57 Evidence-Based Health Benefits of Honey #1 Beauty Tricks

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Honey is one of natural essences that people consume for various reasons. They use honey to recover or improve the health, to beautify face and skin, to cook delicious (or sweet) food or simply as a favorite snack. As commonly known, it is bee which produces honey so the natural value of honey is unquestionable. This also becomes the reason why original honey costs quite expensive in comparison to synthetic one, such as honey contaminated by sugar or other essences.

It is far to say, therefore, that the more expensive price of honey, the more original it would be. Some areas also claim to have original and local honey with different tastes and qualities to others ranging from regencies to countries. Honey offers a big industry and big profit and it is not surprisingly to easily find any bees breeding in any area.

As mentioned before, people consume honey for various reasons ranging from the health factor to private appetite. It is commonly known that honey has some and various benefits (Read: Benefits of honey for your healthy heart), yet it turns out that people generally do not know those benefits for detail and through reliable information. Therefore, the following are the list of honey essences as well as its benefits in some sectors. You could pay attention on them for enriching your general knowledge even for getting solution for any problem you may deal with right now;

Honey Essences and Nutrients 

It is unquestionable why honey is believed as medicine as used for various purposes to heal some types of disease and health disturbance as well as for beauty purpose. It has various useful essences needed by human body to stay healthy and beautiful, fight bacteria and threat disease and so on and so forth. Here are some of essences contained in honey

So ,you may consider to take honey as daily consumption menu due to its richness.

  • Carbohydrate
  • Fat
  • Sugarhoney nutrition facts
  • Protein
  • Vitamin
  • Folat Vitamin B 9
  • Magnesium
  • Iron
  • Calcium
  • Energy
  • Pantotenat Acid
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin B 6
  • Sodium
  • Riboflavin Vit. B 2
  • Fosfor
  • Niacin Vitamin B 3
  • Water

Many research has proved the health Benefits of Honey for human body. If you pay attention to some packaged herbal medicines, you may likely find honey in the ingredient. This particularly shows that honey is well known and scientifically proved as a good solution for healing certain types of illness.

People like to consume honey for medicine whether mixing it with other essences—such as water or other beverages—or not (You may read: Health benefits of mixture of honey and ginger). They even consume honey regularly to strengthen body immune and have more power to do particular things. Anyway, some of the healthy benefits of honey are as follow;

1. Preventing Diabetes

One of the main causes of diabetes is synthetic sweeter, including white sugar. That is why, people nowadays do much effort to find alternative sweeter as most of them like sweet food or sweet taste like when they have coffee or tea. Low-fat sugar is one of alternatives coming up to solve the problem yet it turns out that in certain cases, it does not help much.

If you find out that sweet food is delicious, you may consider to use honey as the alternative sweetener. Honey is natural and totally safe without any side effect or medical threat, even if some people think it is sweeter than sugar. This is certainly good news for you who can not ignore your favorite sweet appetite.

One more important thing is that the combination essence of honey, which is fructose and glucose which are working very well in lowering sugar blood level. Honey also offers low level of glicemic so it would be absorbed by the blood flow gradually. When this happens, blood flow would remain stable as it could manage the absorption time by time instead of dealing with too much incoming essences at one time.

Meanwhile, its vitamin and mineral essence could help lowering LDL. These mean that using honey as sweetener does not only give you ‘safe’ essence and delicious taste, but also assist you to make your body run well. If you have normal sugar blood level and could keep it stable, you could be very happy because you would be far away from any threat of various diseases.

Additionally, consuming honey could also be a good treatment for any types of diabetes sufferers or those who have problems with blood sugar level. To be sure, you still have to pay attention to the daily foods you consume as well as the lifestyle you have.

2. Relieving the Cough

Cough is a common disease found in both children and adults, even babies. Some people like to suffer cough altogether with influenza and headache because of weather change, unhealthy food and lifestyle or by virus and bacteria. If you often suffer cough, now is the right time for you to use honey as a trustworthy medicine.

You can mix it with hot tea, hot water or as your preference (such as with lemon or lime) and then drink it right away. It is advisable for you to mix it with hot tea (and lemon, if possible) as the warm sensation could also relieve your throat and accelerate your recovery. People commonly believe that if you suffer cough, warm water would be far better for the thirst and for the medicine instead of plain or cold (iced) water. Meanwhile in this case, you are recommended to drink warm water after the tea so that the honey and lemon are not left at the throat.

Honey contains an essence called dekstrometorfan (DM) which is believed as the cough healer. Some studies also showed that honey works well in relieving the cough and minimizing its frequency. In addition to it, honey is also good in fighting any bacteria, including bacteria causing cough. Therefore, by consuming honey, the bacteria at the throat could be killed and the recovery could be accelerated. Consuming honey regularly could even make the body resistance from any cough threat.

3. Ensuring Digestive System Works Well

Digestive system is one of main parts of human body as it organizes the entire process from food digestion to food disposal. If this system does not work well, the human body would not at the good condition and be fragile to various types of disease. When the food could not be well-absorbed, the body would not get stamina or power to do daily activities and this can cause fatigue.

The same condition would apply when the body could not proceed the food or dispose it at the right time. There would be a sort of food bulk inside the body which can potentially harm to body itself. These all explain that digestive system is one of the main pillars of a healthy body.

If you find your body has a problem in its digestive system or you want to make sure that your digestive system would work well, consuming honey could be your consideration. Honey contains antiseptic essence serving to minimize stomach acidic level. If a body—or specially stomach—has too much or too high acidic level, it would work like magnet attracting any disease to get closer. Consuming honey would therefore avoid you from various types of digestive diseases or disturbances.

Besides that, honey could produce slime at the intestine so the disposal process would run well. The slime would be very helpful in supporting intestine function which is so important at the digestive system. Honey could also help stabilizing intestine’s move so that it would indirectly help to remove toxin inside the intestine.

An enzyme essence contained in the honey also makes it effective to fight with any digestive problems. If you find yourself fragile to suffer to various digestive illnesses, make a try by choosing menu as your preferred, natural and safe medicine. In this condition, it is recommended for you to consume honey with milk before going to bed.

4. Improving Body Immune

Levels of body immune could be heightened or lowered due to lifestyle and foods anyone consumes. If you find your body immune weak enough so you are easy to suffer any disease, it is better for you to check your lifestyle and the food you are consuming everyday.

Consuming too many instant foods would not be good for your health as those products tend to contain less natural essences. It would be better for you to begin consuming natural essences of food so your body immune would be automatically improved.

For this sort of talk, honey offers natural sweeter you may consider, particularly if you like to eat sweet foods. Instead of using sugar or other synthetic sweeter, it would be far better for you to use honey as the sweeter. Honey contains antioxidant essence which could serve as a soldier or fortress for you body so it could be safe and resistance to any disease threat. Some of types of bacteria that honey essences could kill are salmonella, e. Coli and methicilin-resistant.

A type of antioxidant essence called pinocembrin is even only found at honey so it would give you exclusive and high quality antioxidant for ensuring your health. Moreover, honey also has killing power on some bad bacteria so consuming honey regularly would give your body double protection for any bad threat because of food quality, pollution, lifestyle and so on and so forth.

5. Helping Detoxification System

One of the indication that your body is at good condition is that you could poop regularly because it shows that your digestive system works well. To have this kind of condition, all you need to do is paying attention on the menu, portion and the schedule of meals you have, in addition to keep having a healthy lifestyle.

You could also regularly consume honey as it contains some good essences, one of which is citrat acid that could help you do detoxification on your body—through improving enzyme function—including impulsing your body system to have regular poop disposal schedule.

6. Healing the Wound

Old traditional medicine system used honey as a main essence in healing the wound or insect bite. It closely relates to the fact that honey contains glucose and enzyme called occidace glucose. The later essence could break down the former and modify it into so called hydrogen peroxide which is a strong essence of antiseptic.

Interestingly, scientific researches also revealed that honey worked well to heal the wound even the ulcer. Patients with various types of wound found their wound more sterilized after some honey was put at the wound.

Other essences of honey also help to heal the wound such as propolis, vitamin and mineral particularly in stimulating new growth of skin cell so it would accelerate the healing process.

It is also important to take a note that for this treatment, honey is lubricated instead of consumed. Usually it takes about 24 or 48 hours for one round of lubrication before it is changed by the next round. Make sure also to use sterilized woven cloth, wound dressing or bandage so the honey could do its ‘function’ at maximum level.

The other reason why lubricating honey would be effective for healing the wound is that because wound bacteria could be killed by honey essences. Therefore, you may prefer using honey when you or your family has problem with wound. Make sure to clean the wound first before lubricating the honey so treatment could work well.

7. Enhancing the Energy

People get energy mainly from the food they are consuming. Additionally, they may also consume additional supplement or vitamin when they would work overtime, plan to make certain performance, plan to have a long time trip and so on and so forth. The preferable supplement or vitamin people like to consume is usually non-natural one when they can just buy it easily from the store or pharmacy.
Unfortunately, the choice only gives good result temporarily or for certain types of persons because of threatening side effect which potentially cause many healthy dangers. Choosing natural supplement or vitamin therefore would be the best choice as you would get maximum good result without any side effect. Anyway if you still have no idea about natural food essences you could rely on in enhancing your energy, you need to know more about honey.

Honey contains natural glucose which would work well to provide new energy so before or when you get tired or even exhausted, consuming honey would make your body immediately recover and the stamina will reappear. When this happens, you could continue doing your work or show your best performance.

8. Improving Fertility

People believe that honey has various medical benefits so every time they find something wrong in their body, they would find the solution by consuming this sweet food. This naturally happens although there no one tells them that honey would be effective for particular health disturbance. The main reason of this phenomenon is because honey offers no side effect so it would be helpful for various purposes without giving any risk. People, therefore, like to consume it for general and particular purpose as well.

Some cases show that consuming honey could improve fertility of a spouse, especially for a spouse trying to have babies after long marriage life. Apart of self suggestion, it is found that consuming honey regularly could be helpful to increase fertility and some spouses have proved so. Certainly, this happens without or before any serious and particular researches conducted to study about what people believe and practices in their daily lives.

9. Fulfilling All Body Need

If you pay attention to the essences contained at honey, you can conclude that honey contains everything that your body needs ranging from vitamin, mineral, acid, iron, calcium and so on and so forth. This means that if you could regularly consume honey, you could fulfill all your body needs in one time. If you still think that you need to consume other supplements, it would be okay even better but the important point is that your body gets what it deserves to get. Honey, therefore, could be your one stop solution for keeping your health, healing various types of illness as well as maximizing your body power.

10. Increasing Body Metabolism

A good and stable body metabolism would ensure that all systems at the body work well altogether, particularly in digesting, processing and disposing food supply. This condition could be designed by consuming various food essences that could stimulate body metabolism reaches its good level and honey is one of those.

In particular, honey also works well in assuring alcoholic metabolism as it raises body’s power to deal with the type of metabolism. As a result, people who consume honey right after alcohol could prevent any threat of poisoned as it could lower alcohol level at the body right away.

This information would be very helpful for those who like to consume alcohol either for hobby, life style or adjustment with the environment but still want to keep the health. Honey could serve as a sort of neutralizer of alcoholic effect so before it has chance to harm the body, it is firstly paralyzed by the honey.

11. Weight Loss Treatment

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Honey could be a good solution if you are now running healthy diet. Different from sugar with high level of calories and glucose, honey offers low level of those essences which could be effective for losing weight. Therefore from now on, you may begin to replace sugar with honey as it would not prevent you to eat sweet foods but still help you to make your diet program successful.

It is also believed that combination of honey and warm water could burn the fat which is very good for the dieters. Moreover, honey contains three main essences which is, besides are really needed by human body, also serves as a weight controller. Those essences are vitamin, mineral and amino acid.
You can easily find honey and then mix it with warm water anywhere you want without preparing too many ingredients through too difficult way. It is recommended for them to consume it every early morning so dieters could remove the hoard of fat in their bodies more quickly as it is the time for body to dispose waste foods.

12. Preventing Dehydration

Regularly consuming honey, particularly when it is combined with warm water could also fulfill hydration need of a human body during a whole day. It would be very good then to consume honey mixed with warm water every morning because it would back up daily hydration need especially for doing work, going to school or other routine and stamina consuming activities.

If you could make sure that your body is hydrated enough during a whole day, you can be pretty sure that the body would provide you enough energy to finish your one-day work. The more routine you do this simple treatment, the healthier your body would be and the more work you could accomplish.

13. Improving Stamina

Some studies reveal that honey could increase and recover stamina after doing hard treatment or exercise (Read : Ways To Increase Your Stamina). It could also improve ergogenic performance that athletes like to use it for assuring their performance. This particularly relates to the fact that honey could accelerate the absorption of food supply so it will quickly turn into energy and stamina which could improve quality of daily activities.

It would be far better then if you could consume honey before and after doing extra-time work, perform sport or other exercises. Honey before your show would provide you enough energy to do more, while after the show would assure that your body will immediately be recovered after the hard time passed. People usually get sick after doing unusual thing because their bodies are shocked with the sudden change.

14. Preventing Low Pressure of Leucosit

An online medical website called Mayo Clinic released that honey could also be very effective for patient with chemotherapy to minimize side effect of the process, which is low leucosit level. It was based on a study on cancer patients who regularly drank honey during their chemotherapy period. It turned out that forty percent of them did not suffer low-level-leucosit problem even though they were diagnosed as neutropenia patients and supposed to have low-leucosit.

15. Improving Memory Power

A study released by Reuters showed that honey could also improve memory power. The study took participants from old-aged menopause women who were designed to consume 20 gram honey daily during four months. The result then showed that they got their memory power far better than before after the treatment, particularly short-term memory power.

It could be assumed that consuming money is most likely good as well for children, students or adults at general who are in school or work spheres. Therefore, you may consider to enlist honey as one of must-consumed-menus for your daily meals as it could stimulate brain to think smarter and remember much more thing more accurately.

16. Healing Insomnia

Insomnia is one of nowadays diseases where people could not sleep well at the night for various reasons. Insomnia also one of the causes of sleepy in the morning, so the body feels not fit. This problem could relate to the the matter of mental or body healthy so academicians like to study insomnia to find the possible solution for getting it cured. A study then revealed that a herbal tea of ginger, cinnamon and honey could help healing insomnia significantly. Besides the amazing and various function for health, what makes honey so special is because it gives maximum result with minimum risk, even zero risk.

17. Healing Allergic Symptoms

The causes of allergic are various (Read: Sign of wheat allergic), people like to have different types of allergy and it is believed that honey could help them recovered from those allergies. Although this belief is not scientifically proved, some experts said that honey contains pollen of flowers and allergen essence, two type of essences effective for healing allergy. Additionally, honey is an agent of anti-inflammation serving as natural medicine to fight allergy and asthma—breathing system—problems.

This information would be very helpful for those who have allergies and are trying hard to throw them away. Mostly the big will to free from allergy come with the reason because being suffered with the allergy symptoms—such as allergy after consuming favorite foods—and consequences to consume medicine or do certain treatment every time the allergy comes.

As honey is natural essence, it would give no bad impact even though it does not work well to heal the allergy. Honey could even serve other functions to strengthen the immune system, improve body metabolism and so on. In other words, it would still be a good idea to heal allergy by consuming honey because if it fails to heal the allergy, it would not harm your body just like non-natural essences potentially do.

Honey Uses for Beauty Treatments 

Besides about health, honey also relates to the world of beauty as it is also used for beautifying performance (Read: Fantastic benefits of honey on face). You can also pay attention to some beauty cosmetics and will likely find that honey is one of the main essences you could find it at the ingredients of various types of product ranging from soap, shampoo, hand body lotion, lipstick, lip gloss, moisturizer and the likes. This certainly shows that honey offers some beauty treatment everyone is supposed to know and use them instead of synthetic—and sometimes unsafe—beauty products.

So far, honey is often used for the treatment of hair, lips and skin at general but to get much more information as well as how to ‘use’ honey for beauty purposes, below is the information you need to consider about the functions or benefits of honey for beauty.

1. Accelerating Skin Regeneration

Skin regeneration could happen if dead cell of skin could be thrown away so the new cell would grow as the result. Although it is a natural phenomenon or process, skin regeneration could be accelerated. When the regeneration could happen more quickly, skin would be far healthier as it gets new cell and could remove old cell away.

One of the things that honey could give for the skin treatment is accelerating skin regeneration through its essences ranging from gluconat, organic acid, magnesium, calcium and potassium. In consequences, various types of skin problem could be prevented even healed, from the emergence of acne, dry skin, oily skin as well as the dark skin.

Knowing this information will likely make you aware that choosing and consuming honey would not give you anything but amazing results you may never imagine before. Never hesitate to consume honey or use it for your treatment because you will get nothing but various advantages both for your health and beauty.

2. Protecting the Skin

As well as other parts of body, skin needs certain nutrients and supplements to keep it at the healthy and good condition. It is the reason why people like to buy and afford beauty cosmetics or treatment to make sure their skin gets what it deserves or needs, particularly on protection from external factors such as dust, pollution, ultraviolet and so on and so forth.

In choosing treatment or beauty cosmetics, at least you have two main choices which are natural and non-natural one. If you prefer the former one, it would be far better for you because you will have maximum result without any worry that you will suffer any side effect.

One of the natural essences needed by your skin is honey as it antioxidant essence which is so beneficial to protect the skin particularly from free radical and ultraviolet. Additionally, it also has anti-bacteria and anti-fungus essences so by doing one treatment, you could get multiple benefits.

Anti-oxidant essences protect your skin from drought, any skin disease (such as skin cancer) or from being darkened same with health benefits of sleeping without underwear.  Meanwhile, anti-bacteria and anti-fungus essences would help you preventing any skin problems such as acne, irritation, itchiness, reddish skin and the likes. This means that the more routine you use honey as your beauty treatment, the better result you would get.

3. Moisturizing the Skin

Moist skin is not only about the beauty and the good look, but also about the healthy condition. The more moist skin is, the healthier and more beautiful it would be. That is why people like to do some treatment or use any beauty cosmetic to have their skin naturally moist.

If you also like to do so, you could consider to use honey. Some of the essences working well at moisturizing the skin are sugar and amino acid in which both of them contained at honey. Additionally, honey is able to bind hydrogen essence so it would moisture your skin from inside.

For this type of treatment, you do not consume honey. You just have to rub it with your skin face for a couple of minutes and then wash it with water. Not only being moist naturally, your skin face would also be protected from dust, ultraviolet and the likes. For the best result, it is recommended for you to mix it with other natural essences.

4. Cleansing the Skin

Cleansing the skin is one of the most common skin treatment people like to do. Usually, they like to use a cleanser to make the work done by using cotton so the dirt attached to the skin could be removed. Anyway, if you are interested in trying natural treatment for cleansing the skin, you may try to use honey in your treatment. This may look more complicated than instant cosmetic product but you would get better result.

Honey contains enzyme which would be very beneficial for cleansing the skin without diluting the skin layer as instant cosmetic product probably does. You just need to mix honey with water then put it one your skin. The mixture would result a soft antiseptic which would be good for cleansing the skin and fulfills its whole need altogether.

5. Fighting the Aging Signs

People are sometimes worry about the aging signs because they would look not as pretty as before when they grow older. This leads them to find any possible way in dealing with aging signs, which, into some extents, are inevitable and unavoidable. As the adding age could not be avoided, what people could do is actually preparing its coming or dealing with it right away.

One of the most popular aging signs is wrinkle where skin, particularly skin face, look not stiff as before. This is naturally caused by the lack production of collagen. Human body could produce collagen automatically, yet the production would decrease as the age adds more and more. In this case, as collagen becomes the main point, people try to get collagen from outside.

People could get collagen from animals as well as other natural essences, one of which is honey. In comparison to collagen from animals, collagen from honey if far better and safer. Honey also contains anti-inflammation essence which could be very effective for preventing skin degeneration. That is why, if you find any aging sign, particularly at your skin face, you may consider soon to use honey for your treatment.

For this need, you can use honey mask or simply put it on your skin face and take time about 15 minutes before washing it away by water. However if you want to get the better result, you could also make honey and garlic juice and then routinely consume it.

6. Preventing and Healing the Acne

In addition to the relation between acne prevention and skin cell regeneration, honey also works well in preventing and healing acne because it could kill various types of bacteria as well as fungus. As it is commonly known, bacteria is one of common causes of acne so when the bacteria could be ‘regularly’ killed, acne threat would be much lower than before.

In addition to killing bacteria, honey could also move it away from the skin pores so the skin infection because of bacteria blocked by the skin pores could be avoided. These two types of function make honey as good solution for acne treatment before it emerges, when it already emerged even when the acne has gone and left a sort of mark or scar.

Acne scar is another common skin problem people like to be confused dealing with it. If you find the problem as well, you can simply use heated honey then put it on the scar. Take time about 2 until 3 hours and then wash it cleanly with water and repeat the treatment until you gt the result.

7. Repairing Damaged Hair

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Damaged hair is like a nightmare for both men and women because this condition could ruin their physical performance. It could be triggered by some factors ranging from wrong treatment, too much dangerous essences put on hair, unhealthy life style to genetic one. If you find yourself, your family or your friend suffer the damaged hair, you may advise them to use honey treatment first before consulting to dermatologist, doctor or using highly-cost shampoos. The procedure is very simple. You just need to mix the honey with shampoo you use then put it on the hair skin during 2 hours before you get your shower time.

If you do not have any serious hair problem, honey still be beneficial for your hair and you can consume it for the other purposes. The purposes range from stimulating hair growth, avoiding hair fall, preventing dandruff and other relatively un-serious hair problems. The honey will also be helpful for you if you want to have additional hair treatment, such as moisturizing your hair. After shower, you could put on the mixture of honey and olive oil during one hour before washing it using cold water. When it is finished, you would find your hair ready for beautifying yourself and improving your performance.

8. Moisturizing Dry Lip

Dry even bleeding lip is usually found in the dry season when most of people get direct contact with the very hot sun light (Read also: Black spot on lip: causes, treatment and preventing). In addition to dehydration, this problem comes because the skin does not get what it is supposed to get from vitamin, supplement, nutrient and so on and so forth. If you find this problem, you may use honey—simple put it on at your lip—instead of using lip stick and the likes.

Beside above 25 honey benefits for health and beauty, you could try honey as one of this condition, since we have summarize real people use honey around the world.

Another Uses of Honey

Here are more benefits of honey for health:

  • Overcoming allergies and acid
  • Relief abdominal pain
  • Preventing stress
  • Reducing the risk of heart attack
  • Prevent the risk of Alzheimer’s disease. (Read: How to prevent Alzheimer and dementia)
  • Prevent jaundice
  • Preventing tumors in various parts of the body

Benefits Honey for skin and hair

Here are more health benefits of honey:

  • Honey for black hair
  • Honey to make hair stronger
  • Honey eliminate split ends
  • Honey to eradicate the “Fruit Hair
  • Honey to make hair straighter
  • Gives the skin is more delicate.
  • Prevent premature aging
  • Prevents skin wrinkles
  • Prevent skin blackish when old
  • Prevent acne
  • Honey can prevent skin irritation and allergies.

Honey for Pregnancy

Here are more health benefits of honey:

  • Improve energy and provide durability during pregnancy (Read : Ice Cream Benefits)
  • It increases the appetite of pregnant women
  • Facilitate defecation for pregnant women (Read : Benefits of Spinach During Pregnancy )
  • Help the fetus grow normally and healthy
  • Strengthen fetus
  • Vitamin C is found in honey, effective to increase the brightness and endurance of pregnant women
  • Honey helps reduce nausea
  • Preventing hepatitis B disease in the fetus
  • Honey can prevent pregnant women from exposure dangerous diseases during pregnancy may interfere with the fetus.
  • Honey has a very nutrient rich for the needs of the mother during pregnancy

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Honey for Face and Beauty

Here are more health benefits of honey:

  • Honey is believed and has been used with a blend of other herbs to get rid of acne
  • Honey is used in conjunction with other herbs to get rid of blackheads
  • Remove black spots
  • Remove acne scars
  • Brighten the skin
  • Shrink the pores facial
  • Making skin look glowing and radiant-ser
  • Can be used as a face mask
  • Can be used as a material to clean the skin from free radicals

The whole explanation above completely shows that honey could be your one stop solution for your health and beauty treatment. It contains various types of essence and benefit for various purposes. Additionally, it is also natural so you do not need to worry about any side effect. One thing you want to make it sure is about originality of honey because the more original it is, the more natural and useful it would be and vice versa.