7 Proven Benefits of Honey for Skin and Hair – Including Tips on Using

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Honey is popularly known as natural sweeter that often use in a cook or beverage. Maybe not many of us knowing that honey have another use and function that we can apply in our daily life routine. Honey nowadays is often used in beauty products such as cosmetics, shampoo and soap. You can find this essence in some of beauty products. It is believed to protect and fix some problem related to beauty. Honey has anti-aging and anti-toxicant. Honey protects our skin from Sun’s UV. Honey has a lot of functions and benefits such as food ingredients, for skin care and hair treatment. Here we are going to focus on the last two mentioned. They are ‘benefit of honey for skin’ and ‘the benefit of honey for hair’.

Benefit of honey for skin and the skin care methods

honey for skinEvery woman at most has a dream to have fair and flawless body skin. Many of them even willingly spend their cash to get the look they are desired. It’s like they say that it doesn’t matter to use the money for the beauty they want. They can spend hours at salon and spa to spoil their self. They can get the relaxation and the pleasure by going to their favorite salon and spa. For people with middle high social level it will not much bother them but for the opposite level they will just think of how much of money that we have to spend for a treatment that can easily be done by our own.

Now there are many methods spread around among the girls about how we can get the same treatment and result as what we get in the salon and spa. One of the methods is by using honey. We can do it by ourselves and with much cheaper and easier ways. All we need is just buying an original natural honey. Not the one that we can find in the department stores or supermarkets, because even they do write ‘natural’ or ‘original’ in the packages there are still chemistry ingredients in it. We can 100 % be sure that the products not containing any chemical material in them.

Now in this article we will let you know one by one, how and where we apply and use the honey if you want to get that shiny and fair skin you have always dreamed since long ago.

1. Washing your face with honey

We often use cleaning and moisturizing products that is advertised and sells in stores before but now on you ladies can just use a natural ingredient that can be one of the reasons why you will stop buying beauty products that available in the markets. That wonderful and useful ingredient is honey. Unlike the products we have used, honey cleans and moisture our face skin without harming the skin. It removes dirt and reduces the production of oil on your face. Similiar with benefits of ginger, Honey contains antibacterial and antioxidant that can reduce breakout and acne. Pores also are not a problem we have to faced any more. You will feel your face getting fresher and maybe even look younger that your age. It works well both on dry and oily skin, so we don’t have to worry that we can have allergic or any side effects.

How to use

  • The first thing that you have to do is to prepare the honey. Make sure the honey that you use is once again a natural and original one. You can buy the natural honey in the bee farm or traditional market in your city. This method is not to remove make up, but as cleaner so it is better to use it in the early morning or evening on your bare face.
  • Take about a half teaspoon of the honey that you have been prepared before.
  • You can put that on your finger if it is necessary you can add some drops of water to make the honey spreadable.
  • After that you can put the honey on your face. Rub it gently around your face.
  • You can message your face around to make it more relax so the skin can absorb the honey nutritious better.
  • Do it for a while all over the part of your face.
  • If you want you can leave it for minutes before you rinse your face off. Remember to use warm water. Warm water can calm our skin temperature and can make it more relax.
  • If you can do this treatment every day, you will feel the difference between the advertised product in the market and the natural honey recipe that you create alone at home.

2. Honey as a facial mask

We can a honey mask as a facial care as well, below is the simple step.

  • You can apply honey as much as needed on your face.
  • Spread it gently all over your face.
  • But you have to remember to avoid your eyes. You don’t want your eyes to get red and itchy when the honey gets inside them.
  • You can slowly rub while massaging your face after applying the honey on your face.
  • Now, when it is all over your face, you can leave it for about 25-35 minutes just like any other masks you often use. Stay calm and relax so your face skin can absorb the honey nutritious better.

Don’t get move too much or it can make your honey mask shaky and will make the wrinkles mark on your face. After the needed time, you can wash your face gently with once again warm water or a towel that have been soaked in a bucket of warm water. You can do this regularly 2-3 times a week. I’m pretty sure you will just proudly tell your family or other friends how you can get that fair and flawless face skin that all ladies desire of.

We have some recommendations of natural honey mask that you can use and apply beside what you have read above this.

  1. Get honey and olive oil (1 teaspoon for each) then add yolk in and then blend them all. Now you can put them on your face and leave it for about 15 minutes before you wash your face off with warm water.
  2. Get honey and lemon juice, and fuller’s earth. Mix a teaspoon of each until it form a thick paste. After that you can apply it to your face skin and leave it for awhile then rinse it off.

Those recipes can give you a better result because the other ingredients you use and mix with the honey have benefits for skin as well. Lemon and benefits of ginger for skin , for example, it can help our skin become shiny.

3. Scars and black mark removal

The material in honey can also be useful to make scars that we got from injury, fade. It can brighten your skin and the scars will have the same skin tone as before. You can mix honey with an egg then apply it to the scars or black marks on your skin. If you do this regularly you can have the best result from it.

The benefit of honey for hair and the treatments

Not only be useful for our skin, honey also can be used to treat our hair. Beautiful shiny black hair is what every girl dream of. Many things can cause our hair be awful. Stresses, pollution, not having healthy life are the most common reasons. Honey can help us to make our hair back to how it used to.

1. Moisture Scalp

Honey is good for our scalp. It keeps the scalp moisture and can minimize the possibility of dandruffs to appear so our scalp can be healthier and we can gain our confidence whenever we are doing outdoor activities. You can apply the honey on your scalp after you wash your hair using shampoo and rinse your hair using cold water. This helps you to remove the dead skin on the scalp and clean it.

2. Helps to prevent hair loss

You can use cinnamon along with honey and apply them on your hair and scalp little by little. Massage your head and leave it for fifteen minutes so the cinnamon and honey can be absorbed by the scalp. Wash it well to make sure there is nothing left on the scalp that can make the scalp itchy.

3. Shiny hair

Honey can make our hair become shining and glowing. You can add a teaspoon of natural honey along with your conditioner and mix them together in a bowl or any container you have. After you use shampoo, apply the honey conditioner that you have made before. Leave it few minutes before washing your hair off.

4. Honey can strengthen your hair follicles

Honey has nutritious property that can strengthen our hair follicles as well. Honey Benefits for skin and hair very impressive, a lot of people around the world already use this as thier beauty agent.

Those are what this article can share with you about how wonderful and amazing honey can be. There is always something greater in the natural ingredients that we can digest and can be useful for our life. We can use these natural ingredients and sources to explore the beauty.


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