18 Scientific Health Benefits of Dogfruit (#1 Surprising)

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Jengkol (Archidendron pauciflorum, synonym: A. jiringa, Pithecellobium jiringa, and P. lobatum) or jering beans is distinctive plants in the Southeast Asian region. The West calls it a dog fruit. Its seed is popular in Malaysia (called “jering bean”), Myanmar (called “da nyin thee”), and Thailand (called “luk-nieng” or “luk neang”). Indonesian people know it as food named Jengkol.

Jengkol or dogfruit including leguminous tribes (Fabaceae). The fruit is a pod and its shape is spindled in a spiral, an old violet. A thin arial fruit seed with a shiny brown color. Jengkol or dogfruit can cause unpleasant odors in the urine after being processed and processed by digestion, especially when eaten fresh as a salad.

Health benefits of dogfruit not widely known by the general public, very dear, even though this vegetable is powerful enough to maintain a healthy body. Dogfruit become one of Indonesian people favorite food because of its soft texture when cooked properly and its very distinctive taste. Dogfruit often served as a side dish or main menu. Now the more creative our society, dogfruit can now be processed as a snack. Call it dogfruit chips.

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Nutrients in Dogfruit

Name of Foodstuff: Jengkol or Dogfruit
Other Name / Alternative: –
Number of Dogfruit studied (Food Weight) = 100 gr
The consumable Dogfruit (Bdd / Food Edible) = 90%
Number of Energy Content of Dogfruit = 140 kcal
The amount of Protein Dogfruit content = 6.3 gr
The amount of fat content Dogfruit = 0.1 gr
The amount of carbohydrate content Dogfruit = 28.8 gr
Number of Calcium Dogfruit Content = 29 mg
Number of Phosphorus Content of Dogfruit = 45 mg
The amount of iron content Dogfruit = 0.9 mg
Number of Vitamin A Content Dogfruit = 0 IU
The amount of Vitamin B1 Dogfruit content = 0.65 mg
Number of Vitamin C Dogfruit Content = 24 mg

But do you know behind the sharp aroma of dogfruit, dogfruit has many benefits for the health of the body.

The benefits of dogfruit for health is no doubt, but unfortunately not many people know. Here are some of the benefits of dogfruit for health:

  1. Body tissue formation

High protein content in dogfruit can help the formation of tissues in the body. Protein content in dogfruit was much more when compared with protein content in green beans and donkey beans.

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  1. Prevent Anemia

Dogfruit is also rich in iron in which iron is very instrumental to prevent and overcome the lack of production of red blood cells in the body. You certainly know that when the body is deficient in iron, the production of red blood cells will decrease. As a result the supply of oxygen and nutrients needed by all cells in the body will also be reduced.

The effects of a lack of oxygen supply and nutrients in the cells will decrease cell function / performance. No wonder if a person has iron deficiency, he will look weak, tired, and not excited. Well, for you women, consuming dogfruit  during menstruation is strongly recommended that your body is not lack of iron due to the large amount of menstrual blood that comes out of the body.

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  1. Prevents Bone Loss / Strengthens bones and teeth

In addition to iron and protein, other substances contained in dogfruit are calcium and phosphorus. These two substances are substances that are needed by bones. Calcium and phosphorus can prevent bone loss (osteoporosis). So, often consuming dogfruit with a portion enough to make the bones in your body become stronger.

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  1. Prevent Free Radicals

Dogfruit contains several types of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin C. Vitamin A is beneficial for maintaining eye health and can improve the visual acuity of vision. Vitamin A and vitamin C also act as antioxidants. Benefits of antioxidants are known to counteract free radical substances that cause cancer.

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  1. Preventing diabetes

Amazingly, dogfruit can prevent the incidence of diabetes. Why? In dogfruit fruit there are substances that are not found in other food ingredients. The substance is called jengkolat acid substance. This jengkolat acid is crystals, it’s  not soluble by water.

Due to the nature of this diuretic dogfruit is not recommended for consumption by you patients with kidney disorders. It is feared that the kidney will not be able to filter jengkolat acid on dogfruit. The effect of the kidney is not able to filter jengkolat acid is difficult stop the urination.

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  1. Solve the problem of narrowing of blood vessels

Patients with heart disease narrowing blood vessels so that blood flowing into the heart becomes not smooth. Mineral content of dogfruit was able to dilate narrowed blood vessels and prevent blood vessels to narrow again. Well, for the efficacy of dogfruit to be optimal, do not cook dogfruit overcooked.

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  1. Can stabilize the vital organs in the body

Essential organs in the body will function properly and stable if the body fulfilled the needs of folic acid and vitamin B6. Different situation if the body lack of folic acid and vitamin B6. No wonder if pregnant women are also advised to consume foods rich in folic acid for the development of the fetus.

One example of foods rich in folic acid is dogfruit. But once it should be remembered that consume dogfruit sufficiently. Do not be too excessive because of excessive dogfruit consumption will be less good effect for kidney organs.

  1. Controlling blood sugar levels

Another benefit of dogfruit is to control blood sugar levels so it is very good for consumption by you diabetics. Dogfruit contains a sugar substance that ‘friendly’ with the diabetics. Sugar in dogfruit is the most easily decomposed sugars that are safe for diabetics.

Unlike sugar substances in other foods such as foods that contain carbohydrates. Sugar is easily decomposed on dogfruit this will then be converted into energy by the body. As a result, body stamina will increase. The process of decomposition of the perfect sugar substance will not cause blood sugar deposits in the body.

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  1. Antioxidants are beneficial to maintain heart health

As mentioned above, dogfruit contains antioxidant substances that are very good for the health of the body. Similarly, heart health. Toxins or toxins in the body will be difficult to enter the body, especially the heart, thanks to the protection provided by these antioxidants. Anything that blocks the flow of blood in the blood vessels will also be lost by the substances contained in dogfruit. Blood flow will become more fluent and the heart will function properly and optimally.

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  1. Streamline the stomach

Do not get wrong, dogfruit can also help streamline a distended stomach. High fiber content can launch defecates so indirectly make the stomach slim. One of the causes of distended stomach in a person is due to defecation that is not smooth and irregular.

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More Jengkol (Jering Beans) Benefits

Indeed, here are more benefits of jengkol or dogfruit, or jering beans for health:

  1. Overcoming coronary heart disease
  2. Overcoming constipation in pregnant women
  3. Prevent defects in infants
  4. The growth of bone and teeth the fetus that is still in the womb
  5. Nourish the eyes
  6. Antioxidant for heart
  7. Controls blood sugar
  8. For diets

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Side Effects of Dogfruit

  1. Excessive consumption of dogfruit can cause toxic effects to the heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas.
  2. Dogfruit seeds slightly toxic because of the content of dogfruit acid, an amino acid that can cause djenkolism (dogfruit seed poisoning). Symptoms that occur include muscle spasms, gout, urinary retention, and acute renal failure. The condition is mainly experienced by men.
  3. Eating dogfruit in small amounts creates appearance problems, because it produces bad breath, sweat, feces, and urine. Actually this odor can be overcome by cleaning yourself with hygiene equipment containing fragrances, such as toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, and deodorant. Odor at the time of urination can be reduced if rinsing done before and after urine with sufficient amount of water or if necessary rinsed with cleaning fluid.
  4. In addition to odor, dogfruit can interfere with the health of a person because consuming excessive dogfruit can cause the buildup of crystals in the channel, called “jengkolan”. This occurs because dogfruit contains high jengkolat acid and is difficult to dissolve in water at acidic pH. The risk of this jengkolan varies in each person and is genetically influenced by the environment.

Hopefully the information about the benefits of dogfruit for health is useful for you readers. Make sure you take care of your body’s health by paying attention to your nutritional intake as well as exercising regularly. Be selective in consuming food. Although dogfruit identical as ordinary food, it has an amazing benefits for health.

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