walking One Hour A Day such as it’s good for respiratory, blood flow, diet, and more. Yet, walking on concrete may cause you some side effects for body like back pain or foot injury. According to a physical therapist in Fort Collins, CO, […]

25 Health Benefits of Enjoying your Job (#3 Surprising You)

Have you ever consider that your job may affected your health? Because the fact is working not always about good salary and good company but it’s also about your fulfillment in life. Doing a job you love will definitely bring you happiness. And this happiness is the key of your health. So we can say […]

15 Proven Benefits of Raw Turmeric for Skin (+ Uses Tips)

Raw turmeric is a popular yellow spice that used to cook variant dishes all over the world. In India raw turmeric is known as ‘haldi’ and in Indonesia raw turmeric is known as `kunyit`. If you use this spice often you should already know the health benefits of it. Let me reminds you again, as […]

20 Proven Benefits of Raw Milk on Skin (#Right Uses Tips)

Raw milk contains lots of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, protein, and more. Those are vital for your body health, especially your skin. Skin is a part of your beauty. A health skin can enhances your performance and your confidence. I believe that you already realize this. A thing you don’t already know maybe “use only […]

10 Health Benefits of Poached Chicken (No.5 Super)

People who love chicken often cook it in many ways because chicken can be boiled, grilled, baked, and the most popular one is to fried it. Many fast restaurant offers fried chicken as their main menu. I will not say that these ways are forbidden because it is possible a common cooking methods in your […]

13 Health Benefits of Iaso Tea (No.7 Surprising You)

We do already know that organic tea is one of healthy beverages that can bring lots of benefits to our body. Green tea, white tea, herbal tea… We heard about those teas a lot. But how about Iaso tea? What is Iaso tea? What is the benefit we can get by drinking it? In this […]

13 Health Benefits of Nutmeg Powder (No.7 Amazing)

What is the first thing that come to your mind when you heard Nutmeg powder? Is it soup? spices? or both? Yup. It can be possible. Nutmeg powder is originally made from nutmeg seed and has become a popular spices around the world. If you love to see cooking show, you may already recognize this […]

15 Health Benefits of Semolina (No.1 Insane)

In this chance i will explain the health benefits of Semolina. Semolina or also known as suuji is one of wheat that use to make dish, cakes, or pastas. Semolina can be found plenty in India. The original texture of this wheat is a little bit coarsely. But the texture after it cooked is lovely and […]

10 Vitamin C 1000 mg Benefits (#Top 1 For Beauty & Health)

Vitamin C is the most popular vitamin in healthy life people. It can be gained from foods, fruits, vegetables, or even supplements. There are so many single vitamin C products distributed with a dose 500 to 1,000 mg of Vitamin C. Whether in capsule shape, liquid, infusion, or even injection. For some more active people such […]

15 Health Benefits of Eating Apple Skin (No.3 Insane)

Health benefits of eating apple skin is one thing you should know now. Because i believe some you are prefer to peel the apple skin before eat it. That habit should be avoided by now. Apple, as one of the most popular fruits all around the world have some incredible nutrients that can  give us […]