77 Proven Benefits of Garlic for Weight Loss and Consumption Tips

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Garlic’s benefits for health have been known for ages. You might already know that garlic is excellent in boosting metabolism and reducing blood pressure. However, have you known that garlic is also great for reducing your weight? If you are a garlic lover that can’t leave this spice in your dishes, this can be amazing news. Aside from getting the health benefits from consuming garlic, you can also get a slimmer body at the same time. So if you are fighting with your weight and still can’t get a significant result in cutting your fat, try this natural diet with garlic. In order to do this properly, there are some things you need to know to ensure your plan is working well.

Researches about Garlic for Weight Loss

The proof that garlic is helpful in reducing weight has been proven through researches conducted by some researches from, different countries. However, most of them used mice as the objects in proving the effectiveness of garlic for weight loss. In Korea, a study had been conducted by feeding fat mice with garlic for about seven weeks. Garlic does make the mice slimmer tough it can’t be instantly done.

It takes time and process to get the fat burned. Moreover, the benefits of garlic for health that can even prevent you from heart disease add its values. From the health benefits point of view, surely garlic is undoubtedly effective. Now that you can get more benefits from its ability in reducing weight naturally, get your plan and start it.

How to Use Garlic For Weight Loss

garlicJust because garlic is useful in reducing your weight doesn’t mean that you can just consume it whatever you want. There are some proper and good ways to consume garlic and get the most benefits of it. The most important thing to know is by choosing fresh garlic and crush it. After crushing, let the garlic sit for about 10 minutes. This is believed that letting garlic sit for some minutes can let the enzyme released from crushed garlic reaches its peak in providing health benefits. Cooking the garlic directly after crushing will destroy the enzyme and eliminate the garlic’s benefits. So be patient and give it some time to be more beneficial.

Crushing garlic can be done either using a press or a knife. Using a press is so much better if you want the flavor to be stronger. However, some people don’t even like the strong flavor of garlic. Don’t worry you can still make it milder by baking it first. Wait for some minutes to let the garlic tender and producing mild flavor.

Garlic is easy to use because you can add it to many kinds of foods. It will add the flavor to any salad, sauce or many others. Adding garlic to salad is very simple and easy. Just cut it and spread it all over the salad as dressing. Adding it to your healthy foods will allow you to lose weight without having to be suffering from hunger.

Start your day with DIY garlic bread is also a great thing to have. Cut a clove of garlic into a half and use it to rub your cut fat-free bread. Toast your bread and breakfast is ready to enjoy. This is very simple and easy so you can do it daily.

Types of Garlic

There are some types of garlic that you can use for dieting;

1. Black garlic.

This kind of garlic is fermented in a month through high level of heat. That is why the color is black and dark. However, it has a better taste with its sweetness than white garlic. The most interesting is this garlic is easy to consume due to its softness. You don’t need to crush it. Simply spread the garlic on your favorite snack and you can get a healthy diet treatment.

2. Pink & Elephant Garlic 

Other types of garlic that you can find are pink and elephant garlic. Pink garlic is sweet and elephant garlic is bigger than the standard ones. It is necessary to carefully select garlic by getting the loose ones so that you can examine the quality easily. Fresh white garlic is the one with white skin like paper, firm and dry. Make sure it is white completely without any appearing brown spots before buying.

If you think consuming fresh garlic is too complicated with crushing or chopping, then go with garlic powder. It is easier to use, but it lacks on taste. Don’t choose garlic powder with salt, but pick the pure one.

The Amount of Garlic to Eat

To help you reach your goal in being slimmer with garlic, not only you need to learn how to consume it, but also how much you should take it daily. Luckily, diet with garlic is very easy. You just need to take about one or two cloves in medium size each day to use in your dishes. If you buy a mass of garlic for the next days, make sure to store them in a dark and dry area. Check the garlic before using for your dishes because they might get sprout or the worst, bad. Bad garlic should be taken away while sprouted garlic can be still used after removing the sprout. The taste would be a bit different from the fresh one, but it is still good to use.

Dealing with Garlic Odor

Consuming garlic daily is easy, but dealing with the odor can be frustrating since it can stay in your breath for a quite long time if you don’t keep it away. One of the most effective ways to take away garlic odor is by chewing fresh mint or parsley. This will make your breath fresher and better.

Other Benefits of Garlic

If your focus in consuming garlic is just to cut your body fat, it won’t just end up there. Garlic has been well known in protecting health from cancer and heart disease, garlic also provides vitamins and mineral. Moreover, when you eat raw garlic maybe for dressing your salad, you can get the good values of allicin, which is destroyed by heat when garlic is cooked. Those who need the allicin shouldn’t cook garlic, tough you can actually still get many other garlic benefits that withstand heat.

The great compounds contained in garlic are also helpful in decreasing bad cholesterol and increasing the good one. You need to consume garlic for a quite long time for some months before ending up with the result. Try with a three-month plan is a good start. Bad cholesterol is dangerous for health as it leads to many killing diseases like strokes. You surely need to keep the bad cholesterol low and now you can do it while reducing your weight. The good news is that cooked garlic can still provide that benefit. So if you don’t like raw garlic and are afraid of how to consume it, you can cook it with your favorite healthy food.

As it has been said that garlic is great in preventing cancer, some types of cancers that can be prevented using garlic is lung cancers, esophageal cancers and colon cancers because garlic works by killing bacteria that can be the cause of the cancers.

Wait, Garlic still has Some Side Effects

You might think that garlic is excellent after looking at those numerous health benefits it carries. It can even reduce your weight very easy just by taking a daily consumption. Also, you can be healthier while protecting your bodies from cancers, high cholesterols and heart disease. Garlic is perfect and awesome. It seems like you don’t need anything else, just garlic every day, all the way. Well, it is absolutely true that garlic provides many benefits, but you need to know its side effects too. Don’t think garlic is perfectly magical with benefits. Everything has side effects.

  1. One of the side effects of garlic is how it can make your blood pressure low. It is indeed helpful in stabilizing your good cholesterol, but depending on your health, condition and medications, it can be inappropriate. That is why consulting your plan with your doctor first is necessary. The internet has told you about its benefits, but you can’t just purely take them without considering your health condition. Take notes that those who take raw garlics have higher risks in getting the side effects.
  2. You can feel certain kind of heartburn after eating raw garlic and it should be paid to attention. Not only your heart, your stomach might get upset caused by raw garlic. So if you think that eating raw is better, it is indeed. However, cooking it will prevent those side effects from happening. The feeling of burning from raw garlic can be even felt when you rub it to your skin.
  3. Side effects on the skin, if you use it to peel, garlic is very “dangerous”, when you apply too thick, it would cause such a scorch mark.
  4. Pregnancy and breast-feeding: Garlic is LIKELY SAFE in pregnancy when consumed in reasonable amounts. Garlic may not be safe when used in large quantities in pregnancy and lactation. No information is reliable enough about the safety of using garlic when pregnant or breastfeeding.
  5. Children. Garlic may SAFE when taken by mouth and right for the short term in children. But garlic may not be safe when taken in large doses. Some sources suggest that high doses of garlic can be harmful or even fatal to children; However, the reason for this warning is not known. There are no case reports provided significant side effects or deaths in children associated with eating garlic.
  6. Bleeding. Garlic, especially fresh garlic, can increase bleeding.
  7. Digestive problems. Garlic can cause irritation of the gastrointestinal (GI). Use it wisely if you are having problems with digestion or stomach function.
  8. Operations / Surgery: Garlic may cause bleeding. Stop eating garlic at least two weeks prior to scheduled surgery.

Now that you know the side effects, take some precautions to start your diet. Consume it properly in the right amount and check your health before starting. So be careful and get the plan.