30 Scientific Health Benefits of Pomelo (#1 Top Source of Vitamin C)

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Pomelo is one of the fruits from citrus family but instead of sour, the flavor of this fruit is sweet with juicy pulp. Today, pomelo is very popular in India and United States but this fruit is originated from China, that’s why most people still use the term Chinese grapefruit instead of pomelo. What makes this fruit different from the other fruits from citrus family is the size which is quite large, that’s why pomelo is also well known as the ancestor of grapefruit. For the taste, though generally pomelo has sweet taste but you would not quite identify it perfectly because you will find some mixture of sweet, tangy, tart and juicy like you are eating grapefruit at the same time with eating orange and tangerine.

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What is Pomelo?

The scientific name of pomelo is Citrus maxima because of the size of the fruit which is quite large and probably the largest one in citrus family. It is more grapefruit than orange because pomelo and grapefruit is closer in size. As mentioned above, the native region of pomelo is Asia, especially from China. Until now, pomelo is still used as part of Chinese’s celebrations especially during Chinese’s New Year celebration. That’s why, pomelo is best known as Chinese grapefruit in some countries though it also has its own local name in several places like shaddock, jabong, lusho, chakotra and many more. Perhaps you could check yourself what pomelo is locally called in your country.

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Nutritional Facts of Pomelo

Ripe Pomelo

Serving Size: 100 grams

Water89.1 g
Energy38 kcal
Protein0.76 g
Carbohydrate9.62 g
Dietary Fiber1 g
Vitamin C61 mg
Thiamin0.034 mg
Riboflavin0.027 mg
Niacin0.22 mg
Vitamin B60.036 mg
Vitamin A8 IU
Calcium4 mg
Iron0.11 mg
Magnesium6 mg
Phosphorus17 mg
Potassium216 mg
Sodium1 mg
Zinc0.08 mg

As one of the largest fruit in the world, surely you expect more of this fruit. Well, your expectation is fulfilled because pomelo has a quite impressive list of health benefits of Pomelo.

Pomelo is Rich of Vitamin C

Considering how large the size of Pomelo is no surprise if this fruit could fulfill the daily intake of your vitamin C up to 600% and below is some health benefits of vitamin C contained in pomelo.

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  1. Excellent Immunity Booster

Vitamin C is ascorbic acid that is best known to be powerful and effective immunity booster widely used in Southeast Asia. The size of pomelo makes the daily intake of vitamin C could be fulfilled. However, as it contains more vitamin C than what body is required in daily intake is better to consume it in proper size because too much vitamin C could be toxic and harmful for your kidney.

  1. Vitamin C as Antioxidant

It is a common knowledge that the combination of vitamin C and supported by vitamin A will provide human body enough stock of antioxidant. Surely you have known that antioxidant has essential and prominent function to provide protection against free radicals. Since it is almost impossible to avoid free radicals, making sure that your body is fully protected is the only solution available.

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  1. Promotes the Production of White Blood Cells

White blood cells are as important as red blood cells, without which your body will be difficult to fight bacteria and virus. White blood cells are the main supporters of your immunity system that is also used to promote proper blood clot. Fortunately, vitamin C contains in pomelo is what you need to promote the production of white blood cells in your body.

  1. Fights Free Radicals

As mentioned above, with all the pollution in all aspects of your life like air you breathe and water you drink, sometimes it sounds impossible to avoid free radicals that could endanger your life. The only solution available is making sure you have enough stock antioxidant in your body and consuming pomelo regularly could ensure you the stock of antioxidant in your body is under checked.

  1. Natural Solution to Viral Infection

The problem of viral infection is not the infection but how fast this condition could spread out. Though the fatal case caused by viral infection is rare but still dealing with it is not a pleasant thing to do at all. Well, consuming pomelo could be the alternative solution to fight or prevent viral infection.

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  1. Delicious Way to Deal with Light Fever

When it comes to fever, surely you know how the feeling is. You will feel hot and cold at the same time, headache, nausea and sometimes vomiting are normal to occur during fever. No matter how light a fever is still people prefer to just lay down in their bed until the fever goes away instead of using their energy to see a doctor. Now, you have a delicious way to deal with light fever naturally just by consuming a glass of pomelo juice to relieve the symptoms.

  1. Treats Cold and Cough Effectively

Sometimes cold and cough are coming as a package. There are a lot of medications you could get from drugstore without doctor prescription to deal with the conditions. Actually, the best thing to treat cold and cough is having enough rest, drink a lot of water and eat anything that rich of vitamin C. If you have stock of pomelo in your refrigerator, you could use it since it is so rich of vitamin C to help you treating your cold and cough effectively.

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  1. Acts as Anti-Aging

It is no secret that all foods rich of vitamin C is also rich of antioxidants. Pomelo is no exception and since it is rich of vitamin C and antioxidants, pomelo could help in fighting free radicals effectively. Free radicals are not only able to cause the development of cancerous cells but in simpler case, free radicals also responsible to the degeneration of skin cells and premature aging that could cause your skin look older than it’s supposed to.

  1. Promotes the Production of Collagen

What do you know about collagen? If you want to have firm, younger, bright and healthy skin, what you need essentially is enough stock of collagen in your body. Vitamin C is one of the important compounds to promote the production of collagen. Not only for skin, collagen is basically important to maintain the tissues, muscles, organs and cells.

  1. Accelerates Healing Process

Though your doctor have informed you that you have completely well after illness, still the recovery period is the hardest because you will feel like your energy was drained during sickness period and though you have recovered, your immune system is still in its lowest level. That’s why you should accelerate the healing process in order to prevent you’re being infected back.

  1. Promotes Healthy Gum

Probably it is new information for you but food that is rich of vitamin C that will promote the production of collagen is good for your gum. It is because collagen is essential to the strength of gums. It will provide protection to your gum so it is not easily infected and getting weak. Weak gum will lead to tooth loss.

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  1. Prevents Infection in Urinary Tract

What do you know about this condition? UTI or urinary tract infection is caused by bacteria. That’s why consuming pomelo is highly recommended to prevent or fight this condition because pomelo is rich of vitamin C and vitamin C will increase the acidic level in the urine that possible to kill the bacteria and eliminate it completely.

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  1. Artery’s Natural Cleanser

People just don’t realize that some foods could cause clog in the artery and some foods will clean it. Pomelo is one of the fruits that fall in the second category that could act as natural cleanser to your artery. Vitamin C founds in pomelo is quite high and it will ensure the elasticity of your artery while pectin will prevent the clog by removing all unwanted elements inside the artery.

  1. Treats Dandruff

There are two compounds found in pomelo that are good to treat dandruff. The first is the high water content and the second is vitamin C. Water will help to moisture your scalp because dried scalp is one of the main reasons of dandruff while vitamin C will assist in killing the bacteria that cause the conditions.

  1. Fights Acnes

Acnes look so simple but for some people this condition is so hard to deal with. Well, pomelo is so rich of vitamin C that is effective in fighting acnes. The acidic contents of vitamin C will kill the bacteria that cause acnes while at the same time is accelerate the healing of the wound to prevent further infection.

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Pomelo is Rich of Dietary Fiber

From the juicy pulp you would have guessed that pomelo is supposed to be rich of fiber. You must have known that fiber is one of the essential substances that cannot be absorbed but has prominent function to human body’s metabolism like the list below.

  1. Fulfills Your Daily Intake of Fiber

It is not an easy task to create daily menu where you could fulfill all your daily intake of vitamin, minerals and fiber. That’s why you need to make a combination from some food varieties in order to fulfill it. For daily intake of fiber, pomelo is the one that is highly recommended because it is so rich of fiber.

  1. Promotes Healthy Digestion

One of the reasons why people should consume foods that are rich of fiber is to promote healthy digestion. It is because healthy digestion will affect how body metabolism will work. Digestive system is the central of everything because inside the intestine is where foods you consumed is broken down and absorbed. If the processes are disturbed, the nutrients of foods you consumed will be a waste if they are not absorbed optimally.

  1. Deals with Constipation

The direct effect when your digestive system is not function optimally is constipation. This condition occurs when your intestine is not moving. The causes could be varying but mostly because your intestine is packed with too much unnecessary property. That’s why you need fiber to bind those unnecessary properties and then bring them away from the track.

  1. Eliminates Problem like Diarrhea

The opposite of constipation is diarrhea where your digestive system cannot control the movement inside the intestine. Fiber will assist in eliminating all the factors that could cause diarrhea like bacteria and viruses inside the intestine and the result is diarrhea problem will be solved naturally. So, keep pomelo in your refrigerator for conditions like this since it is so rich of dietary fiber.

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  1. Promotes Proper Bowel Movement

Bowel should move in the normal pace. If it is moving in slow pace will cause constipation and when it is moving to fast will cause diarrhea. Fiber will make sure your bowel is moving normally. Normal bowel movement will affect the metabolism system in your body because all nutrients will be absorbed optimally and all the wastes will be eliminated completely.

  1. Delicious Way to Loss Your Weight

Fiber in pomelo will help your body controlling your weight effectively because there is no more unnecessary things inside your intestine so all nutrients will be absorbed and used optimally. Furthermore, pomelo also contains specific enzyme well known as fat-burning enzyme to make sure there is no more excess fats cells because it will be optimally turned and used as energy source.

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  1. Additional Protection to Colon Cancer

The unhealthy digestive track should be dealt and solved immediately because if it’s not the risk of colon cancer will be increased. Healthy digestive system will prevent the development of cancerous cells in the colon. Furthermore, antioxidant found in pomelo is also effective to fight free radicals that are the main cause of all cancer cases.

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Pomelo is Rich of Minerals

Most people may be familiar with the essential function of vitamin to their health but minerals are also having the same essential role to keep human body in its optimal function.

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  1. Controls Blood Pressure

Do you know that pomelo is actually very effective in controlling blood pressure? It is because pomelo contains relatively high amount of potassium. For you who are not familiar with this type of mineral, potassium also could act as vasodilator that helps in releasing the tension of blood vessels for better blood circulation.

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  1. Provides Oxygen to Whole Body Cells

The direct effect of better blood circulation is not only able to control the level of blood pressure but also able to make sure the distribution of oxygen in the whole body cells. Oxygenated cells will lead to the optimal function of body organ and optimal body metabolism. That’s why potassium is essential for human health.

  1. Lowers the Risk of Stroke and Heart Attack

Two more benefits of better blood circulation is lowering the risk of stroke and heart attack because heart is not forced to work too hard so the risk of heart attack is lower and brain will always be oxygenated. The lack of oxygen in the brain is one of the reasons why stroke could happen.

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  1. Reduces the Chance of Cramping

For athlete cramping could be really annoying condition. Cramps could happen when there is contraction in the muscle that appears all of the sudden with pain. The reasons why this condition could happen is when there is no enough electrolytes in the body especially potassium and pomelo is one of those fruits that contain high amount of potassium.

  1. Promotes Bone Mineral Density

Drinking a glass of pomelo juice regularly is actually a delicious solution to promote bone mineral density. It will reduce the risk of you having fragile and weak bones. However, you cannot just depend on it completely, for healthy bones you should accompany it with regular exercise.

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  1. Prevents Osteoporosis

The worst effect of osteoporosis is when you are losing the ability to move in flexible way. That’s why if you could find the solution to prevent in early stage is better. Consuming pomelo has been proven to be effective in preventing osteoporosis because minerals found in pomelo will assist in promoting the development of new bones cells.

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  1. Good for Oral Health

What you need for the health of your oral organ is high consumption of calcium and vitamin C. Calcium will maintain the health of your teeth while vitamin C will make sure there is enough stock of collagen to maintain the health of your gum. Pomelo is both rich of calcium and vitamin C.

  1. Natural Remedy to Anemia

Anemia occurs when your body is not getting enough red blood cells. Iron in pomelo is probably not good enough to promote the production of blood cells but its combination of vitamin C will make sure the optimal absorption of iron in your body to prevent iron deficiency that could lead to anemia.

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Some Words of Cautions

With the list of health benefits of pomelo which is quite impressive but there are some cautions you should aware of as well. It is a wise move if you are only consuming it in proper amount but there are also some conditions that force you to avoid pomelo in all cost.

  • Those who have been diagnosed with kidney and liver problem should avoid pomelo in all cost because this large fruit contains large amount of vitamin C and potassium that could worsen the kidney and liver condition.
  • As rich of potassium, those with hypotension or low blood pressure condition should avoid pomelo as well because it could put the patients in dangerous state.

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From the taste and the look sometimes people are mistaken pomelo with grapefruit but if you look it closer enough, you will realize that pomelo is relatively bigger than grapefruit. Moreover, since pomelo is originated from Asia, there are many health benefits of pomelo, so it is much easier to be found in Asia region while grapefruit is originated from Barbados and quite difficult to be found around Asia.