31 Health Benefits of Volleyball (No.8 Incredible)

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Today in modern life human need exercise to get healthy. But people have no time to that because they have to do their job. Until hour by hour, day by day, month by month, until year by year people forget that time by time they did not do sport for own healthy.

Actually there is a many sport can do anywhere and anytime. Even day or night sport can do. One of it is volleyball. We just need ball to do this sport. Volleyball is less populer than football and basket ball. So I guess that you does not like volleyball. By the way is you like it. Good for you.


For you who like to play volleyball must say thanks to William G Morgan. At the first time it was called Mintonette. William G Morgan is a physical education instructor. He is director physical education. He find the volleybal in Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) in February 9th 1895 in Holyoke, Massachusetts, United Of Amerika.

At the first time, volleyball was created specially for who area not young anymore. So member of YMCA can play it. Because it is not as active like basketball in that time. And than in 1896 in the first game demonstration Mintonette becomes volleyball.

Volleyball is playing by two opposing team in different side. Each of the has six players. Both of that team try to reach 25 point first. In the field every players has the role of each. There is defender, libero, spiker or smasher, tosser or setter. The six player will switch roles whole the game.

The defender is player who keep defense side from the opponent offense. The libero actually is a defender but can be go in and out. But can not be allow to smash the ball. The spiker or smasher, off course according to the name will hit the ball to opponent field. And the last, tosser ot setter have an obligation to pass the ball. Especially for the smasher. That is why bad tosser will make good smasher as bad one. The tosser also set the game, to move fast or slow. It is according to the tosser.

How about the ball?

Easy Man, it is 65 centimeter to 67 centimeter the circumference, weigh 260 gram to 280 gram. Than the pessure of ball inside is about 0,30 until 0,325 kilogram/centimeter2 . The net has a different between man and woman. Man nets is 2,43 meters and woman is 2,24 meters.

Volleyball field size is leght 18 meters and the width 9 meters. The line of attack for defender is meters from center line. It is paralel to the net. And than the line upfield is 5 cm. Today volleyball has two kind of it, the other one is beach volleyball. It has only two player. Off couse in smaller field.

Volleyball has international and national federation. In Indonesia it is call PBVSI, Persatuan Bola Voli Seluruh Indonesia. In english we can call it Indonesia Volleyball Unity. In international volleyball has Federation Internationale de Volleyball (FIVB).

Even volleyball is not too populer. But the good news is volleyball can play by children, teenager, and adults. It can play by man and woman. So you can try to play it. This kind of sport is has international competition.

In playing volleyball our discipline, personal control, sense of responsibility, and teamwork can be develop. Cooperation, creativity, jump high, and movement also can be improve by volleyball.

So what are benefits of volleyball with explanation:

1. Accelerate Metabolism

First benefits of volleyball is to accelerate metabolism, maybe every sports have this issues. Everybody have a different metabolism performance. Good metabolism performance will get in healthy body. It can we get by smooth body metabolism. So to get that we need do regularly exercise. Playing volleyball once can answer all of that.

If we never take exercise or do it in rare times. First exercise will be so hard. The body need time to adjust. Step by step doing volleyball make metabolism performance better. But off course, bad metabolism performance will declining health of the body.

Solution to get good metabolism performance. Play volleyball with friends will funnier. Play with friends will accelerate metabolism performance. Even you lazy to do volleyball, but playing it with friends will make factor x to push our body to do it.

2. Body Shaping

Before playing volleyball, like others sport, it takes warm up. In this first step need concentration to get good condition of our body. After that exercise will push our body to maximal effort so that we can win the game. Because to win the game need good stamina and stength.

From that three parts, warm up, execise, and game the muscles and nerves will work hard. Weak muscles and nerves will wake up from the long time rest. Both of it will be stronger. This process will bring good appearance. Body with ideal proportions will come infront of us when stand in front the mirror. To keep this condition health need maintenance with regularly exercise.

3. Burn Calories

Big effort need more nutrition, need more food than usually. For play volleyball need big effort. The players need more food than others. But they still looks good. Many foot does not make them overweight.


The exercise is the answer. Many foot that get in to body immediately burned by playing volleyball. While playing volley ball food calories become streght. So the food has no time to make overweight.

4. Burn Fat

Everybody know this benefits but not everybody doing it. Volleyball can burn fat that accumulates in our body. Off course, it is need regular exercise. There is no instant way for healthy. There is no shortcut for burning fat. Volleyball actually is quite exhausting. If we do it earnest more fat can we say to good bye.

Exercise without fun is nothing. Exercise without fun is not exercise. Because something hard and boring will not done. But, thanks Good, volleyball is something fun. So it is double happy. First, we will happy to doing it. Second, we will so happy after burning fat.

5. Fixing Concentration

Every activities need concentration. Playing volleyball is require concentration too. But there is something unique and good from it. Playing volleyball can increase our concentration. Concentration is related to mental health. Concentration in volleyball needs for focus to movement of ball and players. Friends position and opponents position take our concentration. Because if we get it, we can put the ball in good position to get point.

When playing volleyball every players need to coordinate eye, hand, and foot. The eye can focus to ball, hand ready for hit or push, and foot stand by for positioning. Eye focused on several direction so that can move faster. Hand should be eager to hit the ball. Foot should be eager too to take the ball.

Concentration that we can get from volleyball is usefull. Our jobs needs concentration, family caring needs concentration, make friends needs concentration, and others. Concentration when working will make better result. Concentration in our family make somebody feel loved. It is important. Concentration in friends make our friends feel payed.

6. Improve Balance and Speed

When playing volleyball activities that we can do is pushsing the ball, hitting, and running. In this activities balance and speed in need. Especially if we can do it well the game is funnier.

Eventhough we have not good balance and speed. By playing volleyball, both of it will be improve time by time in daily exercises. After get the balance and speed, it will good for other activities. Maybe you like to do other sport. The balance and speed are very usefully. If you work that need you muscle the balance and speed will be helpfull.

7. Improving Heart Health

Doing sport is a healthy lifestyle. Playing volleyball is one of the sports. So playing volleyball is a healthy lifestyle if we doing daily.

Healthy heart is whole body health. By doing volleyball in regularly exercise can keep our heart healthy. Good blood circulation will bring every food nutrition we eat to whole body. But heart need body exercise to make it more maximum results. Volleyball can help us to inscrease heart performance.

How volleyball can get healthy heart is by exercising regularly. Volleyball on a regular basis will create a healthy heart.

8. Improving Muscles and Nerves Performance

Playing volleyball need effort. It is need speed and endurance to push and hit the ball. How to get that off course and again, regularly exercise. When exercising muscles and nerves permormance must be able to harmonize. Foot and hand should align when playing volleball. Playing volleyball everyday will make us faster and more resistant.

9. Increase Range of Motion

Playing volleyball is need acceleration and jumping. Doing volleyball as regularly exercise can increase range of motion. Your move will be faster and than you jump will be higher.

10. Improving The Ability of Aerobic

In volleyball 20 minutes is 1 mile jogging. 1 mile is same to 1,6 kilometer and is same to 1609,34 meters. Energy that we take for jogging 1 mile is turned out to expend as much as playing football 20 minutes.

By the way it is not maximal. If we can play volleyball faster and more serious, 12 minutes the energy is same for jogging 1 mile. 12 minutes is same to 1,6 kilometer. This information is good for girls diet maniac. So what do you waiting for ?

11. Increases Stamina

Every sports needs enough stamina to play it. Volleyball too, there is no exception. Enough stamina can be onbatined if we regularly do exercise. The exercise absolutely is volleyball. We can get enough stamina from playing volleyball and use it to another activities. Especially for your works, so you should try volleyball as ways to increase your stamina.

12. Nourish Internal Organs

Some of football players have a story dead after playing football and dead in the field. Not only International player, Indonesia players also have the story. Jumadi Andi, PKT Bontang player dead after have seriously injured in the abdomen when playing football. After eight days treated and underwent surgery, he pass away.

Akli Fairuz in May 16th 2014 dead after a clash with goalkeeper PSAP Sigli, Agus Rohman. This Persiraha Banda Aceh defender pass away allegedly intestines torn because of severity of collision.

In April 3th 2000, Eri Irianto dead at Dr Soetomo Hospital after suffering a heart attack. He is a former player of Persebaya Surabaya. He got the heart attack on the pitch during league match against PSIM Yogyakarta.

Ok, enough for bad story. Liver, kidney, lungs, and especially heart are vital internal body organs. Those can work in good way and keep healthy with regularly exercise. Do volleyball in routine and not too hard can nourish our internal organs

13. Preventing Osteoporosis

Sport needs much movements. We can not counts how many movements will do for playing it. When playing this sport unconsciously it will makes our bones become stronger. Because much moved at once can prevent us from osteoporosis also bone loss. For more benefits and better results, we need to consumes good food, nutritious food. Because exercises without nutrition inside is vain. Two better than one.

14. Reduce Anxiety

Everybody have their concerns. The concerns take our times and sometime makes us anxious. Solution for this condition is play something fun. If you does not have hobby to play sport. Volleyball can be the alternative.

Volleyball can be beneficial to our mental health. When we playing sport, the anxiety can be reduce. Playing volleyball take our brain, heart, and body focus to the game. So that worries about your problems will be reduce or even gone.

From this part we can take it or leave it. We have know that sport such as volleyball can reduce our anxiety. It is not only good for our body but also for our mental health.

15. Reduce Risk Of Obesity

Playing volleyball needs large power to play. Power to move the body and the mental. Every player need to keep moving to win the games. How to do that would require extra work using of brain, feet, and hands. This process will burn fat in our body to get extra power. Fats that cause obesity will be eliminated.

Takes time to your google search and write down volleyball player. We can look them have good body with high stature and ateletis. How they can get require regularly exercise and set healthy diet.

16. Relieves Depression

Playing volleyball is fun. Playing football take our time for not thinking all kind the unkind problems. So do not be wonder if student when boring to finish homework. Sports help them to go away from the box. Volleyball is one of the option.

17. Woman Diet

For woman who like to get a beautiful body. Volleyball can be a solution. Diet with fun. What kind of way that woman have try to get good body?

Run, weightlifting, and what else?

In our daily life running maybe boring. Because there is no reason to do it except for diet. In volleyball is chasing the ball can push us to running. But only that we can do also jump.

Worry about fat in your fat in belly, fat in arm, and fat in thighs. Now, with volleyball do no be worry. Chasing the ball need stong leg. So day by day volleyball will give you leg strength also burn that fat without you order. After the leg has finish and than hands will be stronger. Volleyball need our hand to receive, hit, and push the ball. Volleyball as game that need arms to play, will make weak hand become stronger. If we play it regularly. When start the game, after get point, tossing, smashing, blocking, and until the game over. Hands always use everytime. So again do not worry about fat is arm. For woman who does not like violence, volleyball is the big solution. Because there is no physical contact. 

As one of body exercise, volleyball have a lot of benefits. A lot of references said many benefits but without the explanation. What are them:

  1. Eliminate symptoms of premenstrual; Actually this a good news for woman. But there is no explanation. So let us hoping.
  2. Help to stop smoking; This is funny. Because there are friends like to play volleyball but they still smoking. Say no to stop smoking.
  3. Increase energy;
  4. Improve flexibility;
  5. Improve mental acuity;
  6. Improving health of back;
  7. Improve memory or reduce risk of dementia;
  8. Improving mobility;
  9. Lowering blood pressure;
  10. Reduce arthritis pain;
  11. Reduce the comsumption of alcohol; Again, this is funny and weird. Because we can find friends drink alcohol but still playing volleyball. Hmm, maybe they still playing it because want to stop drinking alcohol. If the do not drink alcohol they will not play volleyball.
  12. Reduce the cost of living. This the best weird, a reference say it. Maybe they means when play volleyball it is prevents us from spending money. So we can said better do volleyball than shopping.
  13. Relieves sexual performance;
  14. Sleep well.

From all the benefits above. You have read it. We know that all of it can get by regularly exercises. So do not miss all of it with only read this and sitting. Do yours.