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67 Proven Sugarcane Juice Benefits (Include 12 Fake One)

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Old man does not like this one
Sugarcane is dangerous even fresh
Because the sugar can kill someone
Especially who has diabetes 

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This is not a big information anymore, that sugar is made from sugarcane. So how about sugar is a monster. Do you know that?

sugarcaneMost parents stop to consumption everything that sugary, containing glucose, and others compound can make diabetes getting worse. This information not bad actually if we know the other facts. Sugarcane containing octaconasol, sort of long chain alcohol which lowers cholesterol levels in the blood. Octaconasol also inhibits plaque pile vessel wall cells, even for the protection of the blood protein oxidation. How about someone have diabetes but also have high cholesterol. We have no words to say. Because diabetics have to know cholesterol levels in the blood can reduce and control by octaconasol. The most surprising is without side effects.

Do not worry about that. Concumption sugarcane juice is save for diabetics. Sugarcane containing another compound namely policosanol. It can decrease production of cholesterol in liver. Low Density Lipoprotein can be breakdown by policosanol. This bad cholesterol can do nothing for damage our body with consume 10 mg policosanol per day. In this process High Density Lipoprotein (HDL) will be increase 11,3%. It is protein in blood plasma. Damage in our body and bad cholesterol can repairing by HDL. We can say that HDL is good fats or good cholesterol.

About Sugarcane

Before intoduce to sugar cane face to face. We need to know it history by science. This is it.

No Classification Information
1 Kingdom Plantae (Plants)
2 Sub Kingdom Tracheobionta (Vascular Plant)
3 Super Division Spermatophyta (Seed Yield)
4 Division Magnoliophyta (Flowering Plants)
5 Class Liliopsida (Dashed One / Monocots)
6 Sub Class Commelinidae
7 Ordo Poales
8 Family Graminae or Poaceae
9 Genus Saccharum
10 Species Saccharum Officinarum Linn

Sugarcane is Rich One

Phosphorus, potassium, calcium, iron, and magnesium are mineral containing in sugarcane juice. It has vitamins too. There are Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and Vitamin A  But what are them actually compound of good nutrients in sugarcane base 1 (one) cup

No Source of Nutrients Contains
1 Potassium 163 mg
2 Calcium 32,56 mg
3 Carbohydrate 27,3 mg
4 Sugar 25,8 mg
5 Magnesium 2,45 mg
6 Iron 0,56 mg
7 Niacin 0,3 mg
8 Protein 0,23 mg
9 Water 0,2 mg
10 Riboflavin 0,17 mg
11 Fat 0,07 mg
12 Panthothenic Acid 0,07 mg
13 Mangan 0,07 mg
14 Copper 0,05 mg
15 Phosphor 0,02 mg

Indonesia find a lot of benefits sugarcane juice in traditional way. What are the other benefits of sugarcane?

1. Anti Diabetic

sugarcane juiceDoes not make sense. It is hard to receive for simple logic. How can be sugarcane be anti diabetic. Just be calm Mas Bro and Mbak Bro. Diabetic always worry about everything taste sweet. Until this worried make many people miss something. Carefully choosing food and drinks is good. But do not to much. Again, this one can be the best answer.

This is the answer.

Sugarcane juice actually have anti diabetic effects. dr. C.J. Sogiharjo ApT. from Faculty of Pharmacy University of Gajah Mada, Yogyakarta, Indonesia said this facts. Sugarcane containing Sakaran. Like Superman, Sakaran is the crypton for diabetes. This substance compound of sugarcane unfortunately disappears when processing into sugar. It cause heating process. Another compound, Sakarosa as diabetic originator compund get away from that pcocess. Sakaran is the differentiator of sugar and sugarcane juice.
Sugarcane juice is a natural sweetener. Sugar is it son or daughter. The mother is not endanger or trigger the desease.

2. Maintain Brain Health

Sugarcane juice have much containing of carbohydrate. It is beneficial to maintain brain health. We can get benefits with cunsume in fresh.

3. Against Inflammation And Analgetic

Mouse helping in this part. Sick muose is giving mixture of fatty acids isolated from sugarcane juice. First a mouse is put on hot plate and then given acetic acid. The mouse is not twist or thrashing but being quiet. The mouse drink the liquid. For prevent from inflammation and analgetic, phelonic and flavonoids in sugarcane juice can keep our body from it effects.

4. Heart Health

Consume sugar cane in fresh condition gives many benefits. Carbohydrate that containing in it is pretty good for heart health.

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5. Cure Breast Cancer

Let us fight for cancer. People against cancer. Powerful antioxidant is contais in sugarcane. Mineral from others food will be mixid with powerful antioxidant from sugarcane. All kinds of cancer can not fight with this process. Because it is super effective for reducing cancer risk. Especially breast cancer risk. For the end and most important for record. This resistance not cause any side effects. Sugarcane with phytochemical substances will not damage anything inside.

Another compunds in sugarcabe is alkaline. This one is not only helping for your television remote. Sugarcane juice has alkaline substance. It capable of dealing with breast cancer. Pure suger cane must consume regularly. Just make your own schedule, maybe once in three days, once a week.
Additonal information for cancer. Alkaline in sugarcane juice also can prevent colon cancer and lung cancer. But for other cancer it can helping too.

6. Cure Prostat

Above, alkaline is helping for woman. Alkaline in sugarcane is helpfully for man. With alkaline say no to prostat. Use the same way like before. Start with make your own schedule for drinking pure suger cane regularly.

7. Strengthen Gums and Teeth

Use lime juice, salt, and pure sugarcane juice for helping to strengthen gums and teeth. Because it has very high mineral that super effective for overcome tooth decay. Mineral in sugarcane also can against bad breath. Bad breath needs special enzyme to reduce it. The mineral increase in sugarcane can helps to do that. Take dan drink it in routine time make teeth whiter also can improve health of teeth.

8. Kidney Health

Pure sugarcane have much carbohydrat that helping us to get healthy kidney. It will cleaning inside. Kidney stones problem is dehydration. There no avoid way for kidney stones if body can not get energy from protein sources. Like it said before there is cleaning inside from sugarcane juice. It help for filter all fluids inside and blood also including water.

Preventing stuff that contains in sugarcane is alkaline. So the sugarcane juice is need to hydrate back the body. Routine for concume it juice can help. At least drink sugarcane juice  twice a week will reduced risk of this desease. Alkaline is one of natural ingredient in sugarcane juice can get from it and that can “finish” kidney stones.

9. Overcome Nosebleed

Use piece of cane for nosebleed. First top of it boiled with boiling water. Than add little salt and brown sugar. After it is cold strain and drink.

Just For Your Information

In bahasa sugarcane is tebu.
There is a hotel in Bandung this name.
Tebu Hotel.

10. Healing Jaundice

Yellow pigmentation of the skin and membranes can be healed by sugarcane juice. Presence billirubin is blood is reason of this desease. That is make decreased of liver function. Let us do not take it to much because sugarcane juice actually can help. Like shut down button in computer. It is able to restore and maintenance the power of the liver function.

11. Overcome Colds and Flu

Three leaves of sugarcane boil with water as we need. After boiled strain and drink. Do that at least three times day. We need to share this fact. Because many people think sugarcane juice will aggravate sore throat. That is absolutely not true. Colds and flu can throw away by it. Sugarcane can heal sore throat.

12. Healing Stroke

Drink fresh dan pure sugarcane juice taka care body metabolism from lack of fluids because of activities. Thir part can help for healing stroke.

13. Infection Healing

For anyone has trouble with urinary tract infections, sexually transmited diseases, and inflammation of stomach (constipation and aiarrhea). Do not be worry anymore. This information is good news. A cup of sugarcane juice is the solution.

Potassium in very high number contain in sugarcane juice. Health condition will stay well with it. Our body Mas Bro and Mbak Bro also needs potassium for control nerves and muscles. After concume sugarcane juice, there is no worry anymore about any types of infection, especially stomach infectious diseases. Take our time for consume it in routine time will also overcome others complaints like constipation and diarrhea.
As additonal way, phelonic and flavonoids in sugarcane juice can keep our body from infections effects.

14. Overcome Cough

Drink black sugarcane juice from squeezing five segments.

15. Relieve Body Heat (Fever)

Pure black sugarcane juice if drinks in regularly can reduce body temperature. This is can be alternative for fever. This better than enstrotop. High fever can make deficiencies vitamin in our body Mas Bro and Mbak Bro. For another help about fever from sugarcane. It can restore that.

16. Relieves Heart Pounding

Boil two cups of water and put on three handled black root cane. Boiled until the water a half. In cold strain and than drink two time a day.

17. Hydrating Body

Actually this part can help for cure any desease. This also has it function. Especially in dry season and summer, dehydration is easy for encountered. That two season have big potential to make dehydration. The weather is the caused.

Sugarcane is best drink to consume before dehydration “touch” us. Preventing way is Mas Bro and Mbak increase mineral which can derived from sugarcane. Natural electrolyte that contain in sugarcane juice also calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, and manganese very helping. Drink sugarcane juice can reduce body heat dan absolutely hydrate the body. That is way it can helps for fever. Drink it with ice is better way to enjoy it. Let us say bye to thirsty.

18. Boost Body Energy Supply

Natural glukosa and active compund that containing in it will help our body to increase the energy. So do not be limp. The compound of sugarcane is active how about you?
Sugarcane juice with glukosa also electrolyte compounds encourages the body metabolism. This is why it can boost our energy. Many people maybe do not realize that natural sugar from sugarcane juice can be additonal energy enchancer. Especially who live in four season. Mas Bro and Mbro not only facing summber but also dry season. This summer and dry season sugarcane juice can be greatest energy supply. Fresh with ice. Fresh with energy.

19. Eye Health

Much carbohydrat is sugarcane juice can helping us to get pure sugar. It is good for eye health. Vitamin A in sugarcane juice improve eye health.

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20. Healty Nails

The appearance of nail is indicator if someone short on nutrients. This really good information and I know Mas Bro and Mbak Bro. You just look your nails after read that. If you find white and brown spots, you need to improve your nutrients. Than, if you look straight line on the nail you need to worry. That also indicator of short on nutrients. If you don not fins that that a good news. But that not a reason for not consume sugarcane juice.
Mineral in sugarcane juice can helps to “destroy” the white and brown spots also the straight line. Stronger nail and more shiny nail also will come for consumption of sugarcane juice.

21. Maintaining Healthy Body

From start point we always talk about sickness, disease, and bla bla bla. Last but not least. Let us talk about healthy body. In good condition sugarcane juice still good for us. Super complete nutrients contain in it. We can get Vitamin C, Vitamin, A, and Vitamin E with drink that.
Sugarcane juice also contains super kind and good material to prevent from tumors and cancers in all types. Sugarcane juice contains antioxidant and ohters mineral like that said above to maintain our immune system.

22. Skin Beauty Maintain

Woman wants to be special. So let us give them this special one. Sugarcane juice is an anti aging. Woman will regret after got this. They wil ask why I do not know this information before. What is that?
Sugarcane juice has alpha acids which helps woman especially, from effects of premature aging. This is evident to prevent acne, make skin looking stays soft, and woman look stay young. Off course not in instan way. Woman needs to consume more often. But do not be satisfy because there is more. Sugarcane juice contains glycolic acid, can maintain skin health in good way. Brighten skin with helping process dead skin exfoliation. This process make skin look whiter, brighter, and smoother. Preventing from oily skin and dull skin. Because sugarcane juice used to remove acne on the face and disguise black blemishes acne scars.
Anyway sugarcane juice can use with applying on face. But it is not effective. Because sugarcane juice only brighten skin surface. It is can not be stimulated the Inner skin layers. So now we know that cream or treatment to brighten skin outside is not effective.

23. Lose Weight

There are so many way to get perfect body. This part usefull not only for woman but man too. Actually in third paragraph we have tal about this. But not stright to the point. Sugarcane containing a super mineral. Policosanol can decrease production of cholesterol in liver. Bad cholesterol namely LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) can be breakdown by it. LDL can not damage our body if we consume 10 mg policosanol once a day. HDL as good cholesterol will be increase 11,3% in this process. Policosanol is protein in blood plasma. The result is lose weight. Because bad cholesterol lower and HDL increase.

Some Not Proven Benefits of Sugarcane Juice

Another monster is fake information about sugarcane juice. There are so many article in internet that said benefits of sugarcane but with no strong reason. Why we said it fake because we can not say it true or not. For the good benefits off course we hope it is true. But how if it wrong. Like many of this, namely:

  1. Prevents spread of the HIV;
  2. Prevents and reduce high blood pressure;
  3. Prevents alergies;
  4. Prevents hepatitis;
  5. Prevents blown;
  6. Prevents osteoforosis;
  7. Prevents food poisoning;
  8. Improve cognitive function;
  9. Remove exhaustion and fatigue;
  10. Reduce dangers of smoking;
  11. Reduce risk rheumatism and arthritis;
  12. Reduce stress;

Wait a minute we have talk about the nutrients and benefits. So actually do you Mas Bro and Mbak Bro sugarcane is look like?

So know, let us meet it. Sugarcane is like stick but can grow up. The shape is stems that can stand up. There is leaves with rough surface. Sweet sugercane is protect by a layer of super hard skin. This growing stick have mead rod segments. Something unique is the layer of hard skin is also covered by a bluish white powder. To enjoy the sweet stick it can be lost just rubbed gently. Better use a clean one. For best result use some water. For Mas Bro and Mbak Bro who never know sugercane is. For recognize is not hard actually. Eventhough when it is still young this sweet stick look like a wild grass. But after getting older it can grow until more than two meters with dry brown leaf. Changing of leaf colour is sign for harvest.

We have talk that consume sugarcane is very good in dry season and summer. But you can do something in your way to consume it in wet season. Remember do not make it too hot because can damage the substance.

One point that always emphasized from all the explanation is routine. Sugarcane can help us Mas Bro and Mbak Broo for better condition if consume often. It can help us to prevent diseases. So do not drink it after we got sicked. I will cure and healing. But again, better prevent than healing. Do you agree with that?

Something bad is not always bad
Anything good is not always good
Sugarcane is not our combad
Do not consume only when you mood


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