24 Scientific Health Benefits of Lychee – Medical Usage – Beauty Treatments

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lycheeLychee, a sweet fruit which belongs to the soapberry family, Sapindaceae and is known as the juicy fruit with distinctive and has slightly acidic fragrance and flavor. The fruit with Litchi chinensis as its scientific name has the shape which is similar as raspberries and the fruit contains white flesh with a single and inedible seed. The skin of lychee is easy to peel and has the reddish color. Moreover, the lychee trees can grow up to 100 feet and grown in warm and humid climates.

Back to history, this fruit found in in Chinese literature circa 1059 A.D., and in the West Indies in 1775. As a result, lychee has been widely cultivated in many countries recently. On the other hand, you can find this fruit a the fresh or dried one to be consumed. Lychee is also good to of on the top of your salad bowl. Furthermore, this sweet and exotic fruit is on of tropical delights in America. Indeed, as lychee has the delightful flavor and the fresh juiciness, them it has been a popular culinary dish in many countries.

As the consequence, not only the good taste that lychee has offered, yet it provides a great range of health benefits in it. However, before knowing about what are the health benefits of lychee, it is advised to check the nutritional value of lychee fruit below.

Nutritional Facts of Lychee 

InformationAmount per 100g%Daily Value
Total Fat0.4 g
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Sodium1 mg0%
Potassium171 mg4%
Total Carbohydrate17 g5%
  Dietary Fiber1.3 g5%
  Sugar15 g
Protein0.8 g1%
Vitamin A  0%Vitamin C  119%Iron   1%
Vitamin D  0%Vitamin B-6  5%Magnesium  2%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


Now you know the list of nutrients contained in lychee, then you can also check the health benefits of lychee below.

1. High in Fiber

As you can see on the table above, lychee contains a good source of fiber. Indeed, this is such a good news for them who wish for a healthier body. Consequently, fiber is known as the key of healthy digestion system. With the presence of fiber, it is believed that the digestion will absorb the nutrient greatly. Moreover, it builds the strong digestion system and helps to prevent digest problem including constipation.


2. High in Protein

When you want to eat the high protein foods like tuna and mackerel, then think about the fruit which also offers the same benefit. Yes, it is lychee which provides the good source of protein. At this point, you may be surprised with the presence of this benefit of lychee. Yet, you can double check the information on the table if you want to. With protein, our body will work well as it regenerates the broken cell with the new ones. Also, protein helps to build the body muscle and also strengthen the muscle. Not only for that, protein has a role to aid in digestion and keeping the mood upbeat as well.


3. Source of Vitamin C

Do you want to fulfill the vitamin C nutrient in your body? Then, lychee fruit is ready to help you. As shown on the table, lychee provides the high amount of vitamin C which is very beneficial to maintain the overall body health. For this reason, vitamin C plays a major role in building the strong immune system. Moreover, vitamin C is one of the great antioxidants which help to prevent free radicals. Furthermore, this vitamin can also help repair the body tissues.


4. Source of Vitamin B-6

Lychee is a great fruit as it provides many kinds of vitamin and mineral for sure. At this point, lychee also contains the good source of vitamin B-6. This essential vitamin will help maintain the nerve function as well as promoting the healthy metabolism. What is even great, this vitamin takes part in boosting the energy level in the body. For the tips, you can consume lychee together with other vitamin B-6 foods such as chicken breast and chickpeas. Otherwise, the deficiency of this nutrient may lead to certain health problems including muscle pains and anxiety.

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5. Source of Magnesium

One of the health benefits of consuming lychee is providing the magnesium nutrient to the body. It is shown that magnesium is a vital nutrient which maintains the body health. As a result, magnesium has a role to be a natural treatment for fatigue and insomnia. Also, it performs well in preventing stress and depression. Hence, it is recommended to consume lychee regularly as it contains magnesium which is great to relax the muscle and maintaining the heart health.


6. Provides Antioxidant

Rich in vitamin C makes lychee a good source of antioxidant. It is also known that lychee provides great nutrients contained. As a result, the vitamins and antioxidant will help to protect the body against viruses and bacteria. This means it prevents the risks of getting certain health problems as well. Hence, as lychee offers you great protection in the body, now you can add this fruit to your favorite salad bowl for sure.


7. Contains Polyphenols

As lychee has polyphenols, then it is beneficial to protect the body against diseases. Indeed, polyphenols act as great antioxidants. Thus, if you want to fulfill the antioxidant nutrient in the body, then you can consume lychee as a way out.

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8. Promotes Digestion System

As explained before, lychee contains a good source of fiber which plays a role to promote the healthy digestion system. In the same way, fiber helps to increase the digestive health by using bulk to your stool. It also stimulates the peristaltic motion and increases the speed of food passing. As a result, lychee is a good fruit which helps to deal with gastrointestinal disorders. In India, you can find that the seeds of lychee can be consumed as a tea to relieve the stomach trouble. What a great range of benefits, isn’t it?

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9. Fights Infections

As described before, lychee contains great vitamin C and antioxidants in it. As the consequence, they are helpful to protect against the presence of bad pathogens. At this point, it is beneficial to fight against infections and fight the inflammation. Indeed, with a good consumption of lychee fruit, then you have succeeded to promote the optimum health result.


10. Contains Oligonol

One of the great health benefits of lychee is the presence of Oligonol. Then, what is oligonol? Well, it is stated that oligonol is a powerful phenolic compound which offers a great range of health benefits. For instance, it is valuable to prevent the risks of influenza and protect the skin from UV rays.

11. Have Antiviral Properties

Surprisingly, lychee has antiviral properties which are associated with the presence of the proanthocyanidins in lychee. As the consequence, Litchitannin A2 is the one which works well in the body to prevent the spread of viruses. At this point, it is helpful to protect the body against herpes simplex virus and coxsackie virus. Hence, after you know this benefit, then you can start consuming lychee from now on to prevent the risks of getting harmful viruses in the body.

12. Prevents Free Radicals

Rich in vitamin C and phytonutrient flavonoids makes lychee a good candidate to prevent bad exposure of free radicals. At this point, lychee enables the body to protect against the high oxidative stress caused by the pollution and UV radiation. Also, it protects the cells from the damage of free radicals. Furthermore, vitamin C and antioxidant in lychee help to destroy the presence of cancer cells.

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13. Builds Strong Immune System

What our body needs is a strong protection. Indeed, a good body protection can help to prevent the presence of bad viruses and bacteria. As a result, we need a health booster to build a good immune system. Then, we need a good food for daily consumption for sure.

As the consequence, to build a strong immune system, you can consume vitamin C foods like berries and green vegetables. Therefore, as this article describes lychee in general, then you can consume lychee as the good option. For this reason, lychee has great vitamin C and has more than 100% of daily requirement of ascorbic acid in one serving. Indeed, it is very valuable to activate the great immune system. Finally, if you want a healthier body, you can choose lychee as your fruit option as well.

14. Maintains Blood Pressure

Providing potassium nutrient is such a great benefit of lychee. This potassium works well in the body to control the heart rate as well as maintaining the work of blood pressure. As a result, potassium also prevents the presence of strokes and heart disease. Thus, consuming lychee is the good option as it offers you great health benefits you may never expect before.


15. Promotes Blood Circulation

Another health benefits of lychee are the way it will help to promote the blood circulation. At this point, the one who works in it is iron which is found in lychee. This essential mineral is linked with the increasing level of red blood cells in the body. Hence, with iron, the body will work well as it should be.

16. Prevents Cancer

People must consume the best food in order maintaining the body health. We all have also known that the health is such a major key in life. Then, there is no reason to not protect the body from the bad things. In this case, people should know how to prevent and treat the health problems including cancer.

Consequently, as you have read above, lychee provides vitamins, minerals, and also antioxidants. They are very beneficial to maintain overall body health for sure. As the consequence, they are also valuable to prevent the risks of cancer. Moreover, studies have shown that lychee extracts should be taken into account as it becomes a potential chemopreventive agent for colorectal cancer. Further, the extract lychee has shown the significant inhibition of a type of liver cancer such as hepatocellular carcinoma.


17. Prevents Cataract

Surprisingly, lychee has a role in preventing cataract. Cataract as one of the eyes disorders due to the clouding of the lens in the eyes. At this point, lychee will help to prevent the risks of this diseases as it has phytochemicals which exhibit antineoplastic properties. In this case, they prevent abnormal growth of cells as well as preventing cataract.


18. Treats a Sore Throat

It is shown that the decoction of root, flower, and bark of lychee can help to relieve a sore throat. It has been a traditional use as you just only to gargle the decoction and you will see the positive result as well.

19. Cures Smallpox and Diarrhea

Another health benefit of lychee is the way it can be a natural treatment for smallpox and diarrhea. As a result, you can have the tea from the lychee fruit peel to deal with those kinds of health problems. For the tips, you can add a tablespoon of honey to use as a natural sweetener.

20. Increases Libido

A lot of vitamins and minerals makes lychee is beneficial to increase the libido. As a result, it can help enhance sexual desires for sure. Thus, consuming lychee is always good for those who wish for great things.


Not only providing the health benefits, but lychee becomes a great fruit by offering a great range of beauty benefits. Wanna know what are they? Then, you can check the following statements below.

Lychee for Beauty Treatments

Health benefits of lychee for your best beauty treatments:

21. Prevents Earlier Aging

Many people try to prevent earlier aging by applying some facial treatments regularly. However, we know that natural treatment is such a very best way to be chosen. Then, you can use the natural face mask and consumer best foods to prevent the earlier aging. At this point, lychee has a role in delaying the earlier aging as well.
This benefit is also linked with the lychee function in preventing free radicals damage which causes the wrinkles on the face. As the consequence, what do you need is just a honey, banana, and the lychee fruit as a face mask. Simply combine and mix it and apply it to your face regularly for getting best results.

22. Promotes Beauty Skin

Beauty skin is what people wished for. To obtain it, we need more efforts such as applying healthy lifestyle and also consuming best foods. At this point, having lychee is a great way as it helps to promote the clear and bright skin. Then, by applying lychee juice can make your skin flawless as well as it removes the blemishes and marks on the skin.

This benefit is also associated with the presence of vitamin C contained in lychee. With vitamin C, it helps to remove the blemishes and resulting in a clear and smooth skin for sure. Hence, ready to have lychee as your natural beauty treatment?

23. Reduces Sunburns

If you have redness and blisters caused by the sun exposure, then having lychee may help you a lot. As sunburns may make you suffer from pain and irritation, then applying lychee infused can help to sooth the skin. Indeed, it is caused by the excellent source of vitamin C in lychee. Therefore, lychee is such a wonderful fruit as it offers you a great range of natural treatment.

24. Promotes Hair Health

According to the presence of copper in lychee, then this fruit is valuable to promote the hair health. The copper will help to nourish the hair follicles which promotes the hair growth. Consequently, you can have lychee as your shampoo by combining the juice of this fruit with aloe vera. Hence, using this shampoo regularly will result in the soft and shiny hair.


Now you know the health and beauty benefits of lychee, then you can have a look at the tips for consuming lychee as written below.

Tips for Consuming

  1. Keep the lychee at a room temperature and make sure that this fruit is in fresh condition. As lychee tends to get dried sooner, then you can store it in the refrigerator.
  2. Next, you should wash lychee in cold water to remove the access of any dirt. Then, peel it gently as you peel the outer coat slowly. Also, remember to not squeeze its flesh.
  3. For the recipe tips, lychee can be consumed fresh or raw. This fruit is often found in dried or canned one. Yet, you can consume it in many kinds of cuisine including to add it on the top of grilled steak.
  4. Then, you can have many kinds of delicious food with lychee. For instance, you can add the lychee on the top of your favorite ice cream for sure.
  5. You also can use lychee as the jellies, jams, sauces, and syrups as well as add it to your salads and dressings.
  6. Moreover, lychee is such a very good option to be consumed as a refreshing drink during the summer season. What is even wonderful, you can have this fruit in your cocktails, too!
  7. Last, it is advised to consume lychee in moderate since the over consumption of this fruit may lead to diabetes due to the high sugar content.

As the conclusion, lychee is such an excellent fruit as it offers a great range of benefits. Indeed, by consuming it regularly will help you to obtain the healthier body. However, it is recommended to eat it in moderate for getting best results. Thus, since fruits have been essential food for human, then you can have lychee as your fruit and dish option. So, stay healthy good people!