23 Health Benefits of Rambutan (No.17 Surprising)

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Rambutan thrives in tropical climates and belongs to the Sapindaceae, original from the islands of Southeast Asia such as Indonesia, Philippines, and Malaysia. Rambutan has the characteristics as: 1) Fruits with a round shape, wrapped in the skin that have “hair” on the outside, 2) They were green when young, then turns red or yellow when fully ripe and, 3) Edible part of the fruit is coated rambutan seed or aryl which can be strongly attached to the outer shell of rambutan seed

Rambutan Nutrition
Nutrition facts

Rambutan rich in sugar, mostly fructose and sucrose, but contains only 60 calories, A lot of vitamin C, including potassium, iron, vitamin A, and calcium, sodium, zinc, magnesium, fiber, niacin, and protein.

Nutritional value per 100 g of fresh rambutan

  • Energy 343 kJ (82 kcal)
  • Carbohydrates 20.87 g
  • fiber 0.9 g
  • fat 12.21 g
  • Protein 0.65 g


  • Folate (vit. B9) 8 μg (2%)
  • Vitamin B6 0:02 mg (2%)
  • Niacin (vit. B3) 1352 mg (9%)
  • Riboflavin (vit. B2) 0.022 mg (2%)
  • Thiamine (vit. B1) 0.013 mg (1%)
  • Vitamin C 4.9 mg (6%)


  • Phosphorus 9 mg (1%)
  • Calcium 22 mg (2%)
  • Iron 0:35 mg (3%)
  • Zinc 0:08 mg (1%)
  • Magnesium 7 mg (2%)
  • Manganese 0343 mg (16%)
  • Potassium 42 mg (1%)
  • Sodium 11 mg (1%)

There are a lot of benefits of Rambutan to Health And Beauty and we will describe it one by one. 1-8 From Its Vitamin B3

rambutanRambutan has a very high B3, amounting to 1352 mg. At 1950s, vitamin B3 is used to heart attack prevention therapy and lower cholesterol levels. Men should consume 15-19 mg per day, Women about of 15-18 mg per day, while for children 9-13mg daily. Then what are the benefits of taking Vitamin B3?

1. Convert carbohydrates into energy

Vitamin B3 is important to role in the carbohydrates metabolism. Carbohydrate metabolism is the process of converting carbohydrates into energy and power. If you ever eat rice containing carbohydrates are not converted into energy, then itself will easily get tired and sleepy.

2. Lower Cholesterol Levels

Vitamin B3 in medicine treatments used for various functions. With a dose more than 500mg per day, can lower cholesterol levels.

3. Reduce the Risk of Atherosclerosis (Coronary Heart Disease)

The coronary heart is certainly in certain people can be triggered. Usually, the most fundamental thing is due to diet in life that trigger. The coronary heart itself means the deposition of fat gathered in the cells lining the walls of the actual body of a coronary artery and block blood flow. The disease is what can make the arteries in the heart become narrow. If it gets worse, what happens is the oxygen supply blood to the heart through the blood stream can be reduced and cause heart damage.

Vitamin B3 able to convert carbohydrates, fats, proteins into energy. With the number of persons who have been converted from these fats prevent excessive cholesterol in the body. Indirectly, this is what causes vitamin B3 can become a deduction of coronary heart disease risk.

4. Overcoming The Pellagra Syndrome

For patients who are already exposed to pellagra syndrome, the doctor will give niacinamide in doses needed to overcome them. Usually for purposes of treatment, the doctor would prefer niacinamide than niacin due niacinamide have no side effects itching and tingling for the patient.

Pellagra is a seasonal disease. Where to emerge in the spring and is in the summer. This disease strikes people who consume more corn in their daily life. Pellagra occurs with signs of abnormality in the skin, brain, and digestive tract. Common symptoms are redness on the skin area that is similar to burns from sun exposure. Then the skin will be lightly browned.

5. For The Beauty Of Skin, Hair, And Nails

With Vitamin b3, the skin can look brighter and longer aging process, as well as the postponement of gray hair. Healthy skin, hair, and nails are clearly highly dependent on the synthesis of RNA and DNA. Where synthesis is aided by vitamin B3. So, long nails can be irregular or is faster, as well as hair hanging from your daily consumption of vitamin B3.

6. As a beauty industry

In the field of beauty care products, has developed a range of cosmetics based vitamin B3. It is believed that in the next few years, the products will be sold in the market as to date, based on research results, beauty products vitamin B3 that is directly applied to the skin very effectively maintaining skin elasticity, softens the skin, anti-aging and can prevent skin cancer.

7. Producing Sex Hormones

Sex hormones that naturally exist in our body also triggered the production of vitamins. One of them is vitamin B3. The body has the adrenal glands to produce sex hormones and stress are interrelated. Vitamin B3 that stimulates the adrenal glands to produce more hormones. Sure it is associated with fertility genitals for consumption both men and women. So vitamin B3 is more widely consumed for those families who are planning a pregnancy.

8. Diabetes

Niacin is also known to treat diabetes and high blood sugar levels. Most patients are able to effectively control diabetes HbA1c levels with the help of niacin.

Although rare cases of deficiency of niacin who require assistance supplementation, but modern society could take the additional benefits of niacin for treating various diseases. The three types of niacin have different effects on the human body. Niacinamide has the benefit that stands out from the anti-inflammatory while nicotinic acid and Inositol hexaniacinate can affect the circulation of blood.

9-25 From Its Vitamin C

in one hundred grams of rambutan contains Vitamin C as much as 4.9 mg or about 6% of the total weight. Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is known to have many health benefits for the body. Benefits of Vitamin C acts as a collagen-forming compounds which are an important protein constituent of skin tissue, bones, joints, and so on.

according to the WHO dose of only 45 mg of vitamin C a day, the Food Standards Agency in the UK by 40 mg per day, and in the United States between 60-95 mg per day. The maximum tolerated is 2,000 milligrams per day. The benefits of Vitamin C are:

9. Improve Skin

Vitamin C contains antioxidants needed by the skin, where antioxidants serve to neutralize free radicals that accumulate as a result of exposure to sunlight. Giving vitamin C combined with other materials can improve some of the signs of aging, including in the form of fine lines, uneven pigmentation, skin color and texture.

For the skin, vitamin c beneficial for:

  • Sun Protection. Vitamin C protects skin from free radicals due to excess exposure to environmental pollution of the sun.
  • Collagen production. Vitamin C is an element that the body needs to produce hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine, which are required for the binding of molecules that produce collagen.
  • Wounds heal faster. The body uses vitamin C to restore tissue damage, which will help to heal wounds faster.
  • Protects against skin discoloration. Vitamin C can lead to tumors, skin discoloration and some types of skin cancer. It will also brighten the back spots, and help to regain skin younger and smoother.
  • Improving skin texture. Collagen also provides structure to the blood vessels, so that the body also needs vitamin C for a healthy vascular system.

10. Enhance The Body’s Immunity

Health benefits of rambutan for immunity is very effective. Vitamin C also has an important role to keep the immune system from viruses, bacteria, and free radicals.

11. Antioxidants

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and useful to protect our bodies from free radicals that cause the cell damage, and atherosclerosis, heart disease and stroke.

12. Hypertension

Vitamin C has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce the possible risk of hypertension and other serious health problems associated with high blood pressure.

13. Blood vessel

Vitamin C also ensures healthy blood vessels that can helps to protect us from certain diseases such as cholesterol, atherosclerosis, heart and chest pain.

14. Prevent lead poisoning

Vitamin C helps lower blood lead levels we dramatically. Lead poisoning can cause a variety of developmental and behavioral problems, especially in children. This can cause disabilities, lowered IQ, and poor growth in children.

15. To lose weight

Vitamin C is proven to help reduce levels of fat, and maintain a healthy weight. It always recommend from fruits and vegetables to the diet, as there is scientific evidence that shows that eating food rich in vitamin C on a regular basis will help you lose weight significantly. Eating fruits rich in vitamin C can lower insulin, so the body doesn’t store sugar and converts it into fat for use as fuel for the body.

16. Cataract

Our eyes need vitamin C in order to function properly. Vitamin C deficiency can cause cataracts. Cataracts cause blurred vision, and can end in blindness in adults. A high intake of vitamin C will prevent cataracts because it will increase the amount of blood flow to the eye.

17. Cancer

The antioxidant properties of vitamin C would protect our cells from damage and mutations in DNA, thus protecting us from cancer. Vitamin C also helps to regenerate vitamin E is another antioxidant powerful. Vitamin C does not directly attack cancer that has happened, but keep your immune system to fight against cancer.

18. Heart disease

Vitamin C prevents heart disease from the free radicals that can damage artery walls, which can lead to plaque formation. It also keeps cholesterol from oxidation which able lead to heart stroke. High blood pressure problems can also be addressed with this nutrient.

19. Asthma

People who lack vitamin C at high risk of asthma. Sufficient intake of Vitamin C will reduce the production of histamine that contributes to inflammation.

20-23 From Its Other Nutrition

20. Curing Disease Inflammation

Inflammation that occurs in this part of the body can attack anywhere such as sore muscles, Arthritis, pneumonia and sore throat,. If not treated immediately it will be dangerous. By eating the rambutan then in addition ingredient other like as above can be anti-inflammatory

21. Reduce fever

If your child was suffered a heat, alternative drugs that you can use is a dried rambutan skin. The trick is to wash the skin of rambutan (15 grams), then boil with 3 glasses of water and drink it three times a day.

22. Black hair that was graying

Your hair graying middle and you do not know how to handle it? don’t worry, with rambutan leaf you can find a solution. The trick grabs some leaves rambutan then mash it until smooth. Give extra water to taste, then puree then squeeze and strain by using a small cloth. Do this treatment every day then your hair will look pretty stunning without a gray hair on the head.

23. For Pregnant Women

rambutan beneficial for a healthy digestive system, so that pregnant women will avoid the problem of bowel movements, diarrhea, constipation and prevent the risk of colon cancer. Other its content is vitamin E will help prevent acne, premature aging, itching and dull skin during pregnancy.

Side Effect Of Rambutan

Rambutan that has a sweet taste comes from the sugar in the rambutan alcoholic nature, which means that if the fruit is too ripe sugar will turn into alcohol. It will raise cholesterol levels in the body and be dangerous for people suffering from diabetes.

How to consume rambutan

To consume rambutan you can do with:

  1. the way cooked beforehand.  prepare the following materials:
  2. Consumption directly. If you choose to eat it directly, don’t eat too much. For rambutan has a fairly high sugar content
    • 800 gr Rambutan, peeled, wash with lukewarm water, remove the seeds.
    • 5 tablespoons sugar
    • ½ tsp salt
    • 5 cm Cinnamon, wash
    • 7 pieces cloves, remove the flowers, wash
    • 1200 ml water

How to make:

  • Boil water with cinnamon and cloves
  • Peel rambutan and wash with lukewarm water, then remove the seeds
  • Put the piece of rambutan a lot of water into the boiling water that is already boiling. After that, give the sugar and salt. boil it again, cooked, turn off the heat. Cool and ready to serving.

Rambutan consumes the way cooked beforehand much safer than direct consumption.