42 Surprising Health Benefits of Bee Pollen Base On True Story

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Bee Pollen is even called the “miracle” that given to bee  (The Royal Society of Naturalist)

Bee Pollen, or in Indonesian was known as “Serbuk Sari” has been used as a supplement and ingredient of medicine since ancient times. When a honey bee sucks honey, bee pollen stuck at the foot of the bee that is filled with tiny hairs. Then it stored in the hive participated along with honey.

Lee Foundation for Nutritional, USA, in 1963, reported that bee pollen has a perfect balance so that it can stand alone as a complete food nutrition. Not only that but also equipped with a liquid material that is perfect.

Optimum strength and resistance to various diseases can be obtained by adding 20% of bee pollen in our food. It with complete nutritional elements, working primarily on the cells metabolism.

What Is Bee Pollen?

Bee Pollen is actually made by honeybees. Good nutrients of Bee pollen is vitamin, mineral, protein, carbohydrate, and lipid

When perched on the flower, bee not only collects nectar (the forerunner of honey) but also pollen of flowers. Pollen and nectar, with saliva of bees that contains enzymes, was saved in the pockets of pollen contained in the hind legs. This is called bee pollen.

Bee pollen is a complete food. It contains many elements compared to other animal products. Bee pollen is richer in proteins than another animal source. Compared with eggs, milk and meat, bee pollen contains more amino acids. About half of its protein is ready to be used directly by the body.

Research from the Royal Society of Naturalist of Belgium and France concluded that someone can live only by taking bee pollen and water. Chemical analysis shows the quality of the content of bee pollen, which is essential for life. Bee Pollen is even called the “miracle” that given to bee. Naturally, it can work as detoksifikan, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, and antimutagenic.

Even Allain Calais, Ph.D., of the Academy of Agricultural, Paris, France said that bee pollen is a complete food ingredient that is not owned by another animal product. With the same weight, it contains more amino acids than eggs, beef, or cheese. Bee pollen is a food that has all the elements required for life.

Detailed Composition Of Bee Pollen

If you consume bee pollen, there are good nutrients:

  • Protein (10-40g/100g) based on the book, The Nitrogen Content Of Pollen Protein by Rabie, “the protein of pollen about 1/10 comes from free amino acids.”
  • Lipid (1-13g/100g)
  • Dietary fibre (0,3-20g/100g). According to Bell, “There is 0,3 and 20 g/100g, it is because the different methods used.”
  • Total Carbohydrate (13-55g/100g). “According to Serra in her book, Estudio Analitico Para Determinar La Humedad Del Polen, the carbohydrate will be calculated: 100 less the sum of protein, fat, and water content.”
  • Water (6-10g/100g) “According to Maria G. R. Campos, etc “Some countries have established minimal requirements, Brazil: max. 4 g/100 g; Bulgaria: max. 10 g/100 g; Uruguay: max. 8 g/100 g; and Switzerland: max. 6 g/100 g.”
  • Sugar (not less than 40g/100g)
  • Fat (not less than 1.5g/100g)
  • Ash (not more than 6g/100g)
  • Potassium (4000-20000mg/kg)
  • Magnesium (200-3000mg/kg
  • Calcium (200-3000mg/kg)
  • Phosphorus (800-6000mg/kg)
  • Iron (11-170mg/kg)
  • Zink (30-150mg/kg)
  • Copper (2-16mg/kg)
  • Manganese (20-110mg/kg)
  • β−Carotene (10-200mg/kg)
  • B1/Thiamin (6-13mg/kg)
  • B2/Riboflavin (6-20mg/kg)
  • B3/Niacin (40-11 mg/kg)
  • B5/Pantothenic acid (5-20 mg/kg)
  • B6/Pyridoxin (2-7 mg/kg)
  • C/Ascorbic acid (70-560 mg/kg)
  • H/Biotin (0,5-0,7 mg/kg)
  •    Folic acid (3-10 mg/kg)
  • E/Tocopherol (40-320 mg/kg))

Bee Pollen Health Benefits

Do you know that Bee pollen is used for many years? Let’s check it out:

  1. Queen Cleopatra has used bee pollen to:
    • maintain the beauty and
    • youthful with a soak in a bath of honey that is rich Bee Pollen.
  2. Roman arms that always carry pastries made from bee pollen and honey accompanied by grain to:
    • increase endurance and
    • stamina of the soldiers on the battlefield.
  3. Almost all the houses in the Roman store honey and bee pollen as a health protector.
  4. Average Russian population can live over of 100 years old because eating Bee Pollen continuously.
  5. Now, Bee Pollen has been widely used to increase the stamina of professional athletes to increase body strength and is also used to treat many diseases.

And another benefit of bee pollen to health is:

6. Reducing the Effects of Radiation Therapy

A naturopathic doctor from the United States, Steve Schecte stated that bee pollen may reduce the uncomfortable effects for cancer patients during radiation therapy. Bee Pollen which has properties as stabilizers body’s metabolic system.

7. Increase Energy

The American Apitherapy Society proved that bee pollen can provide extra energy to the Olympic athletes. In fact, they did not feel tired the next day.

The nutrients found within bee pollen is a great natural energizer. The protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins B can help keep you going all day by fighting off fatigue and enhancing stamina.

8. Repair Damaged Cells

Robert Dell Free of The Royal Society of Naturalist of Belgium and France stated that bee pollen contains all the components that are essential for life. Levels of nutritional provides efficacy refresh and rejuvenate cells is higher than yeast and wheat germ. It repairs the damage caused due to deficiency or imbalance of nutrients.

9. Skin Soother

Many food products that contain bee pollen, especially in topical products. This is because bee pollen can to treat inflammatory conditions and skin irritations like eczema or psoriasis. The content of amino acids and vitamins in bee pollen can protect the skin and aid the regeneration of cells.

To mask, Bee Pollen can be mixed with honey and royal jelly. It’s very well to smooth and rejuvenate the skin.

10. Supports the Cardiovascular System

In his paper, R. Chauvin concluded that bees collected pollen which is rich in protein, vitamins, amino acids, including vitamin B complex and folic acid. Bee pollen is beneficial for the digestive system, improve the blood hemoglobin levels, and increase the strength of those who are in the stage of healing and the elderly.

Routine in Bee Pollen an antioxidant that helps the work of blood vessels, strengthen capillaries, stabilize cholesterol levels and avoid circulatory problems.

11. Avoid Stress

A nutritionist and expert in biological medicine and holistic health of the United States Dr. Paavo Airola, stating that pollen is a food that is the most complete and rich in nature. Pollen increases the body’s resistance to stress and disease, accelerate the healing process in most pain conditions, and has rejuvenating properties and slows the aging process.

12. Treating Allergies

Dr. Leo Conway was reported that 94 percent of his patients being free from allergy symptoms once treated by pollen.

13. Maintain and Improve The Brain Ability

Head of the French National Center for Scientific Research Mme. Aschenasy Leru, try comparing the amino acids than bee pollen with those from animals, then concluded that bee pollen is superior in every respect.

Bee pollen contains 40% – 80% free glutamic acid that can be the protector to blood clots in the brain, successfully avoid alcoholism, increase IQ (including the retarded children), improve overall brain energy, concentration and learning ability.

14. Immune System Booster

Vitamin B complex in large enough quantities in Pollen is known that good for the gut so it can support the immune system.

Holistic health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola said that bee pollen has antibiotic properties-the kind that can help protect the body from viral infection. It is also rich in antioxidants that protect cells from oxidative damage from free radicals.

For immunity, Mixed as food cake, especially for children, add bee pollen in addition to immunity also optimize its growth. In shear zones and the input into a glass of warm milk at a temperature of approximately 50 degrees Celsius, do not overheat because it can lower the nutritional content of bee pollen, approximately 1 teaspoon

15. Treats Addictions

Bee Pollen can use for inhibiting cravings and Addictions healing by suppressing impulses. This is because the content of pollen is absorbed by the body. Because it crashes cravings, particularly when it comes to weight management.

16. Infertility Problems

Bee pollen stimulates and restores ovarian function, therefore it may be used to accelerating pregnancy. In his study, Dr. G. Liebold claims that people are taking bee pollen supplements showed improvement their hormone levels. As well as being a hormonal booster it is also a great aphrodisiac.

17. Prostate Health

The University Hospital of Wales has conducted trials on the effect of bee pollen on prostate health. As a result, bee pollen is proven effective in treating prostatitis and prostate enlargement.

18. Lose Weight

Bee pollen contains Phenylalanine natural role as an appetite suppressant and Lecithin which acts as a detoxification labor system to dissolve and remove fat from the body, beside of that bee pollen is low in calories, so it is believed for many years to be the controller of weight very well.

It also contains lecithin, a substance that can remove fat from the body. Lecithin can also increase the body’s metabolism.

For diet, Bee Pollen can be eaten directly as a snack

19. Longevity

A doctor from Karlsruhe Esq. Liebold said that bee pollen can increase the life expectancy of a person.

In his studies, he said that bee pollen should have been considered as a natural remedy for geriatric care in general.

20. Treating Mental Retardation And Rickets In Children

Bee pollen is highly recommended for children who have mental retardation, anemia, as well as for those suffering from rickets.

The test results showed a significant increase of up to 30 percent in the red blood cells and hemoglobin increase in the amount of about 15 percent. When the children were given an additional dose of pollen and glutamic acid, the production of red blood cells and hemoglobin increased.

The glutamic acid reacts directly to the cells of the brain brown. Improvements are generally observed in the first 6 months of taking bee pollen and reached its peak towards the end of the year. The dose is about 4 grams, 3 times a day.

21. Reducing the Risk of Hypertension

Bee pollen help to purify the blood and help to supply oxygen to the brain cells. Thus, bee pollen reduces the risk of high blood pressure or hypertension in women during pregnancy.

Hypertension can be dangerous during pregnancy, both the mother and the baby in her womb. Bee pollen also helps reduce the symptoms of pregnancy such as stress and fatigue.

22. Prevent Lack of Nutrition

Consume bee pollen during pregnancy to keep it of the risk of minerals and vitamins deficiency. Bee pollen is rich in vitamins, protein, minerals and amino acids that help in the growth and development of infants.

23. Anti-Aging

The Egyptians and Chinese have learned the benefits of bee pollen as a source to maintain youthfulness. Currently, bee pollen is touted to have significant benefits to anti-aging. Not only the physical youthfulness, bee pollen is also able to improve concentration, memory, mental capacity, and overall well-being.

24. Anti Acne

Bee pollen also helps acne, said Arancha. Swedish dermatologist Dr. Lars-Erik Essen also said, bee pollen can prevent premature aging and stimulate the growth of new skin tissue.

25. Other benefits

  • Support the process of growth and development of children, especially brain tissue cells.
  • The Addition of nutrition for pregnant and lactating women.
  • Increase the thought power and the concentration power
  • Restoring fatigue, physically and psychologically.
  • Tackling the problem of appetite because various diseases.
  • Addressing the various obstacles associated with cardiac abnormalities.
  • Tackling the problem of blood (anemia)
  • Help restore digestive system disorders
  • Assist the lack of visibility caused by malnutrition.
  • It helps to heal joint problems.
  • Healing another problem such as skin disorders caused by lack of nutrients.
  • Maintain a healthy network and prevent cancer.
  • Relieve pain during menstruation
  • Protects the liver and remove toxins.

How To Use Bee Pollen?

Bee Pollen with all its content can be consumed as additional nutrients or as an ingredient or drug source. As a remedy bee pollen is often referred to have efficacy treating diseases, such as asthma, allergies, digestive problems to keep the body’s metabolism.

However, consult a doctor before taking bee pollen is highly recommended

Bee Pollen Doses that Recommended to you

The recommended amount for the average adult is 1000 mg to 2000 mg a day. It is a good idea to take it with a glass of water or juice. The bee pollen granules, one tablespoon a day is enough. Many people will say that it tastes bitter. I mix it in tea to avoid the bitter taste and did not make a bitter tea but more nutritious. On the other hand, if you are using a tablet or capsule, using a quarter of the first capsule to cut it. Once you are satisfied with the results, you can increase the dose of bee pollen to be about 2 or 3 capsules a day! Even children can take a dose of bee pollen.

Initial Reaction of Bee Pollen

Well, the reaction of the body against the acceptance of something that comes from outside is very varied. Based on that, then what is perceived and occur between one person and another is different. But in general, the initial reaction is the use of bee pollen:

1. Reactions that may arise are:

  • a cough,
  • runny nose,
  • fever,
  • itching,
  • a lot of sweat,
  • and frequent urination.

Once again the effect will be different for each person. If you feel the reaction or unpleasant side effects such, when you are after using herbal remedies, do not give up and stop the treatment, it is tantamount to halt the process of treatment.

2. Heartburn and ulcers.

The same incident would ever experience a person when taking multivitamin pills. But if it feels intrusive then it should be stopped. The initial reaction usually lasts between 1-2 weeks and occurs in a small fraction of this user.

People who use it for the first time, where it shows that he needs a break. When this happens, it is recommended to consume at night in order to feel fresh when to wake up the next morning. If after eating that you feel more refreshed, you can consume during the day.

Side Effects Of Bee Pollen

Ok, bee Pollen consumption was basically safe. Still highly recommended consulting a doctor before consumption is primarily for long-term consumption. Precautions need to be increased when you first consume these foods and if you intend to consume these foods in the long term.

The reaction of the body in the form of allergy is one of the biggest risks that often arise. Bee Pollen should be realized may evoke some allergic reactions, such as breathing problems, itching and swelling in some parts of the body. Make sure you do not have certain allergies when consumed.

For pregnant, some of the sides effect Bee pollen include allergic reactions, digestive problems, and neurological problems. Allergic reactions that may occur include nausea, itching, shortness of breath and difficulty swallowing.

So, if you are (pregnant) experienced one of the side effects above, then immediately stop taking bee pollen and seek medical assistance.