22 Excellent Health Benefits of Miso Soup – Medical – Beauty Uses

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miso soupFor this time, let’s talk about the favorite and the healthy Japanese food, Miso Soup. Miso soup is the traditional Japanese food which uses the stock called “dashi” with the softened miso paste. There are many ingredients consisted in a bowl of Miso soup. For the miso itself, it is a paste made from soybeans, sea salt, koji, and often being mixed with rice or other grains. Still, miso comes from a wide of variety of ingredients and fermentation time.

Also, it came from China thousand years ago and has been used as the food consumption same as tofu as well. Nowadays, miso is produced worldwide and many Asia countries consume this kind of foods. In China and Japan, this food has become the staple food for the people there. Most people in Japan believe that consuming miso soup will bring many health benefits for sure due to the presence of beneficial microorganisms and is rich in enzymes.

Miso has the sweet/salty flavor and has the light yellow color. The lighter color that miso has related to a large amount of white rice during the fermentation process. Also, lighter color in miso related with the short fermentation time while the darker one has the longer time of fermentation process. It can be cooked with many kinds of root vegetables and dark leafy greens as well. The texture of miso is paste-like and thick similar to peanut butter.


As a result, there are kinds of varieties for miso. Thus, we have listed the each of varieties below.

Miso Varieties

White Miso (Shiro)” state=”closed

Miso is commonly made from soybeans and other raw ingredients also. Miso pastes can be cultured wheat or millet with different grains and beans. It also has different length of fermentation time. Indeed, every different way while fermenting the miso can affect the flavor and texture for sure. At this point, white miso is made from soybeans and rice which is fermented for up to two months. Shiro itself means “white” in Japanese which also refers to the light color and has the sweet to mildly salty. Moreover, this kind of miso can be consumed with salad dressings as well.

Yellow Miso (Shinshu)

The next kind of miso is Shinsu or yellow miso which has the longer fermentation process than white miso.

Red Miso (Aka)

Red miso is made from a higher proportion of soybeans and is fermented for up to three years. This miso also has the deeper flavor which is good to be consumed with stews and tomato sauces.

Barley Miso (Mugi)

The last type of miso is the presence of Barley Miso or Mugi. This miso is made from barley and soybeans which have a longer fermentation than white miso. Moreover, this miso has a strong barley aroma, yet, this one is still mild and has the slightly sweet flavor for sure.

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As the consequence, miso soup is famous due to the presence of great nutrients contained in it. As a matter of fact, you can get 66 calories by consuming 1 cup portion of miso soup. Moreover, it is low in fat and has the high fiber content of fiber and protein as well. Thus, to give you more detail information about miso soup, we have listed the health benefits of miso soup below.

1.Source of Probiotics

As one of the health benefits of miso, probiotics comes as miso is the fermented food as well. The benefit of probiotics in miso soup is similar with the probiotics contained in yogurt. As the consequence, Probiotics as the good bacteria has a role in inhibiting the presence of bad bacteria in the gut. Probiotics also take part in removing toxins in the digestive tract. As a result, miso soup will be valuable to promote digestion system as well as improving the immune function for sure. Thus, consuming miso soup is very great as it will give you excellent benefits of probiotics then.


2.Stimulates Digestion System

The first benefit which miso soup has provided is by stimulating the work of digestion system. It is known that fermentation foods can help improving te digestibility of starch and protein molecules. This benefit is also supported with the presence of probiotics which can help to combat digestive issues such as diarrhea, constipation and bloating. In this case, probiotic is also beneficial to prevent the risk of leaking gut syndrome. Thus, if you want to maintain the work of the digestion system, you can start consuming miso soup as well as consuming dairy products, grains, and other probiotic-rich foods. Indeed, with the good consumption of healthy foods, the nutrients contained in them help cleaning the gut and heal the gut-related illnesses.


3.Benefits of Soy

It is known that Aspergillus oryzae is the premier microorganisms used in the fermentation process of miso. Indeed, this fermented soy miso depends on the microorganisms which are used in the fermentation process. Moreover, the fermentation of bacteria from making miso can increase the formation of vitamin K in the body. As a result, it is beneficial to maintain the bone density and bone structure as well as decreasing the risks of osteoporosis. Thus, if you want to fulfill the needs of vitamin K, you can consume miso soup regularly.

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4.Contains Amino Acids

What are amino acids? Well, it is known that amino acids are the molecules form the building blocks of protein. At this point, amino acids have a role in promoting the digestion system of protein nutrient in the body. Then, what is the function of amino acids? Hence, it is stated that amino acids can help building the muscle as well as strengthening the muscle as well. Thus, as miso soup contains the great source of amino acids, you can choose this kind of foods to build your great muscle for sure. Furthermore, amino acids in miso soup are also valuable to promote the work of blood vessels in the body.


5.Source of Mineral

If you want to fulfill the mineral needs in the body, hence consuming miso soup is such a great way to choose. Same as other probiotic foods, miso soup contains the high of mineral content. As a result, the mineral in miso soup is similar with the mineral in kimchi and kombucha. The mineral has a role in promoting the work of enzymes. In this case, the mineral includes the copper, manganese, vitamin K, and phosphorus. As the consequence, as miso soup is good at providing mineral content, it will be beneficial to promote the healthy bones, blood pressure, and maintaining the fluid balance in the body.


6.Source of Sodium

In fact, miso soup contains the source of sodium due to the high amount of salt in miso. As the consequence, you can get 630 mg of sodium by consuming one serving of miso soup. As a result, with the great amount of sodium, it will be beneficial to promote the level of blood pressure. What is even great, sodium can help reduce the risks of heart failure as well. Thus, you can consume miso soup together with other sodium foods like salted nuts and canned beans to get the best health results.

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7.High in Antioxidants

Surprisingly, miso soup contains the good source of antioxidant nutrients. As the consequence, the antioxidant compound will help to inhibit the growth of bacteria and pathogens in the body. Indeed, antioxidant acts as the body protector which reduces the risks of certain diseases. For the tips, you can find another source of antioxidant nutrient in green vegetables and fruits as well.


8.Prevents Free Radicals

Due to the presence of antioxidant nutrients in miso soup, then it will be beneficial to protect the body against free radicals damage. As a result, miso will help to prevent certain health problems related to inflammation such as arthritis and even the growth of cancer cells. Indeed, with the good consumption of right food, the nutrients contained in it will promote the overall body health.

9.Helps Losing Weight

It is known that miso soup often includes many kinds of vegetables in its dish. For the example, miso soup adds the seaweed in its bowl as well. As miso soup often use seaweed for the consumption, then this seaweed is valuable to promote the body health. For this reason, a compound contained in seaweed called fucoxanthin has an effect on abdominal fat. Indeed, with the presence of seaweed in miso soup, it will help losing weight. However, it is great to do the regular exercise if you really wish to manage your body weight. Thus, with the best efforts, you will get the best results as possible.


10.Lowers Cholesterol Level

Miso soup shows the positive results in lowering the LDL cholesterol levels in the body. Moreover, it is beneficial to reduce the risk of certain heart problems. This benefit is related to the presence of isoflavones in miso soup. Thus, if you want to get rid of the risks of strokes and heart attacks, you can consume miso soup from now on then!

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11.Promotes Blood Pressure Health

You should keep your blood pressure level in the good condition. It should not be too low or too high. As the consequence, it has shown that miso soup can promote the level of blood pressure though it contains the high sodium content. Moreover, the studies conducted in animals shows that by consuming miso soup can helps to decrease blood pressure level. At this point, the sodium intake that you consume should be in moderate due to the risks of cardiovascular health problems. As a result, with the ideal consumption of miso soup, you will manage the blood pressure level as well as preventing the risks of hypertension.


12.Promotes Cardiovascular System

As a major source of dietary salt, miso soup can help promoting the cardiovascular system. At this point, studies have shown that miso can decrease the risk of the major type of stroke which is known as cerebral infarct or CI. Despite the fact that miso consists the high amount of sodium, still, it is beneficial to cardiovascular system as it is good to lower the risk of CI or cerebral infarct. Moreover, salt from miso does not raise blood pressure as it is associated with the presence of antioxidants contained in miso. Thus, you will have no doubt to consume miso soup as it will give you great benefits for sure.

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13.Promotes Thyroid Health

Due to the presence of good sodium content in miso soup, then it is beneficial to promote the thyroid health. In contrast, deficiency of sodium nutrient may result in certain health problems such as thyroid diseases and unbalance fluid maintenance. Thus it is advised to consume the ideal intake of sodium foods including miso soup, sea salt, and kinds of seafood as well.

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14.Promotes Nervous System

Have you ever wondered why we need the best food to consume? Well, it is clearly stated that food is the major contributor for promoting the body health as it features the excellent nutrients in it. Consequently, as miso contains vitamin B12, then it is valuable to promote the healthy nervous system. What is greater that miso can help generating body cells. Indeed, miso soup is a good option for you who want to boost the body function for sure.

15.Promotes Bones Health

The presence of vitamin E and isoflavone in miso is such a good way to achieve the benefits to the body. As a result, those excellent nutrients plays a role in promoting bones health. Therefore, this nutrient also takes part in preventing risks of osteoporosis then.


16.Improves Mood

The health benefits of miso soup include improving your mood.  At this point, it effective in improving mood conditions such as depression, anxiety, tension, and fatigue. Studies have reported the beneficial effect of miso soup on people with fatigue symptoms, tension, and anxiety.

17.Promotes Mental Health

If you face the heard days lately, you may feel depressed or stress cause of te problems you have. However, what you need the most is to take a deep breath and find the solutions. As the consequence, consuming best food can contribute to the mood lifting as well. At this point, eating miso soup might help you then. Consequently, research shows that miso soup has a role in promoting mental health. At this point, it has shown the positive result in reducing the anxiety symptoms as well.


18.Reduces Risks of Cancer

One of the great health benefits of miso soup is by reducing the risks of cancer. At this point, this benefit is related to the presence of antioxidant compounds in miso soup. Moreover, miso provides the probiotics, vitamins, and the antioxidant nutrients such as kojic acid, ferulic, phenolic acids, coumaric, syringic, and vanillic which have a role in preventing the growth of cancer cell in the body. Indeed, these properties are known valuable for fighting the cancer cells as well.

Furthermore, based on a study conducted by Hiroshima University, miso can be valuable for preventing the cancerous tumor progression with a longer fermentation time or around of 180 days. It also has shown that miso can be effective to prevent free radicals and suppressing the growth of cancer tumors in mice based on another research. Therefore, this has shown that the longer length of the fermentation process of miso contributes the benefit of miso soup to reduces cancer.


19.Strengthens Immune System

As you can see above, miso soup provides the good range of health benefits. As the consequence, it is good to consume this food as it will boost your overall body health. Then, due to the presence of antioxidant nutrients and probiotic, this food is valuable to be as your favorite healthy food. Indeed, with the presence of excellent nutrients in it, miso will help to strengthen your immune system. It protects the body against the diseases resulting in a strong protection as well. As a result, with this protection, or body will be safe from the risks of certain health problems including cancer.

20.Reduces Menopausal Complaints

It is known that miso can help reducing menopausal complaints as it has isoflavones in it. At this point, isoflavones have shown the positive results in reducing hot flashes.


Miso Soup as Beauty Treatment

The great things come from miso soup as it will also give you the beauty benefits due to excellent nutrients contained in it. Here they are:

21.Promotes Beauty Skin

As miso contains linoleic acid which is an essential fatty acid, then it will be valuable to promote beauty skin. As a result, the compound will help to make the skin softer and removes the presence of pigments as well.

22.Acts as Anti-Aging

Surprisingly, miso soup can be act as your anti-aging. At this point, the one who works at this benefits is the presence of high content of antioxidants. Indeed, antioxidant nutrients will help to reduce premature aging resulting in the healthy and glowing skin. As the consequence, you do not need to do another treatment to reduce your wrinkles and fine lines as you can consume miso to deal with those problems. Therefore, consuming miso soup is such a great way as it will also help you to remove the blemishes and spots on the skin for sure.


Then, after knowing the health benefits of miso soup, let’s have a look at the tips for consuming of this food below.

Tips for Consuming

  • You can have miso soup by preparing the things with a simple way. You can add tofu, shitake mushrooms, scallions, carrot, and daikon radish into your miso soup bowl. Besides, you can combine the little miso with flax seed oil, olive oil, garlic, and ginger also. Indeed, the healthy and delicious dish is ready to be served only for you!
  • Next, choose the unpasteurized miso as it should be stored in the refrigerator. Also, you can check for the freshness by ensuring there are no additive such as MSG on the label or keep an eye on the sell-by date listed on the container. In addition, it is advised to buy the certified organic miso at the supermarket or food groceries.
  • Last, to prepare the miso soup, it is great to have the lighter colored one as it is more delicate. Then, you can use the miso which as the darker color for heavier foods.

To sum up, consuming miso soup will be good to achieve the best health results due to its nutrients. Not only for that, the great taste of miso soup will make you satisfied while eating this kind of foods. However, you should consume it in moderate as it has the high content of salt compound. Then, it is very great to not consume miso more than 2 teaspoons per person per day. Otherwise, it may cause the allergies related to the soy risks. Indeed, with the right amount of miso soup consumption, then you will obtain best health benefits for sure. So, keep the healthy life!