Is Tea Good for Diabetes Patient ? (#Expert Explanations)

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Tea is world’s favorite and healthiest drink. It is not only simple and delicious beverages but centuries of studies have found that tea is also beneficial for health and highly recommended to be consumed daily. Recent studies found that polyphenols found in tea could help in reducing the risk of diabetes by increasing the insulin activity. So, if tea could prevent diabetes, how about patient with diabetes?

Diabetes is a condition when glucose which entering the body system is not absorbed optimally. The main reason why the glucose is not absorbed optimally is whether the insulin in the body is not enough due to some problems in the pancreas which is also well known as Type 1 diabetes or the body system respond toward insulin is interfered which mostly caused by obesity which is also well known as Type 2 Diabetes. So, the best way to deal with diabetes is finding the main problem why insulin in your body is not functioning properly.

So, how tea is good for diabetes patient? There are some factors that might be the main reason why consuming tea daily for diabetes patient is highly recommended:

  1. Tea is rich of polyphenols

Polyphenols is organic chemical which many experts believe has important role in increasing insulin sensitivity in body system. So, consuming tea could optimize the activity of insulin in your body.

  1. Tea helps optimizing the metabolism

Healthy metabolism means optimal absorption of nutrients which enter the body system; including the sugar metabolism. Sugar which enters body system will be turned into glucose which later will be turned into energy. The remains glucose in your blood system which is not properly absorbed could cause the increasing of blood sugar level. That is why consuming tea daily could help your body metabolism function much better.

  1. Green tea for Obesity

One of the issues that cause insulin insensitivity is obesity or excessive body weight problem. Unhealthy lifestyle and not enough time for exercises are two main reasons why a person could not control their body weight. However, green tea has bioactive chemical substance that could help burning the calories and the adequate amount of caffeine in tea could optimize the after affect of exercises. Once your body weight is under control, dealing with insulin insensitivity will be much easier.

  1. Tea is a natural antioxidant

Drinking tea daily and regularly is a delicious way to make sure antioxidant in your body system under checked. For people with diabetes, controlling blood pressure is not an easy job, a condition that will be lead to some health complications like heart disease. Antioxidant contained in tea could help reducing cholesterol and oxidative stress. If people with diabetes are drinking tea regularly, they could reduce the risk of heart disease caused by cholesterol and oxidative stress.

  1. Tea for Sugar Level Control

As mentioned above tea could assist in optimizing the metabolism system so sugar or glucose will be absorbed optimally. However, tea is also able to help reducing the sugar level in blood, especially black tea. Drinking black tea is able to block digestive enzymes which has prominent role in pushing up blood sugar level.

  1. Drinking Tea during Pregnancy Could Reduce the Risk of Gestational Diabetes

Gestational diabetes is one of the issues a pregnant mother should aware of. Drinking tea regularly could help reducing the risk of this kind of diabetes. However, pregnant mothers should consult the doctor first if they want to put tea as part of their dietary daily program because of the caffeine contained in tea, but so far all the nutrients contained in tea are good for pregnant mother and the development of the fetal as long as it is consumed wisely.

Those are six health benefits of tea for patients with diabetes. Though tea is not a magic solution to cure diabetes but at least drinking tea could help diabetes patient reducing the worst effect of the disease. In other words, if tea could help people reducing the worst effect of diabetes that it means that it is also effective to help people preventing it. There are lot of types of tea, from green tea, black tea, oolong tea and many more. However, the properties contained in each tea are different. For example, green tea is much more recommended for fat burning solution than black tea, but for reducing blood sugar level, drinking black tea is much more effective than green tea.

In summary, is tea good for diabetes patient? The answer is yes, it is very good for diabetes patients. The recommended dosage is drinking three cups of tea per day without sugar. Don’t worry about the caffeine contained in tea because the amount is much lesser compared to coffee, so caffeine in tea is still safe to be consumed by a pregnant mother who should avoid caffeine in the high dosage.