27 Health Benefits of Malay Apple #1 Top For Pregnant Woman

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Still in the theme of health benefits, now we will talks about health benefits of malay apple. Do you know something about malay apple? Yup. Malay Apple has a latin name Syzygium malaccense which is means came from Malaka. This fruits is not known where it come from. Some people said that is come from Java, Malaysia, or Sumatra. This fruit has a softer texture and more dense meat compared to the water apple.

In Indonesian, Malay Apple was known as “Jambu Bol”. But this name is not know which is come from. But the name of this fruit has a lot of name such as jambu bo, jambu jambak (Minangkabau), jambu bool (Sunda), nyambu bol (Bali), jambu bolo (Makassar), jambu bolu (Bugis), and jambu darsana, dersana, tersana (Java, Madura); kupa maaimu (North Sulawesi); nutune, lutune, lutu kau, rutuul (Maluku) and others. Before we talk more about health benefits of malay apple, better we talk about nutrient of malay apple.

Nutrients of Malaysian Apple

Malay apple fruit contains energy of 56 kilocalories, 0.6 grams of protein, 14.2 grams of carbohydrates, 0.3 grams of fat, 29 milligrams of calcium, 16 milligrams of phosphorus, and 1 milligram of iron. Also in the malay apple fruit also contain vitamin A as much as 130 IU, vitamin B1 0.02 milligrams and vitamin C 22 milligrams. The results were obtained from a study of 100 grams of malay apple fruit, with an edible amount of 67%.

After we know that much, now it is the time to talk about health benefits of malay apple. In order to make no mistake in understanding the health benefits of malay apple we provide detailed explanation of some of the usefulness of this fruit for your health. Here is the information.

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1. Treat Eyes Health

Do you have problems with the eyes? Maybe your body need vitamin A. Vitamin A on malay apple fruit is high enough. Benefits of this one can make your eyes health much better. With a healthy eye, your eyesight can be more clear and sharp.

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2. Nourish the skin

The benefits of cashew boll for the skin is quite a lot. In addition to nourish your skin, this fruit can also smooth and rubbery skin. The content of vitamin C and other minerals will prevent you from diseases, such as skin cancer.

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3. Smoothing Digestive

Are your digestive not health? Are you hard to defecate? Maybe your body lack of fibers. For those of you who often difficulty in defecate, you most likely lack of fiber. Benefits of malay apple for digestion can smooth your digestion because this fruit contains lots of fiber that is good for the digestive system of the body.

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4. Source of Carbohydrate

Are you sometimes feel hungry and not want to eat with rice as source of carbohydrate? You do not need much rice to get carbohydrates. Because the benefits of malay apple as a substitute for rice can give you a healthy source of energy. With 14.2 grams per 100 grams of malay apple, this fruit contains many carbohydrates that are enough for energy body.

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5. Strengthens bones

The iron in this fruit will help your bones become stronger. Benefits of this one will be more healthy for your bones, so you do not have to worry about osteoporosis or another bone problems.

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6. Increase Endurance

Maybe sometimes you feel your endurance is going down. No need to worry about it. With contained of 22 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams of malay apple, this gonna make your immune system stronger and fill the need of vitamin C in your body. Benefits of malay apple is able to get rid of various diseases that will attack your body health.

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7. Treating Sprue

If you are often get sprue, maybe your body lack of vitamin C. Because one of factor you get sprue is you lack of vitamin C. With contains 22 milligrams of vitamin C each 100 grams of malay apple, this gonna better for you to treat your sprue. This fruit has some vitamin content that can treat sprue and protect your oral cavity from infection.

8. Relieves fever

Malay apple can also be used as medicine to relieve fever. You can make the steeping of this fruit with warm water and give it to people with fever. Fever will gradually heal and fall.

9. Preventing diabetes

Malay apple fruit can prevent diabetes. This fruit serves as a substitute for regular sugar that you often consume. The content of sugar in the fruit tends to be low but still can meet the needs sugar of your body. So that your blood sugar levels can be more controlled.

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10. Overcome dysentery

For people with dysentery, trying natural medicine for your dysentery is can be a alternative. Malay apple fruit has the property to overcome dysentery. This disease is a contagious disease, it needs to be addressed as soon as possible so as not to spread rapidly.

11. Source of Antioxidant

With contains a lot of minerals and vitamin, especially vitamin C, malay apple can be source of essential antioxidants. With a lot of minerals and vitamin contains, this fruit will increase the antioxidant for your body. So you will more healthier to fight against any disease.

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Besides the health benefits of that, malay apple has another health benefits for pregnant women.

Another Malay Apple Benefits

Here are the list of another benefits of malay apple:

  1. As Sprue Medicine
    To treat a sprue, you can try to use the trunk of malay apple tree. Trunk of malay apple can be used as a sprue medicine, by just boiling the stem and drinking water.
  2. Increase Baby’s Appetite
    If your baby’s appetite is weak, maybe you can try this. Boil some water with young bark of malay and put it in the glass. And then add some sugar to gives some taste and drink it to the baby. It can increase baby’s appetite.
  3. Help Treat Wound on Tongue
    If your tongue is wound, you can try this to treat it. Pick up the dry leaves of malay apple and make it become powder. And apply it on the wound tongue.
  4. Herbal Medicine for Itching
    By using the root of malay apple, itching can be treated. So don’t  worry. But not only itching can treated by the root, but also swelling, relieving dysentery, shed the menstruation, abortif, and diuretics.
  5. Medicine for Fever
    To cooling down the fever, not only by drinking the boiled water from fruits of malay apple. But also from the leaves and it seeds too.
  6. As Skin Moisturizer
    To moisturize the skin, you can make it traditionally from the part of malay apple’s tree. Just using the leaves. Make become juice from leaves of malay apple and put it on the skin to moisturize it.
  7. Treat Common Disease
    The common disease in this subjects are constipation, diabetes, cough, headache and inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract. To treat that common disease, you can treat it by process the part of malay apple such as fruit, leaves, or others.
  8. As Antibiotics
    Seeds, bark, and leaves of malay apple show antibiotic activity and have an effect on blood pressure and breathing.
  9. Treat Oral Infection
    To treat oral infection in Samoa, some people in there use the leaves of malay apple with the way make it to juice.
  10. Treat Digestive Tract Disorder
    To treat digestive disorder, you can try using part of malay apple tree. With the extract of bark from malay apple tree, you can treat it. The extract of bark from malay apple tree can treat throat infections, and abdominal pain too.

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Malay Apple Fruit Benefits For Pregnant Women

Here are the list health benefits of malay apple for pregnant women:

  1. Controlling blood pressure in pregnant women
  2. Maintain the electrolysed balance that exists in the body of a pregnant woman
  3. Relieve muscle contractions to reduce the feeling of abdominal cramps and overcome nausea.
  4. Accelerate the development of red blood cells, which is needed during pregnancy
  5. Accelerate the absorption of iron needed by the body during pregnancy
  6. Strengthen the embryo
  7. Vitamins and minerals in malay apple fruit is a good natural antioxidants for pregnant women. Antioxidants are useful to prevent the growth of bacteria and germs that often attack pregnant women.
  8. The source of fiber needed pregnant women.Which fiber is very important for the digestive tract as well as defecating every day. And able to overcome constipation.

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So that is all the health benefits of malay apple fruit. But not only the fruit which has health benefits, but also another part of plant malay apple too.

So that is all about another health benefits of malay apple. Maybe that information be useful for your knowledge to keep healthy with using the health benefits around us. Healthy lifestyle will benefit you in the future, because health today is expensive. Good luck.

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