15 Benefits of Angelica Root for Health (#1 Top Herbal Cure)

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Angelica root or Dong quai has the scientific name of Angelica sinensis. Dong quai is a member of the Apiaceae family. So they are still related to carrots, parsley, or celery. Dong quai is often used in Chinese medicine to treat health problems in women. Therefore, dong quai is also called “female ginseng”People has been used Dong quai as herbal medicine and food for more than 2.000 years. The way you spell it (dong quai, tang-kuei, or danggui) means “recover,” or “healthy again” in Chinese, which shows its ability to rejuvenate the body.

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The Origins of Angelica Root 

The name dong quai comes from Chinese folklore. According to legend, a young man once vowed to leave his home as soon as he married. Of course this is not his wife’s idea. Another man in the village doubted the man’s virility. To show that he was a tenacious and respectable man, he decided to go live in the wilderness for a while. When he decides to retire for a while, he tells his wife to marry again if he does not return after leaving for more than three years, as he presumes then he may have died.

Three years passed. A lonely and grieving wife followed her husband’s suggestion to remarry. Immediately after the second marriage, the first husband returned from the wilderness. Wife felt so guilty and sorry to fall ill. Luck sided with the wife, her first husband taking home an unknown plant on the way home. The wife makes a cure from the roots of the plant and her health is restored.

Benefits of green angelica can be in can in culinary terms. Generally, organic angelica is used as a flavor for Chartreuse, Absinthe, Benedictine, and Vermouth. Many chefs use the efficacy of green angelica as a spice for omelets, as well as jam recipes. Fishy fish flavor can be removed with the addition of organic angelica spice. Also, it is available in candied form and is used as a dessert served with some kind of fruit-lined cake and whipped cream, and then garnished with candied fruit.

Dong quai grows in Asia, especially China, Japan to Korea. The roots of dong quai are usually cut into small pieces and then dried. After dry the roots are pounded until they become powder.

For centuries, dong quai is used as an ingredient in treating health disorders in women. Because dong quai contains many compounds that are very good for health, especially women’s health.

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There are more than 70 natural compounds contained in dong quai, such as ferulic acid and various saccharides. The benefits of Angelica Root (dong quai) for health include:

1. Maintain a hormonal balance

For centuries, dong quai is believed to be able to maintain hormonal balance for women. Dong quai extract will improve estrogen hormone profile and make all body systems work normally. Conditions like this will also help improve the condition of menstruation in women.

2. Detoxification of blood

One factor causing the emergence of disease is the buildup of toxins and harmful substances in the blood. Dong quai extract is able to reduce the levels of toxins and harmful substances in the blood. Because, dong quai is also rich in biotin, folic acid and vitamin B12 is very good to clean all types of toxins in the blood and toxins that accumulate in the body.

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3. Improve blood circulation

Dong quai contains iron which can help improve blood circulation in the body. Iron is an important component for the formation of red blood cells. Iron deficiency can lead to a person susceptible to anemia that is often characterized by symptoms, such as headaches, muscle weakness, chronic fatigue, as well as various disorders of cognitive function. With the increase of blood circulation throughout the body, there will be an increase in energy which will also help accelerate the healing and to maintain overall body health.

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4. Menstrual problems

Dong quai is often referred to as female ginseng because it is often used as an herb for menstrual and menopausal problems in women. Dong quai has antispasmodic properties that will reduce cramps, mood changes, and discomfort during menstruation. In addition, consume dong quai extract will take care of the condition of blood and body condition during menstruation. Consumption of dong quai extract will also make your menstrual cycle more regular.

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5. Preventing stress

Consuming dong quai extract is also able to prevent and treat stress in women and also men. Various compounds contained in dong quai will help regulate the hormonal system in the body which will reduce the occurrence of mood swings and relieve the mind.

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6. Prevent depression

Dong quai is believed to have a refreshing and evocative nature. Things like this will be able to reduce the occurrence of depression and the adverse effects of depression on the health of our bodies. Various compounds in dong quai can help release serotonin hormone which will make our body become feel comfortable and happy.

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7. Contains antioxidants

Dong quai has a lot of natural compounds whose effects are very good for the health of our body, including preventing free radicals damage the organ system and cause various types of chronic diseases. So, dong quai has the potential to prevent the occurrence of heart disease and even cancer, because it contains many compounds that are antioxidants.

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8. Maintain heart health

Dong quai will help in maintaining heart health in many ways. First, dong quai will help keep blood pressure stable. Then dong quai will also keep the stability of heart beat rhythm because it has antispasmodic properties. Dong quai will also play a role in reducing the excess platelets that accumulate in the arteries and blood vessels, which is one cause of atherosclerosis, heart disease and stroke.

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9. Maintain healthy skin

What’s more benefits of angelica root? Various compounds that are antioxidants contained in dong quai will keep skin healthy and become visibly youthful. In addition, dong quai also has a compound that is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial which will follow to keep your skin protected from alopecia, eczema and psoriasis.

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10. Maintain kidney health

According to traditional science, Angelica Sinesis is one type of Chinese herb that has been proven to have very important medical properties, such as able to adjust the immune system, prevent arteriosclerosis, reduce blood fat, prevent blood clots and the most important can treat chronic kidney (CKD).

In addition, Angelica Sinesis is able to alleviate kidney ischemia, which after 60 minutes can improve glomerular filtration function and renal tubular reansorption. In that way, it can overcome kidney damage and can contribute well to kidney protection.

Inflammation is one of the main risks of chronic kidney failure, so anti-inflammatory in Angelica Sinesis can reduce the risk of kidney disease.In addition, it turns out Angelica Sinesis able to ward off free radicals and reject the antioxidants and metabolism of substances that are all very useful For patients with CKD as a whole.

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Others Angelica Root Benefits

Indeed, here are more benefits of angelica root for health:

11. strengthening renal function

Dong quai is found in herbs to treat weakness, infection, and metabolic problems. Dong quai combined with astragalus root is useful for strengthening renal function. Cream applied to treat premature ejaculation.

12. relieving pain

In China, dong quai is injected into acupuncture points to relieve pain. The tonic is excellent for the circulatory system, and has been shown to increase blood volume, hemoglobin in red cell and blood cell count, and inhibit plaque formation.

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13. treating hormonal problems

The botanical name for dong quai is Angelica sinensis. Angelica archangelica in Europe is a close relative of dong quai. The name Angelica archangelica comes from a monk who uses this plant to cure plague, and Native Americans find Angelica atropurpurea. All these plants have similar properties, but dong quai is considered most suitable for treating hormonal problems.

14. Treating PMS Problem 

Although generally regarded as a safe non-toxic herb, it is sometimes avoided. Women who have severe menstrual periods are warned not to consume them because they will aggravate the bleeding. People who take blood-thinning medications will have problems after consuming dong quai. Pregnancy is a major contraindication, but professional herbalists give some formulas containing dong quai for pregnant women.

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This herb is very easy to find, available in pill, tincture, and tea. You can even find dried root slices at an Asian grocery store. However, in order to obtain maximum dong quai results, consultation with Chinese herbal medicine experts who can prescribe the formula is best suited for certain imbalances. Thus, there are many benefits of angelica root for health.

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