18 Amazing Benefits and Uses of Drumstick Leaves

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Drumstick leaves which commonly known as Moringa Olivera leaves have been researched recently for any medical purposes. They are very small leaves in green color which have many nutrients contents, as follow:

Water content76%
Vitamin C220mg
Vitamin B Complex

Besides those nutrients above, drumstick leaves have still other 80 nutrients and 46 antioxidants, such as vitamin A, potassium, essential amino acids, etc. All of these nutrients bring the health benefit of drumstick leaves as follow:

  1. Protect the healthy eyes.

Drumstick leaves are rich in vitamin A. It’s 4 times richer than carrot content. This great source of vitamin A will protect your eyes to stay healthy, keep them from any eyes diseases like cataracts or decrease in visual acuity.

  1. Keep the healthy bone.

Drumstick leaves are also rich in calcium minerals. This mineral is absolutely needed to keep the healthy bone. It helps in bone formation and strengthens the bones.

  1. Stimulate the nervous systems.

Vitamin B complexes which are contained in drumstick leaves play the role in stimulating the nervous system. They help to improve the nervous system function and keep you from the nervous system disorder symptom like tingling or numbness of your limbs.

  1. Help to prevent heart disease.

The health benefits of drumstick leaf to prevent the heart disease come in several mechanisms. First, drumstick leaves contain potassium which can control the heart muscle contraction and make the heart can pump the blood smoothly. If this mineral is in enough amounts, the heart can work effectively and stay away from the heart disease. The second way, drumstick leaves act as the antioxidant which can prevent the inflammation of the heart. It helps to protect the heart from diseases such as carditis (inflammation of the heart because of several infections).

  1. Boost your immune system.

Drumstick leaves contain vitamin C seven times greater than orange fruit. This is the best vitamin source to boost your immune system and prevent you from several diseases like common cold, cough, fever, or any other infections.

  1. Prevent the growth of cancer cells.

moringa leavesDrumstick leaves act as an antioxidant which can fight against free radicals in the body. This can stop the growth of cancer cell and prevent the mutation of the normal cells.

  1. Prevent anemia in pregnant women.

Drumstick leaves juice is best to be consumed by pregnant women because it contains the iron mineral. This mineral helps the red blood cell formation and prevents the body from anemia condition.

  1. Help in fetal bone and teeth development.

Besides its function to keep your healthy bone, the calcium content in drumstick leaves is very helpful in the development of fetal bone and teeth during pregnancy.

  1. Increase the appetite.

Drumstick leaves have essential amino acids which can increase your appetite. It will provide the good nutrients for your body.

  1. Act as the detoxifying agent.

Drumstick leaves act as the detoxifying agent which can purify blood and remove the toxic substances out of the body. You should consume this plant at least twice a week to get this benefit.

  1. Control the blood sugar level in diabetes.

Drumstick leaves have the power to control the blood sugar level by it essential amino acids content and fiber. These nutrients can increase the secretion of insulin and protect the pancreas to do its job properly. It is recommended to consume drumstick leaves at least thrice a week for diabetes patient.

  1. Prevent constipation.

Drumstick leaves is a good dietary fiber which can help to digest the food well. It helps to prevent constipation that may happen.

  1. Help to treat asthma.

You can make the drumstick leaves as a soup to treat asthma. It comes from the anti-inflammatory agent in drumstick leaves which can prevent the edema or inflammation of airway in asthma.

  1. Increase breast milk secretion.

Drumstick leaves contain amino acids that can increase the breast milk secretion. It is best to be consumed during pregnancy or after delivery.

  1. Help to treat acnes.

To get rid of the acnes, you can apply the mixing of drumstick leaves juice with lemon juice on your face about 5 minutes and then wash it off. The anti-inflammation action and its antioxidant content will help to treat acnes on your face well.

  1. Prevent hair loss.

Vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin C, and iron minerals in drumstick leaves are the crucial nutrients for the hair growth. Drumstick leaves provide these nutrients to prevent hair loss. You can drink the drumstick leaves as a juice or apply it directly to your scalp to get this benefit.

  1. Help to treat arthritis.

Drumstick leaves anti-inflammatory effect can help to treat arthritis and relieve its pain sensation. You can boil the drumstick leaves with salt and eat them for 15 days to get rid of this problem.

  1. Control the blood pressure.

Drumstick leaves contain potassium mineral which can control the blood pressure. Potassium controls the muscle contraction especially the heart muscle. If the contraction of the heart is going well, the blood pressure will be under control.

18 health benefits of drumstick leaves have been explained above. You can consume this herbal as a juice, make into soup, or boil them directly with a salt. You can add other ingredients like lemon, honey, turmeric, or any herbal plants that you want to make a delicious taste. Choose the fresh leaves and make sure they clean from any black spots. Always remember to consume it in a proper amount, once a day of 1 cup drumstick leaves is already enough. If you consume it in excessive amounts you will get diarrhea because of its laxative effect.