66 Proven Bitter Melon Benefits (No. 1-25 Incredible)

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Bitter melon benefits for human health already known around the world, especially for diabetes purpose. Bitter melon is known as the vegetables that contain lots of health benefits. Bitter melon is rich minerals, calcium, and phosphorus, as well as carotenoids. Bitter melon have another name: Momordica charantia (Latin), Balsam-pear/bitter ground (English), Ku gua/Foo gwa (Cina), Pare/paria (Indonesia), Mara/Maha/Phakha (Thailand), Moup dang/Kho qua (Vietnam), Peria (Malay), Ampalaya/amargoso/pari/palia (Philiphina).

16 Bitter Melon Nutritions

In 100 grams of bitter melon contains:

  1. Folate (about 72 mg or 18% of the daily requirement)
  2. Vitamin C (about 84 mg, or about 140% of the daily requirement).
  3. Protein (about 0.90 g, or about 10% of the daily requirement)
  4. Fiber (about 0.90 g)
  5. Fat (about 0.40 g)
  6. Calcium (about 32 mg)
  7. Calories (about 22.0 Calories)
  8. Carbohydrates (about 4.60 g)
  9. Abu (about 0.7 mg)
  10. Iron (about 0.90 mg)
  11. Sodium (about 2.0 mg)
  12. Phosphorus (about 32.0 mg)
  13. Potassium (about 211.0 mg)
  14. Vitamin A (about 335.0 SI)
  15. Vitamin B1 (about 0.06 mg) and B2 (about 0.03 mg)
  16. Water (about 93.34 g)

Top 25 The Utilization of Bitter Melon in Various Countries

a. In South of Japan

  1. bitter melon is used as a purgative,
  2. laxative
  3. and worming tablets

b. In India

  1. extract of bitter melon is used as diabetic medicine,
  2. rheumatic drugs,
  3. gout medications,
  4. liver disease
  5. lymphatic disease.

c. In Indonesia, besides bitter melon is known as a vegetable, also traditionally used as :

  1. sputum,
  2. fever medications and appetite enhancer.
  3. In addition, the leaves are used as a laxative menstruation
  4. burn treatment,
  5. skin diseases and
  6. drug-worming.

d. In Philippines, bitter melon has been used since centuries years ago for the treatment of  :

  1. diabetes mellitus, (Super Powerful)
  2. leukaemia,
  3. asthma,
  4. insect bites,
  5. menstrual cycle disorders, and
  6. disorders of the stomach

e. In China bitter melon is used to treat a variety of diseases, such as

  1. Gastrointestinal infections,
  2. coughs,
  3. bronchitis,
  4. sore throat and
  5. breast cancer.

Its Folate Benefits

Folate (folic acid) has a function to maintain and repair cells, DNA synthesis, the formation of leukocytes and erythrocytes. Folic acid has functions for:

  1. Producing Red Blood Cells. Folic acid is the main function for the formation of red blood cells or erythrocytes. folic acid deficiency makes the body susceptible to cancer. Besides folic acid is also beneficial for the body’s defense mechanisms and the formation of white blood cells.
  2. Preventing Heart Disease And Stroke. Folic acid helps the heart to stay healthy and be able to function optimally. Folate deficiency can lead to increased risk of coronary heart disease, complications, and stroke. To lower the risk of heart disease and stroke, the bakery and cereals in United States are required to add folic acid to bread and cereals are produced. The result of heart disease and stroke by approximately 15 percent. Folic acid also helps eliminate homocysteine, which is a compound that can cause artery damage if it is not cleared from the blood.
  3. Keeping The Brain Performance. Folate level is reasonably necessary for proper brain function. Research has shown that the benefits of folate make your brain stay young, which slow the effects of aging.
  4. Help Reduce Depression. Several studies have shown that folate supplementation can reduce depression. Folate deficiency can lead to increased risk of depression and dementia.
  5. Improving the Quantity and Quality of Sperm. A study conducted in the Dutch of Nijmegen, the results that folic acid is able to increase sperm volume and 74% in men who consume folic acid tablets. Not only increases the number of sperm alone but also folic acid can improve sperm quality and to reduce the number of abnormal sperm up to 4%.
  6. Developing Of The Fetus. Folate is used to produce erythrocytes. Erythrocytes are useful for the development of the brain and spinal cord is fine-tuned for the fetus. Lack of folate during pregnancy can cause developmental disorders of the spinal cord, this hall can result in paralysis, brain damage, or miscarriage. Therefore, specifically, pregnant women should be able to fill folate to body.
  7. Prevent Cancer. Folic acid is an essential component to reduce the occurrence of cancer in the human body. Cervical cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer are some of the types of cancer that can be prevented by folic acid. This is why folic acid often recommended by doctors to be consumed in sufficient quantities.

Its Vitamin C Benefit

The best source of vitamin C is derived from fresh fruits, vegetables, and juices. Compared with a half cup (125 ml) of orange juice contains about 50 mg of vitamin C, 100 grams of bitter melon has vitamin C as much as 84 mg.

WHO set only 45 mg a day, the Food Standards Agency in the UK by 40 mg per day, and the National Academy of Sciences in the United States about 60-95 mg per day. In the US, the maximum intake amount that can be tolerated is 2,000 milligrams per day. Vitamin C from bitter melon is useful for:

  1. Eye Disease. Commonly, eye disease is the cataract. Meet the daily requirement of vitamin C may help prevent cataracts.
  2. To Lose Weight. Vitamin C is proven to help reduce levels of fat, and maintain a healthy weight.
  3. Healthy Skin. In beauty care, vitamin C has an important role in blood circulation and skin looks fresher. This vitamin also stimulates the formation of collagen the skin and protect it from damage.
  4. Antioxidant. Vitamin C as an antioxidant other than the body can repair skin tissue cells damaged by free radicals.
  5. Prevent Hypertension. Vitamin C has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce the possible risk of hypertension and other serious health problems associated with high blood pressure.
  6. Increase The Immune System. Vitamin C also has an important role in keeping the immune system against viruses, bacteria, and free radicals.

Its Protein Benefits

Protein is a collection of organic compounds such as oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorus, carbon, sulfur, and amino acids found in common foods we eat on a daily basis. The function of a protein for the body as a substance that is the main builder and driver of metabolism in the human body.

This protein is not produced from our body but rather derived from protein-containing foods that we consume. This means that the benefits of new proteins are felt when the daily protein requirement is fulfilled through food sources of protein. Some of the important functions of proteins, namely:

  1. Energy Sources. The main function of a protein is to support the various activities of the organs of the body and also the body’s metabolism. At each gram, protein molecules can produce as much as 4.1 calories of protein, which is needed by the body for energy.
  2. Facilities that Regulate Metabolism In The Body.
  3. Balancing Acid-Base. Protein serves to balance fluids in the body with acid-base. So the stability of PH fluids in our bodies will run normally.
  4. The Main Intake When Dieting. When someone is on a diet, the protein can be used as a primary energy intake in the body.
  5. For Growth. Protein can be used also as a builder substance to assist the process of growth in children and adolescents. Because protein intake will provide highly enough of the cells in the body.
  6. As Antioxidants. Proteins can also ward off free radicals or foreign substances that will damage and infiltrates on our body, to destroy it, so that the health of the body will be very awake.

Its Fiber Benefits

Daily fiber requirement of between 25-40 grams per day, it is based on health standards. Bitter melon contains fiber as much as 0.90 g or approximately 3-5% of daily needs. Function of fiber to body is:

  1. Ability to Prevent Diabetes. With a high-fiber diet will slow the absorption of sugar in the blood level. So that if someone diligently meet their daily fiber needs will be a small risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  2. Preserving. A research has shown that a person’s daily routine to meet the needs of fiber (14 grams per 1,000 calories consumed) have a chance to live nine years longer than those without.
  3. Reducing Cholesterol. The soluble fiber plays an important role in lowering levels of bad cholesterol in the body that normally trigger cardiovascular disease.
  4. Lose Weight. Fiber has a tendency to make the stomach be satisfied in the time period long enough. So if you want to lose weight, do not be lazy eating fibrous foods.
  5. Preventing A Heart Attack. In a long-term research, consumption the fibrous food can prevent heart disease. The study also proved that the nutritious fiber prevents inflammation and lower blood pressure.

Its Calcium Benefits

Bitter melon contains about 32 mg of calcium. The needs of the body’s daily calcium intake ranged from 700-1300 mg / day depending on age. That is, the fruit of bitter melon can meet almost 4-5% of daily needs. Calcium for:

  1. Healthy Bones And Teeth. Calcium is useful to help maintain healthy teeth. Calcium will also improve bone mass decreases with age, including osteoporosis in old age. This is because calcium helps to facilitate the movement of nutrients across cell membranes. Good calcium intake will help reduce back pain because it will strengthen the spine.
  2. Helps Maintain Blood Pressure. Calcium can also help to control blood pressure is normal, and also helps the contraction of muscles and nerves work. Thus, it will allow the heart and blood vessels to be able to perform its function effectively.

Its Potassium Benefits

Health Benefits of potassium for human body is very important. Potassium is a mineral that is essential for the human body. Potassium create all the cells, tissues and whole organs in the human body can function properly. The benefits of potassium are:

  1. Keeping the Brain Function. Potassium is useful for maintaining health and healthy brain function. It also helps carry oxygen to the brain, in order to get enough food. Potassium also plays a role sends neurotransmitters in the brain to send signals to the nerves. This mineral is also important so that we can be healthy nerves so that it can work normally.
  2. Maintain Kidney. Potassium also works as an agent for maintaining calcium, not to form kidney stones. of stone formation. Potassium kidneys will filter and remove it through the urine. It could thus be said to be beneficial for maintaining healthy potassium kidney.
  3. Prevent Low Blood Sugar. Decreased level of potassium can also cause a decrease in blood sugar levels. A decrease in blood sugar levels are marked by sweating, headache, weakness, trembling and nervous. Potassium chloride and sodium intake will provide direct assistance to the condition.
  4. Prevent Cramps. Muscle cramps are due to the low levels of potassium in the blood, a condition like it we known as hypokalemia.
  5. Normalizing Blood Pressure. Potassium helps to reverse the function of the imbalance of sodium in the blood pressure normal. Thus, potassium acts as an important element in the human body. This means more and minimizes the possibility of hypertension and heart disease. Blood pressure is the most important function of this mineral.
  6. Helping Metabolism. Potassium helps metabolize nutrients such as fat, protein and carbohydrates. Thus, potassium has a great value in extracting energy from nutrients consumed by humans.
  7. Maintain Water Balance: The role of potassium another significant is desirable to maintain the water balance in nature the human body. There are many different types of cells, which requires getting the right balance of water to function. And potassium will adjust the balance in these cells.

Its Vitamin A Benefits

Bitter melon provides approximately 335.0 SI, the daily requirement of about 600-700 UI. Benefits of vitamin A from bitter melon for the body are:

  1. Eye Health. Vitamin A has an important to visual perception. This vitamin helps distribute the items that are received by the retina. Compounds that play a role in this case is retinol.
  2. Antioxidants. One form of Vitamin A, known as beta-carotene, a compound with antioxidant activity can counteract free radicals. Both free radicals derived from oxidation of body nor pollution from outside.
  3. Immune System. Vitamin A also serves as an external immune system that protects the body from free radicals, viruses, bacteria, fungi and pathogens. Adequate intake of vitamin A daily mean boost immunity.
  4. Prevent Cancer. Vitamin A is able to fight cancer by suppressing the growth of DNA in cancer cells.
  5. Wound Healing. Vitamin A can help maintain the health of tissues in our bodies. So as to help accelerate the wound healing process.
  6. Growth. Vitamin A is also needed for the growth and development of the embryo in the fetus and determine the genes in the formation of organs in embryonic development.

Other Benefits of Bitter Melon

  1. Anti-HIV/AIDS. Bitter melon containing alpha, beta-momorchorin, and Momordica antiviral protein 30 (MAP30) are useful as an anti-HIV/AIDS. Research by Prof Lee-Huang of the University of New York found that the old melon seeds are efficacious compounds that prevent the development of HIV / AIDS. Although until now there have been no drugs bitter melon to HIV/AIDS, this discovery triggered the development of the medical world. Bitter melon therapy, those with HIV-AIDS in Thailand and the United States seem more clinically healthy and her weight increased.
  2. Prevention Blank Spots and Wrinkles. Bitter melon contains albuminoid, carbohydrates, and dyestuffs. The leaves contain bitter substances, fatty oils, resins acids, calcium, protein, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, B1 and C, which serves to keep the skin damage caused by the sting ultraviolet. This means that bitter melon may prevent the appearance of black spots and wrinkles on the face.

Bitter Melon Uses

1. Recipes for diabetes.

  • Prepare: 200 grams of bitter melon is washed and thinly sliced.
  • Boil 3 cups of water until the remaining 1 cup.
  • Drinking boiled water it every day.

2. To treat a cough

  • Prepare: Create bitter melon fresh herb leaves 7 and then
  • Brewed with 2 tablespoons of water.
  • After that, squeeze and strain.
  • Drink 2 times a day on a regular basis until the coughing stops.

3. To treat boils and pinworms

  • Prepare 7 grams of leaves bitter melon Brewed with hot water, let cool then strain the water boiled.
  • Add one teaspoon of honey
  • Drink before breakfast for 1 week.

4. To overcome puerperal fever

  • Prepare: Take three leaves of fresh bitter melon, wash and mash.
  • Add one cup of water and a little salt.
  • Then pour, squeeze and strain,
  • Drink 2 times a day as much as half a glass.

5. To treat bronchitis, stomach ulcers, anemia, menstrual pain, liver pain, rheumatism and slimming the body

  • Prepare Two bitter melon, then take the juice.
  • Add a tablespoon of honey.
  • One a day for three months.

Bitter Melon Side Effects

  1. Impotence. Bitter melon seed contains triterpenoids which have an activity of anti-spermatozoa, so the use of traditional seeds bitter melon with a view to preventing AIDS can result in infertility in men. Consumption bitter melon in the long term, either in the form of juice, salad or vegetables, can kill sperm, lead to impotence, damage the testicles and male hormones, even potentially damage the liver.
  2. Miscarriage. For pregnant women, bitter melon consumption should be limited because experiments in mice have shown bitter melon juice giving cause miscarriage.