16 Top Health Benefits of Water Apple (No.1 is Awesome!)

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Still with theme about health and benefits, this time we will discuss about water apple. Do you know about water apple? Water apple is a fruit that contains a lot of water from any others jambu. This fruit is come from Southeast Asia. This fruit usually we meet within garden or someplace near house, especially in Indonesia. Maybe because of easy to plant, this plant always we meet.

Water apple is easy to eat. Because this fruit no need to peel from it’s skin or something like that. You can eat this fruit directly, makes some sweets from it, or make it become juice. Although this fruit looks like a simple one, this fruit contains many minerals and vitamin.

Nutrients Value of Water Apple  

After some research, water apple contains many minerals and vitamin. The minerals and vitamins are water, vitamin C, vitamin A, proteins, calories, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, citric acid, copper, sodium, fiber, copper, niacin, manganese, sulfuric acid, and many more. Maybe more specific is like this:

In 100 grams of water apple contains:
Water93 g
Energy25 kcal
Protein0.6 g
Total lipid (fat)0.3 g
Ash0.4 g
Carbohydrate5.7 g
Calcium, Ca29 mg
Iron, Fe0.07 mg
Magnesium, Mg5 mg
Phosphorus, P8 mg
Potassium, K123 mg
Zinc, Zn0.06 mg
Copper, Cu0.016 mg
Manganese, Mn0.029 mg
Vitamin C,22.3 mg
Thiamin0.02 mg
Riboflavin0.03 mg
Niacin0.8 mg
Vitamin A, RAE17 mcg_RAE
And another minerals like : protein, iron, calcium, phosphorus, citric acid and sulfuric acid. So, we are not wondering again if this fruit can have a lot of benefits for our body. After we know the minerals and vitamins that inside of water apple, let’s we talk about the health benefits of  water apple.

Water Apple has a lot of vitamin A, vitamin C, fibers, waters, and many more. All the minerals and vitamins give this fruit a lot of health benefits, especially for our body. So let’s we check out about it.

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1. Controlling Diabetes

Are you have diabetes? Or maybe you a little worry about this generous disease, because one of your family have it? With this fruit, you can controls this generous disease or prevent from it. Because this fruit has a natural sugar, so it will not break sugar composition in your own blood. And especially this fruit contains jambosine.

Jambosine? What is it? Jambosine is some kind of alkaloid that show something awesome, especially for diabetics. Because this substance can prevent or controls essence become sugar in blood. This is the good news from you and any others people with diabetes. A more research about this substance is still on progress about jambosine to controls blood sugar.

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2. Healthful Digestion

Maybe sometimes your digestion a little not health, don’t worry. With a lot of contains fibers, this fruit can help about this. With a lot of contains fibers, it will help make the body easier to organize food travel through the digestive tract, eliminating constipation as it is also found in the benefits of guava. And with you consume water apple, it will prevent your digestion from diarrhea, constipation, and others.

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3. Prevent from Cancer

Do you know about cancer? Yup. Cancer is some kind of disease that until now not knowing what cause of it. But there is a chance to prevent from cancer. Just eat water apple. Why? Because there are some active compounds inside water apple which contain benefits of vitamin C and benefits of vitamin A, that well known as cancer medicine and effective prevent from cancer. Some research and traditional methods claim that prostate cancer and breast cancer, reduce with add water apple in the menu diet.


4. Detoxification

With all the minerals and vitamins that inside the water apple, it can be a effective detoxification to clear toxins inside our body. Some people believes that if we consume it every day, it can make our body stronger to fight any toxins that cause some disease.

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5. Health The Heart

In this modern ages, almost every people have a high cholesterol. So it will disturb metabolism of the heart. But water apple can increase the metabolism of heart. With combine of fibers and nutrition inside of water apple that has show significant effect about amount of cholesterol too. For some research, water apple can prevent complication of cardiovascular like heart attack, stroke, and coronary heart.

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6. Health Eyes

Are sometimes your eyes not very well? Are sometimes your eyes not health like used too? It can caused by less of vitamin A. You can heal it by eat water apple. And not only for you whom have not healthy eyes, but for normal people too. For normal people, water apple can clear your sight too. Because water apple have a high composition of vitamin A.

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7. Improve system Immune

With active component and stable inside of water apple have connected with antimicrobials effects and anti-fungal. Some research have prove it that thing can protect our skin from infection development and also increase the possibility of our immune system from any disease that caused by infection.

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8. Health The Bone

Within the 100 grams of water apple contains 29 mg of calcium. Calcium is one of important substance which needed by the bone. With enough calcium can make the bone stronger and healthier than before. So if you eat this fruit everyday, it can improve your bone condition. It can make your bone stronger and healthier than before you eat it everyday.

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9. Defend from Free Radical

Did you know about free radical? Yup. That’s it. It is a substance that can cause any disease, like heart attack, kidney disorder, premature aging, and many others. But water apple can defend from free radical. Why? Because water apple contains vitamin C and any others vitamin that need to create natural antioxidants. With natural antioxidants, you can defend free radical.

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10. Solve The Dehydration

Are sometimes you feel a little tired? Are you feel a more thirstier? Are your urine become darker? Are your mouth more drier than usual? And you usually not drinking enough as standard your body? Don’t worry about it. Just eat water apple. Because in 100 grams of water apple contains 93 grams of water. This is good news for you. It will help you solve about dehydration and meet the water needs as standard body.

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11. Clean up The Kidney

The next benefits of water apple is clean up the kidney. Because inside of water apple there are a lot of minerals and water where if we eat water apple every day can fulfill standard of the body. So it can improve the metabolism of kidney and help the kidney to clean itself from urea and urine acid which contains inside of our body.

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12. As Facial and Skin Treatment

Are you worried about premature aging? Are you worry about wrinkles? Are you worry about your skin health? So why you not eat water apple? Because inside of water apple, there is a lot of vitamin C. In every 100 grams of water apple contains 22.3 mg of vitamin C. Vitamin C have a lot more benefits than we know. It can help repair cells inside our body, and help repair the damage cell. Because our skin is more often happen regeneration cell, so vitamin C has very important effects to repair our skin and then makes our skin look like more bright and younger than usual.


13. Treat Sprue

Sometimes we usually have a sprue. It can caused by a lot of factor. But one of the factor is that we usually not met up the standard of vitamin C for the body. It can cause it. But do you remember that water apple contains vitamin C? Yup. In every 100 grams of water apple contains 22.3 mg of vitamin C. It much enough. So it you eat it regularly, you will not have a sprue again.

So that’s all about the health benefits of water apple. But do you know that water apple tree, not only the fruit, have health benefits too?

Water Apple Tree Benefits

After we discuss about the water apple fruit, we will discuss about the health benefits of water apple tree. In this time, we not discuss the fruit, just part of the tree.

  1. Seed of Water Apple
    The seed have health benefits too. One of it is to cure diarrhea. The steps are: dry the seed as long as 4 days until it really dry. Make it become powder, and drink it. It can help you cure diarrhea. But not only diarrhea, also can control asthma and cooling down fever.
  2. Flower of Water Apple
    Flowers that was combine with it leaves can controlling itching due to smallpox. And part of it flowers which have sweets aroma can cooling down fever too.
  3. Bark of Water Apple
    The bark can help people with bronchitis, asthma, and hoarseness. The steps are dry it and boil it water, after that drink it.

Water Apple Cautions

Besides of the health benefits, water apple contains cyanide too. So be careful if you want diet with this fruit or to cure something. I recommend that you need consult with the doctor about diet with this or cure something.

So that is all about water apple. There are many health benefits of water apple. Water apple is special fruit from Asia lands and contains many vitamins and mineral for health. Indeed, you may try to consume water apple fruit then, much like an apple. Hope you enjoy it. See you next time.

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