15 Health Benefits of Eating Liquorice – Medical Uses – Beauty Treatments

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liquoriceLiquorice or licorice is the root of the plant named Glycyrrhiza glabra. This plant originally comes from Mediterranean, southern, central Russia and parts of Asia and the root has the sweet flavor as well. The flavor that associated with liquorice is commonly from aniseed oil that also boosts the taste. As the consequence, liquorice has been used for cooking and medical purposes. It has been used as a spice for flavorings for many years in China. Also, this root can be used to relieve certain diseases such as colds and coughs. Indeed, this liquorice root has shown the positive result in treating certain ilnesses.


As the consequence, to give you more information, we have listed the health benefits of eating liquorice below.

1. Have Antibacterial Properties

The first health benefit of eating liquorice is to provide antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. It will help to fight viruses and bacterias as well. As a result, liquorice has shown the result to protect the body against infection. Moreover, it can help to promote oral health as well as reducing plaque and fight the bad breath. Therefore, eating liquorice is such a good way to boost the immune system for sure.


2. Acts as Anti-inflammatory

Next, liquorice has a role in acting as the anti-inflammatory. This benefit is linked with the effect on the adrenal glands. As the consequence, it takes part in producing cortisol. Then, as liquorice can prevent inflammation, then you will reduce the risks of diseases related to inflammation such as stroke and heart attack.


3. Promotes Fertility

One of the health benefits of eating liquorice is to promote fertility. This is due to the consumption of liquorice and peony took by mouth. It will help to treat the hormonal disorder in women which is called as polycystic ovary syndrome. Indeed, liquorice can help to balance hormonal levels. Besides, it has the estrogenic effect that can help women to enhance testosterone levels and prevent the hair loss and fatigue during menopause. Thus, as you can consume liquorice together with other herbs, then you can boost the nutrition level and achieve best health results for sure.


4. Relieves Menopausal Problems

In fact, one of the abilities of liquorice is to cure the menopausal problem. In this case, liquorice has shown an effect to have estrogenic properties that can boost estrogen production. As it is similar with phytoestrogens, then it can help to relieve the hormonal problems such as hot flashes and mood swings during menopause. What is even greater, liquorice can help to ease the pain of menstrual cramps and other PMS symptoms. Such the great benefits, right?


5. Promotes Digestive Health

The next health benefit provided by liquorice is to promote the work of digestion system. If you only think that fiber food which has a role in promoting digestive health, then liquorice does the same. It has shown that eating liquorice can help to enhance the production of prostaglandin levels. In this case, this component will protect the digestive barrier and can help to relieve stomach as well as well. It can promote the healthy stomach lining and inhibit the infection caused by bacteria. Not only for that, the main ingredient in liquorice, Glycyrrhiza glabra, can help to enhance the production of acid that causes ulcers. Thus, having liquorice can help you to boost the performance of healthy digestion system.


6. Prevents Constipation

As described before, liquorice provides benefit to promote digestive health. At this point, eating liquorice can help to relieve constipation. As a great remedy for digestive problems, liquorice can ease the pain and discomfort related to the presence of the acid substance in the stomach. Therefore, liquorice is beneficial to prevent constipation. For the tips, to boost the healthy digestion system, you can consume liquorice together with other fruits and vegetables as well.


7. Promotes Oral Health

Another one of the health benefits of eating liquorice is to promote oral hygiene. At this point, by eating liquorice stem, it will help to cleanse the teeth and gum as well. As a result, it will prevent the presence of gum diseases. What is even greater, drinking tea made of liquorice extract can help you to strengthen the vocal cords. As the consequence, liquorice extract can be valuable to be used in oral hygiene products including toothpaste and mouthwash. Indeed, these benefits provided by liquorice are such very good for those who want to promote oral health for sure. Then, have you interested to add liquorice to your food consumption?


8. Helps to Lose Weight

Surprisingly, one of the health benefits of eating liquorice is to control the body weight. This benefit is linked to the presence of flavonoids to reduce excessive fat accumulation in the body. Even, a study has shown that consuming liquorice flavonoid oil daily can help to reduce body fat, body weight, body mass index, and the level of LDL cholesterol as well. Thus, if you want to have a healthy diet, then make sure to eat healthy foods such as liquorice and other green vegetables for sure.


9. Reduces Stress

The next health benefit of liquorice is to reduce the hormone of stress. At this point, you can consume liquorice taken by mouth with ginseng. Consequently, it will improve the function of adrenal glands which is linked to produce important hormones that control body responds to stress. Therefore, if you face hard days or must able to work under pressure, then you can use this way to reduce the risk of stress and depression.


10. Treats Asthma

It is also known that liquorice has been used for the tobacco industry to boost its flavour. The health benefits of eating liquorice come from its way to soothe inflamed throat membranes. As a result, it will help to relieve coughing and hardly breathing. Indeed, it acts as expectorants. What is even greater, it can be the natural treatment for bronchitis and asthma which related to the problems of narrowing airways on the respiratory system.

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11. Treats Hepatitis

Hepatitis is a disease caused by inflammation of the liver.  To cure this diseases, there are some ways including to have healthy foods as best natural treatment. At this point, liquorice can help you by providing great nutrients in it. As a result, studies have shown that by eating liquorice, it will protect the liver and treat chronic hepatitis caused by viruses such as Hepatitis B and C.


12. Treats Cancer

Studies have found that liquorice possesses the substance which may prevent the formation of the tumor or kill cancer cells. This is also linked to the presence of anti-inflammatory effects in liquorice to prevent the damage of free radicals including cancer. Though further studies are needed, having liquorice can bring best health benefits to promote the body function for sure.


13. Promotes Kidney Health

One of the health benefits of eating liquorice is to promote kidney health. As the consequence, you can have a tea made of liquorice extract to boost the estrogen production in the body. As a result, it will also boost the kidney health. Thus, as you can have the best health results of liquorice, then you can add this herbal spice to your foods for sure.


After knowing the health benefits of eating liquorice, then we have also listed the beauty treatments of liquorice below.

Liquorice for Beauty Treatments

14. Promotes Skin Health

Have you ever wonder if liquorice can help you to combat skin diseases? Well, this is true that liquorice can bring beauty benefits as well. As liquorice has anti-inflammatory agents in it, then it will be valuable to treat eczema, skin rashes, and psoriases. Moreover, it is known that by applying the extract made from liquorice root on the affected skin area, then it will help to cure the problems. To sum up, to have good beauty treatments, then you can count on the herbal plant such as liquorice root for sure.

15. Promotes Hair Health

The next one is the ability of liquorice to promote hair health. In this case, liquorice root can prevent hair loss and promote the hair growth as well. Besides, using liquorice as a shampoo can reduce oiliness in the hair. As the consequence, you can have the paste made of liquorice root powder with milk, saffron. Then, apply it on the scalp overnight and wash off with the water. As a result, you will have the strong and healthy hair for sure.


Next, let’s see the tips for consuming liquorice below.

Tips for Consuming

  • It is advised to consume liquorice in moderate since the large doses of liquorice can cause hypertension, menstrual disorders in women, and heart rhythms disorders.
  • Besides, for pregnant women or women who do breastfeeding, it is not recommended to take liquorice for the consumption. It may lead to increase the risk of miscarriage or early delivery.
  • For the tips, to ease a sore throat, you can chew the liquorice. Consequently, it will help you to have the fresh breath as well.
  • Next, you can find liquorice root in many forms such as in soft drinks, herbal teas, natural sweetener, and medicines for sure. Then, having liquorice tea is very good to reduce inflammation such as headaches, sore throats, and body infections.
  • It is also good to rub liquorice root on a swollen ankle to relieve the pain of swollen joints.

In conclusion, liquorice provides the excellent health benefits for sure. This herbal supplement can be your home remedies to treat certain diseases. Still, to consume liquorice, you have to take it in moderate or talk to your doctor first to prevent any harmful risks. Therefore, with the right consumption of liquorice, you will achieve the healthier life then!