10 Top Health Benefits of Tapai (No.3 is Amazing)

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Tapai is one of the original refined foods from made from cassava in Indonesia. There are several districts in Indonesia like East Java, West Java, and Central Java which widely produce tapai. Tapai is fermented cassava or sticky rice, particularly white and black sticky rice. Tapai is usually called refer to its main ingredient, for example if it is made from cassava then it will be cassava tapai. Tapai is being mostly Indonesian favorite dishes due to its sweet and soft taste yet very unique and typical taste which you might never find in any other food.

For some people, tapai is might not being too popular to be eaten, yet tapai is also mixed with fresh syrup and ice to make tapai iced. The drink is very nourishing and refreshing. You can easily find the beverage in any stall or restaurant and you can add some milk as the additional essence. In the paragraph below, you will find and know more all about tapai from its characteristic, making process and health benefits of tapai.

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Tapai Characteristic

Tapai belongs to fermented food with fresh, sweet and delicate taste. Tapai can be added alcohol in very low consent to maximize its fermentation process. There are a lot of different packages of tapai but those have similar method of production. Cassava tapai from West Java will be made from whole cassava while cassava tapai from East Java will be made into small slices and put into particular packages such as bamboo webbing. Each of them has different appearance yet similar taste.

Tapai is widely served as homemade cooking for special occasion such as family gathering or religion celebration. Although tapai is often served as a dessert, sometimes it can be the stable food too especially in such rural areas. The sweet and soft texture of tapai are being favored by many people to be consumed as their daily menu cause it makes us full as well as rice.

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Nowadays, tapai is more widely known as typical food in Moeslem celebration day (Eid Al-Fitr) or family gathering in Indonesia. Tapai is being the favorite dessert served with chips or crackers. Some people also avoid consuming tapai since the aroma and taste are quite strong of alcohol. However, there are some health benefits of tapai for your body which you need to notice more. You might get surprised for some things are quite new and not predicted before. Check the health benefits of tapai!

  1. Body Warming

Tapai can increase body health due to its low level of alcohol. If you are feeling weak and a bit of fever, you may consume tapai to warm up your blood and stimulate your skin to get warmed. It is better to consume cassava tapai rather than sticky rice tapai because cassava extracts more warm up sensation to our body. Eat tapai in moderation and not more than 50 grams each day to prevent the negative impact of alcohol inside your body.

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  1. Energize Body

Tapai is a food made from cassava or sticky rice, no wonder if it contains high carbo inside. Consuming tapai will give such similar effect of when eating rice or any others carbo. The carbo will be the source of very potential energy for the body and help to split the protein to feed the cells. As a result, our body will be fresher and fitter.

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  1. Sexual Function

In some areas in Indonesia, tapai is utilized to be consumed as a super food to increase the sexual desire function. For husband and wife who have sexually disorder function, they may eat tapai as the food therapy which will work way more effective than chemical medicine. Tapai has lots of carbo and protein as source of the energy to stimulate the sexual function slowly but sure.

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  1. Acne Treatment

Tapai surprisingly can be one of the most effective methods to cure the acne. Tapai can help our body to neutralize the poison and reside which congest on the edge of your pore. The pore containing dirt and poison will increase the possibility of your skin to suffer from acne. In order to get more fresh and clean skin, you can start to substitute your fried food snack with tapai. Way more healthy and tasty!

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  1. Diet Menu

Tapai is a food containing low level of fat. Tapai has such carbo yet easily to be absorbed by our digestion organ. Moreover, tapai also has soluble fiber which stimulate our digestion organ to be better working. This condition leads tapai to be the very healthy menu for our diet option naturally without any chemical or surgery treatment.

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  1. Probiotic Source

The next benefit of tapai which is very essential is the probiotic souce. The fermented process included various microorganism turns out to be a very good process to create probiotic essence. The water content inside both cassava and sticky rice can be strong essence to beat such bacteria and viruses inside your digest. Besides, tapai is very powerful to increase your body immune and prevent the poison suffered.

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  1. Muscle and Neuron Improving System

When the fermentation process of tapai is going on, then there will be many chemical process included fast. The fermentation process also produces and increase thiamin which functioning to increase human muscle and neuron system. We can slightly and instantly feel fresh and more energized after eating tapai.

  1. Digestion Improving

Tapai can be a super food for your digestion. Tapai fermentation process can increase the probiotic and lactate acid production. Those essences are very beneficial to improve the digestion work system by killing all those cruel bacteria and help the functioning good bacteria to work way better. Consuming tapai regularly in minimum portion will effectively throw the reside and poison away out of your body by secretion process and prevent the constipation.

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  1. Preventing Anemia

Tapai is also very beneficial to prevent anemia. This disease is caused by the decrease of red blood cells production so that the body feels way weaker and un-energized. When the fermentation process of tapai on going, there are some microorganism to increase the production of B12 vitamin. The vitamin is very essential to support red blood cells production more. As a result, there will be no more anemia.

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  1. Preventing Hypertension

Hypertension is a very dreadful disease since it can stimulate and develop any other serious diseases like heart attack and stroke. For those who are suffering from hypertension, they can start consuming tapai regularly. Tapai has potassium source functioning to control the blood tension, maintain the heart beat and keep the blood vein clean and smooth.

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All kinds of tapai either cassava tapai or sticky rice tapai will contribute much benefits if consumed regularly and by a moderation.

Cautions of Tapai Consumption

However, it is strongly recommended to not consume tapai too much since in other hand it can also stimulate some health disorders. Here are several effects of consuming too much tapai for your body health:

  1. Consuming too much tapai will make you suffer from stomach aches since the digestion system is not capable enough with the alcohol effect containing in tapai.
  2. Consuming tapai too much will also increase the risk of blood disease or disorder such as blood poisoned or even stroke since it has carbo as well as rice or any other high carbo source. Therefore, consuming tapai with moderation is way safer than eating without control.
  3. Make sure you eat only clean and well processed tapai because if you don’t, then be ready to get suffered from any diseases stimulated by bacteria or viruses coming from un-hygienic and not well processed of tapai production.
  4. Tapai is not to be consumed for infant, toddler, kids, and immunity disorder adolescence. As a result, they cannot have tapai as well as their abstinence menu due to their un-ready digestion and body system in processing the ingredient and alcohol containing in tapai.
  5. Do not consume tapai, especially if it has too much water, because the tapai can make you get poisoned and get drunk due to the alcohol containing inside.

Chemical Process of Tapai Producing

Tapai has specific odds from the fermentation process which include a lot of microorganism. Tapai making will be based from yeast which is round shaped and will be destroyed in the middle of tapai making. The microorganism found in tapai are Rhizopus sp, Amylomyces rouxii, Saccharomycopsis fibuligera, Bacillus sp, dan  Pediococcus. Tapai yeast will works way better if it is dried before used.

This step is inevitable to do for the tapai producers. All tapai either cassava or sticky rice need to be cooked first. Then, the ingredients are cooled and poured with the yeast. All is then stored inside warm place for 2 up to 3 days. Mostly, they will use banana leaves which spread out warm and mil circumstance. After 2 up to 3 days, the cassava and yeast will turn into soft and sweet tapai.

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The poured yeast into cassava contains much microorganism. The microorganism will split up sugar into smaller complex groups. The yeast then produces amiliotic enzyme which then turn out to be alcohol and stimulate the good smell and strong typical taste. The alcohol level depends from how long the tapai is stored or fermented. The longer it is being stored, the bigger of alcohol level produced.

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