8 Health Benefits of Fidget Spinner for Mental Treatments

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There’s this kind of new toy called “fidget spinner” which took the world by the storm all of a sudden. Seemingly appeared out of nowhere, this toy promises a lot from such a simple activity of tossing and spinning it, ranging from treating attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, anxiety and also autism. Some even marketed it with the even loftier promises, from improving concentration to bringing out the creative genius inside every one of us.

It also comes with various shapes. Whether it is those regular three rings, the golden bullet-shaped things and many other shapes, the objective of the toy remains the same. People all over the internet seem to unanimously claim that the tactile sensations from the spinning induce soothing, pleasant effect. Even those who are formerly skeptical about the claim are reported to end up enjoying themselves with the spinner as well.

Which makes us really wonder, is the “fidget spinner” really beneficial for us? or is it really just a passing fad which will die down in no time, leaving us feeling stupid for once again falling for some flavor of the week for no reason? Admittedly, opinions may vary, but some positive effect also reported to be consistent in each studies. Therefore, we will discuss the health benefits of fidget spinner throughout the following paragraphs which hopefully you as readers might get some objective and balanced views from, minus the spinning in the head.

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1. Soothe Sensitive Sensory Nerves

We are no strangers to Asperger’s Syndrome, or more popularly known as autism (note that those two are slightly different in some respects). Thanks to the development of psychological analysis and the means of which the information are transferred, our awareness of this psychological issues has dramatically increased. Autism mostly happen and is more visible among children in their early school years, but in some cases might get worse if no proper treatments is conducted earlier.

Autism itself is a kind of mental development disorder, mostly indicated by the difficulties to communicate and forming relationship with other people, also including making languages and abstract signs. By using the fidget spinner, the children are expected to curb down the symptoms of autism which are mainly caused by hyper-sensitive sensory nerves. The tactile sensations, as well as the vision of things spinning steadily are reported to induce soothing feelings to the easily stimulated minds.

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2. Helps Dealing with Anxiety

Truth to be told, anxieties are probably the most common causes of so many health problems in the people. It is even reported that about 12% of people are affected by anxieties in a given year, while from 5% to 30% people are affected at some points of their lives. The health problems can range from neural problems such as dizziness, headache and nausea, to some other serious physical conditions such as chest pain, heart problems, COPD, and even impotence.

The large numbers in statistic suggested that anxieties can indeed happen to the best of us. Which is why it is important for us to keep ourselves calm, to take a deep breath, because our mental well-being is in fact directly related to how well are our bodies doing. The causes of anxieties are numerous, but the causa prima can be traced to few factors, which are our fears towards the uncontrollable and unpredictable.

Taking the fidgets for few spins can help easing the dreadful feelings inside our minds, because the ball bearings inside the body act as support to maintain the spin with the minimal efforts. The perpetual motions of the spinner induces the feelings of maintaining order and assurances that everything going on just fine.

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3. Eases Nerve-related Agitation

Fidgeting itself are mainly caused by agitations in the nerves. Those who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) would know the feelings. Sometimes their own peers aren’t really helpful to them, what with their parents scolding them whenever they fidget, their friends making fun of them and their teachers punishing them for not keeping up with the class. Most of the ADHD people are expected to deal with their own agitations by themselves, not knowing that the condition itself is largely happen in the nerves.

In the past, poeple use to cope with the agitation by biting their nails, fiddling with their buttons and even their hair. Now, people can have some other medium to ease their agitation and thus make them more productive and presentable. Not only that, fidget spinner is also available everywhere now, they’re pleasant to look at as well, therefore fidgety people no longer have to worry about being judged as “different”.

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4. Makes Good Conversation Opener

There’s no better time for every weirdoes out there to live other than now. With the availability of information technology nowadays, the geek culture is so widespread there’s nothing to stop it. Awkwardness got celebrated, gadgets and toys have achieved the cult status like never before. There’s no need to be ashamed of being geeks and nerds of today, on the contrary, geeky and awkward is slowly being the new “cool”.

The spinning apparatus known as fidget spinner seem to leverage on this momentum as well. The blazing-fast rise to fame is owing to the speed of information deliverance, the viral contents, as the people on the internet put it. Which is why, it is easier to strike up conversations when both parties have things in common. With the widespread usage of fidget spinner, chances are almost everyone owns it. Therefore, not only is it cool to own a fidget spinner now, they can be a good conversation subject when you run out of weather and people to talk about.

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5. Restores Individual Senses of Control

With how fast our culture is changing, it’s increasingly hard not to feel overwhelmed and getting left behind. We hate that feeling when they surge inside us, it is as if the dark, suffocating thing come down on us and render us powerless. This is important because the hopeless sense in which nothing is under control is also one of the cause of anxiety and depression.

Fortunately, by spinning the fidget spinner, users are reported to gain their sense of control back. While there are literally no study to prove it scientifically, the sense of control can be attributed to the tactile sensations and the steady movement of the ball bearings. The spinning movement can also be seen as indication that everything that we’re doing matters, and thus might slightly boost our self-importance.

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6. Produces Calming Visualization

The fidget spinner come with so many shapes and forms which we can choose to our liking. There are even those who glow in the dark and the ones decorated with battery-powered LED. One of the things which people like about fidget spinner is that it produces distinctive and unique imagery effects when being spun. There are many videos already on Youtube with the keyword “spinner effect” which we can look up for more details.

Other than being flashy and charming, turns out the effect has some therapeutic benefit as well. Some spinner users reported to be calmer upon observing the visualization produced by the spinner. The similar effect can be observed from the motion of fish in ponds or from staring at the bonfire.

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7. Enhances Focus

The most outrageous and bold claim related to fidget spinner is probably that it can enhance focus. We don’t know where such a claim originated from, but by learning how the spinner work there might be some explanations behind the claim.

The focus gained in itself is not the product of the spinning process. Rather, it is because the spinner works in such a way to eliminate distractions that the users perceived the absence of distractions as the increases in focus. Of course many other valid and tested methods are available to enhance focus, such as meditation, controlled breathing and concentration training.

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8. Relieves Workplace Stress

The same goes for study/class environment, provided the spinner survives the confiscation. After all, what is the reason for adults to buy small spinning toys if not for therapeutic reasons? However, contrary to the earlier paragraphs, people in the workplace mostly use fidget spinner as distraction.

Let’s be fair, if we were to be trapped in cubicles from 9 to 5, we might as well have some other things to do as diversion, don’t you agree? Besides, diversion in the workplaces is reported to have some benefits including increased teamwork, employee happiness and reduced stress level.

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Those are the health benefits of fidget spinner, both the apparent or otherwise perceived ones, of the fidget spinner. From reading the paragraphs above, we can conclude that people, both young and adults can derive the same benefits from the simple act of spinning those toys. The benefits listed above by no means are one hundred percent tested and true, as the toy itself is not a silver bullet for various psychological conditions on which it’s prescribed. You should really consult the experts, psychiatrics or practitioners who deal with nerve-related issues if the simple method doesn’t work.

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Finally, by reading this article we hope you can gain more insight and information about the health benefits of fidget spinner. Nowadays many new methods and alternatives have spawned promising greater health and solutions for existing problems, we must be extra selective and careful not to get caught on the passing fads. Thanks for reading, keep your information needs balanced and healthy.

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