20 Health Benefits of Taking Quercetin and Bromelain

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What is Quercetin and Bromelain?

Before we talk about health benefits of taking quercetin and bromelain. We need to know what are those thing. First let us talk about quercetin, this substance is a flavonoid that widespread in nature. This substance is contains in onion.

In 1857 is the first the quercetin nam used. This name is come from “quercetum”. It is mean oak forest. It is comes naturally as flavonol inhibitor transporter a polar auxin. Like was said above that quercetin contains in onion. It is contains especially in ring outside and the section closest of the root. Besides onion the quercetin is contains in tomatoes and honey.

There is 79% quercetin that contains in tomatoes which grown organically. It is bigger than tomatoes were grown chemically. The quercetin in honey is contains in various plants.

Benefits of Quercetin

As a powerful antioxidant, quercetin has health benefits that we can get. Curing, maintain our health, and prevention.


1. The Neurological Disease

Quercetin as member of pigments plant group, showed it has neurotoxic properties. The information health benefits of taking quercetin is come from a laboratory research. The neurotoxic properties of quercetin can fight the neurological disease.


2. Alergy

Histamine and other inflammantory mediator can be inhibited the production and release by quercetin. As a powerfull antioxidant, the substance can treating allergic reaction effectively. There is no worry anymore with that ability asthma, cough, fever, and hives. Because quercetin can handle all that stuff.

3. Atherosclerosis

Narrowing and hardening that happen in arteries is one of the biggest factor causing many disease. One of the disease is atherosclerosis. This disease is happening because cholesterol and other fatty substances deposition. Blood vessels is other name of this disease. The cholesterol was carried by the blood is tha factor causing the narrworing and hardening in arteries.

Based on the research, quercetin has antioxidant properties. This substance has a remarkable ability to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis.  Plaque that builup in the arteries can be reduce by quercetin.

5. Cancer

Quercetin can control the growth of cancer cells. This information can get by in vitro studies.
Quercertin have been studied an object for research. Quercetin has ability to fight against cancer. It can protects body cells from free radical. Because it is an antioxidant. It will neutralizing the bad effects on our especially in the cells. So for all of us do not worry anymore about breast cancer, colon, ovarian, and prostate.

6. Heart Disease

Today, LDL cholesterol is like a monster. Because it is can make damage for our body. The worst is trigger for heart disease.

Enough for the scary story, the monster can beaten by anti inflammatory that contains in quercetin. How to get this substance naturally is just consume the vegetable and fruits. Because it can make our heart strongger.

Maintain Health

7. Anti Aging

Do you why fruit, flower, and vegetable can be colourfull. The quercetin actually is a part of pigment resposible for that. As an antioxidant, quercetin has ability to fight the free radicals. So this is must be a big good news for women. Because this substance can keep your skin youthful.

8. Control Blood Pressure

In natural way, quercetin can control the blood pressure. We only need to consume the vegetable and fruits to get it. The quercetin is not need our order to control the blood pressure. Quercetin will make our heart strongger. It will happen by adequate supplementation by quercetin.

9. Increase Endurance and Stamina

Quercetin as a substance which can improving healthy generally has an extra benefits, especially for athletes. Quercetin is an important nutritional supplement to increae endurance and stamina.
Like was said above quercetin is contains in fruit and vegetable. So we do not need to asking anymore why sportsman consume both of it in routine time.

Wow this new thing that we just know has an amazing health benefits. So do not take too long time to take an action. Quercetin and bromelain is a must to get. Wait a minute, bromelain?

Oh yach, the second thing, do not forget to bromelain. Ananaz Comosus is latin of the source of bromelain, pineapple. This fruit in included in plant family bromeliacea.This substance is effective in 40-60 celcius. It is a proteolytic enzyme that we can found in pineapple. It can get also in stems of it.

The structure of bromelain mainly composed by cysteine proteases. The substance of this pineapple is contains acid phophatase, amylase, cellulase, and peroxidase acid. The smallest substance that contain in bromelain is the peroxidase acid.

Benefits of Bromelain

Same like before abeove, there are three health benefits of taking bromelain. Curing, maintain our health, and prevention.


10. Burns

If we have a skin burns, just do not worry. Because bromelain can heal that. Dead skin cells also can be eliminating by this enzyme.

11. Peyronie

If in tunica albuginia corpus cavernosum found paque or induration this a problem. Because bending or angulation will happen with penis during erection. This disease will make a pain in penis. Because of this pain penetrate to to vagina wil reduce. But if not erection the pain will gone. This disease can be helped by breaking down collagen. Bromelain will heal this peyronie.

12. Heart

Bromelain that contains ini Ananas Comosus. That is latin of pineapple, efficiently maintain heart health. Because this enzyme that produced as a byproduct of pineapple juice, can reduce the abnormal formation of blood clots and plaque in arteries.

13. Improve Lung Function

Patients with respiratory tract infection has a problem with their lung function. Bromalein can help the patients to improve it.

14. Reduce Arthritis

In 1957 bromelain was intoduced as a therapeutic supplement. Nature of analgesik and anti inflammatory that contain in it is helpful fo arthritic patients.
How this health benefits of taking bromelain can be get is by a good absorption. Glukosamin and sulfur can be absorp easily by our body with helps from this enzyme.

15. Reduce muscle Spasms

This enzyme that was extracted first time in 1891 can breaks down protein. This process can be happen in swollen tissue. Because of that benefits bromelain can reducing muscle spasms.

16. Skin Disease

Disease associated with infammation of skin can be curing by bromelain. Itching sensation as pruritus in skin also can be cure by this enzyme.

17. Reduce Pain and Swelling

Pain or swelling that happen by injury or surgery can be reduce by bromelain. Especially in torn ligament, the swelling and pain can be helped for speed recovery.


18. Heart

Patients of heart disease has a good news about bromelain. Because there is a bromelain supplement. This enzyme made as supplement to that can be consume easily.
This enzyme has anti coagulant to help patients of heart disease. It can prevent the blood clots in blood. This prevention will automatically prevent us from risk of heart disease.

19. Reduce Risk Sinusitis and Bronchitis

Bromelain is anti inflammatory, by this properties accumulation of mucus in the uooer respiratory tract can be helped get rid. After this process risk of sinusitis and bronchitis can be reduced.

Maintain Health

20. Improve Smoothness Digestion

For you who has a problem with digestion. After this do not think about anymore. Because the bromelain in dose of 500 milligram can improve smoothness digestion.

Protein complex that contains in pineapple can be deciphed the structure by bromelain. Because this enzyme has ability to do that. So that can be absorbed easily by the body. But to get health benefits of taking bromelain is require temperature between 50-60 Celcius and pH in range 3,0-8,0.

There is a caution for consume bromelain. Do not consume it with anti coagulan. Because there is no health benefits of taking bromelain. But the risk of bleeding can be increase.

After all the health benefits, Do not forget to take consultation with doctor. Do not ever consume quercetin and bromelain with other supplement or medicine. Because it is a possibility to cause. And the last, to get best health benefits of taking quercetin and bromelain do not consume both of it too much.