30 Scientific Health Benefits of Chikoo – Medical Uses – Beauty Treatments

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chikooChikoo or commonly known as the sapodilla is the evergreen tree native to Southern Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central America. This fruit also has the name as Manilkara zapota as its scientific name. Chikoo is the name of this fruit in India and is also known a ‘chiku’ in Hindi and ‘sapota’ in Telugu. This fruit can also be found in the Philippines, West Indies, Bermuda, and the Florida Keyes.

This fruit has brown fuzzy skin with the oval shape and has the yellowish brown flesh. The skin and the seeds of chikoo are inedible the flesh has the soft and juicy texture with a sweet and musky flavor. As the consequence, chikoo can be eaten fresh with the seeds removed or it can be used to make many kinds of desserts as well.

Consequently, we might feel unfamiliar to this fruit, yet, it has sweet and delicious flavor as well. Moreover, it is known that this fruit is loaded with best nutrients such as fructose and sucrose for boosting the body energy. Not only for that, chikoo is a storehouse of beneficial nutrients and antioxidants. Fro instance, if you consume 100 grams of this fruit, you will get the great source of vitamins and minerals. As the consequence, to know more about this fruit, then you can have a look at the nutritional facts of chikoo below.

Nutritional Facts of Chikoo

InformationAmount per 100 g% Daily Value
Total Fat1.1 g1 %
 Saturated Fat0.2 g
 Polyunsaturated Fat0 g
 Monounsaturated Fat0.5 g
Cholesterol0 mg0%
Sodium12 mg0%
Potassium193 mg5%
Total Carbohydrate20 g6%
Protein0.4 g0%
Vitamin A    1%Vitamin C  24%Iron         4%
Vitamin B-6  0%Calcium  2%Magnesium  3%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.


After that, to give you more detail information about chikoo, thus we also have listed the health benefits of chikoo below.

1.Source of Vitamin C

Chikoo is a great fruit which provides an abundant amount of vitamin C. it is known that vitamin C plays a main role in maintaining overall body health. At this point, it becomes a powerful antioxidant to protect the body against risks of certain diseases. As a result, it is beneficial to promote the blood circulation and skin health as well. For the tips, you can also consume chikoo together with other vitamin c foods like berries and green vegetables for sure. Indeed, the will help you to fulfill the needs of vitamin C nutrients in the body which help to result in best health results.

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2.Source of Vitamin A

Not only for providing the source of vitamin C, but chikoo is also good at providing the ideal amount of vitamin A. With vitamin A, chikoo is valuable to promote the eyes health and good vision. What is even great from vitamin A is its capability in supporting the immune system. Also, it is an essential vitamin which plays a role in promoting the body cell growth. Thus, by consuming chikoo regularly, you will get a good range of unexpected health benefits for sure.

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3.Source of Calcium

Calcium is the vital nutrient which is useful to promote the bone density and structure. At this point, many people consume milk regularly in order getting the best health benefits of calcium. However, one that is sure is chikoo provides the great amount of calcium too so that you can choose chikoo as your food option. Then, as chikoo provides calcium in it, thus you can build the stronger bones as well as preventing certain bone diseases like osteoporosis.


4.Source of Iron

Another health benefit of chikoo is that it provides the iron source. Iron is a vital minerals wich help maintaining the body regulation and function as well. As the consequence, chikoo is beneficial to promote the red blood cells and hemoglobin production. There, you can consume chikoo together with another iron foods such as seafood and beans to fulfill the iron needs in the body. Otherwise, deficiency of iron may lead to certain health problems including anemia and chronic fatigue.

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5.Source of Magnesium

As you can see on the table above, chikoo provides a good source of magnesium nutrients. As a result, magnesium has a vital role in regulating the body function it helps to calm the nerves and anxiety. Also, it regulates the muscles aches and spasm. Thus, you need to consume magnesium foods like chikoo regularly to promote the body function for sure.


6.High in Fiber

Being rich in fiber makes chikoo beneficial for improving the work of digestion system. Also, dietary fiber will help to prevent the presence of indigestion and constipation. Even, it reduces the risks of getting certain digestion problems such as bloating and vomiting. Indeed, chikoo can be used as the natural laxative as well as maintaining the good digestion system.

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7.Aids in Digestion

As explained before, chikoo provides a good source of fiber, thus it is beneficial to promote the digestion system. Therefore, you can consume fiber foods like chikoo and other green vegetables to support the health of digestion system.

8.High in Sodium

Chikoo provides the sodium nutrient to the body which is valuable to promote enzymes operation in the body. Also, it maintains the muscle contraction and the fluid level in the body. Hence, you can consume sodium foods like chikoo to help the osmoregulation process. Yet, you should consume sodium foods in moderate since the high amount of sodium can affect in bloodstreams and lead to certain health problems.


9.High in Potassium

Being high in potassium makes chikoo a good fruit which is helpful to prevent the risks of certain diseases. One of health benefits of potassium is the way it maintains the level of blood pressure and prevents the heart and kidney disorders. Moreover, potassium is valuable to promote the muscle building, body metabolism, and nervous system. As the consequence, you can consume chikoo together with other potassium foods such as avocado and sweet potato as well.

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10.No Cholesterol Contained

As shown in the table above, chikoo contains no cholesterol at all. Them it is a good news for you who watches the cholesterol level in the body. Also, consuming chikoo is a good way as it prevents the high cholesterol level in the body. Moreover, it will prevent the risks of getting heart disease as well.


11.Source of Antioxidants

Chikoo offers you a great range of health benefits as it contains tannin which is the powerful antioxidant. This antioxidant nutrient help to prevent the damage of free radicals. Also, it protects the body against the risks of certain diseases. Therefore, chikoo acts as antibacterial and anti-inflammatory as well.


12.Have Antibacterial Properties

As described before, chikoo contain the great antioxidant inside. Moreover, it is also known that chikoo provides polyphenolic antioxidants which act as anti-bacterial. This antioxidant destroys the harmful free radicals damage and maintaining the overall body health. What is even great from antibacterial properties is the way it becomes the natural treatment for diarrhea and other infections. In the same way, the tree bark of chikoo can help to deal with diarrhea or dysentery as well.

13.Acts as Anti-Inflammatory

Having antioxidant nutrients enables chikoo to act as the anti-inflammatory. Chikoo contains tannins to prevent the presence of bad inflammation including arthritis, irritated bowel, and gastric disorders. What is even great is the wy chikoo protects the body from carcinogenic toxins. Thus, now you may want to consume chikoo for the food option as it offers you tons of benefits for sure.


14.Boosts Metabolism System

As described, chikoo do the great things to support the body health. It supports the antioxidant nutrients and acts as an anti-inflammatory. These benefits are very valuable to boost the metabolism system. Indeed, all we need is the great protection from the damage of environmental stress. Then, chikoo comes with the great nutrients contained and is ready to help you. Then, having chikoo as your option will be always a good option as it is good t support the metabolic body activities.

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15.Source of Energy

As you can see on the table above, chikoo provides a good amount of carbohydrate which it is good the sake of body health. With carbohydrate, it will help to promote the energy level in the body. Indeed, with the ideal amount of energy level, your daily work could be done with the best result for sure.

16.Promotes Heart Health

It is known that chikoo contains vitamin E and has a chemical compound called alpha-tocopherol. As the consequence, this compound shows the positive result in promoting the heart health. Moreover, with this great compound, it is also beneficial to reduce the risks of heart diseases as well.


17.Prevents Gout and Cataract

Rich in vitamins makes chikoo a good candidate as the health booster. As one of health benefits of chikoo, vitamin C, and vitamin A contained in child helps to improve the eyes health and good vision. Also, it improves the body immune system and protects against the presence of gout and cataract.


18.Treats Cough and Cold

As chikoo acts as the anti-inflammatory, then it is beneficial to be a natural treatment for a cough and cold. At this point, chikoo can help to relieve the congestion and the phlegm and mucous formation as well. Then, if you want to have a natural treatment for a cough and cold, thus picking chikoo is the one that should be taken into account.

19. Have Diuretic Properties

Surprisingly, chikoo acts as a natural diuretic. The way chikoo works is by removing the waste products by applying the frequent urination. This process also helps to deal with kidney stones. Moreover, if you consume chikoo regularly, then your body will be free from toxins as well as preventing risks of diseases including kidney diseases as well.

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20.Good for Lactating Mothers

Every mother wishes the best for their baby. As the consequence, pregnant women should consume the good foods in order giving the best nutrient to their baby. In another hand, the presence of folic acid in chikoo will help to promote the lactating mothers. It is now that folic acid helps to promote the red blood cells formation. As a result, it is good for lactating mothers.

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21.Prevents Cancer

One of great health benefits of chikoo is the way it prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body. This benefit is linked wth the presence of antioxidants in chikoo. It is known that antioxidants contained in chikoo will help to protect the body against carcinogenic toxins. Indeed, with great vitamins and minerals in chikoo, then they make a barrier protection from the risks of chronic diseases like cancer.


22.Promotes Mental Health

It is shown that chikoo becomes a potent sedative which is valuable to all the nerves and promotes the mental health. With great vitamins and minerals, chikoo is great to prevent the symptoms of stress and depression. Furthermore, it is great to prevent the anxiety and insomnia as well. Then, consuming chikoo will give you great health benefits as it will promote your mental health.


23.Reduces Tooth Cavities

Due to the presence of high latex content in chikoo, then this fruit shows the positive result in reducing the tooth cavities. With high latex content, then chikoo is beneficial to promote the dental health as well.

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24.Relieves Insect Bite

If you suffer from the insect bite, then choosing chikoo as the natural treatment is such the best way. All you have to do is applying the paste form of chikoo seeds to the skin areas. Such a great benefit, isn’t it?

25.Relieves Muscle Spasm

Another health benefit of chikoo is the way it becomes a great antispasmodic. It is known that with this benefit, it will help to deal with pains and muscle spasms for sure. Indeed, chikoo is such a natural treatment for many kinds of diseases. Then, having this fruit in your refrigerator will help you a lot then.

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Now you know the health benefits of chikoo. Then, not only providing the health benefits, still, it has more benefits you may never expect. Furthermore, if you are curious about this fruit, then you can read the following statements about beauty benefits of chikoo below.

Chikoo for Beauty Treatments

26.Promotes Glow Skin

It is known that chikoo is rich in vitamin A and vitamin C so that these antioxidants is great to promote the beauty skin. At this point, vitamins contained in chikoo help to reduce the presence of blemishes and skin spots. As a result, it promotes the glowing skin and fair complexion as well.

27.Moisturizes the Skin

If you want to have the bright and fair skin, then choosing chikoo as the way out is such the great option. Due to the presence of vitamin C and vitamin E, chikoo will hep moisturizing the skin. Consuming this fruit regularly will help to get the healthy and beauty skin.

28.Prevents Earlier Aging

Not only for providing the vitamins for beauty skin, but chikoo also helps to prevent earlier aging. This benefit is associated with the presence of antioxidants which reduce the damage of free radicals in the body. This benefit is also responsible for reducing the sign of aging process including the fine lines and wrinkles on the face. Hence, using natural beauty treatment is such a very best way to have.

29.Removes Warts

It is shown that the use of chikoo plant can be used for removing warts. This benefit is linked with antimicrobial properties which chikoo has provided. Indeed, with the proper use of chikoo, it will prevent the fungal growth on the skin.

30.Promotes Hair Health

Another beauty benefit of chikoo is the way it promotes the hair health. It is known that chikoo seeds oil will help to promote the soft and silky hair. Also, chikoo is great for promoting te hair growth as well as reducing the occurrence of hair fall. For the tips, you can use the combination of chikoo paste and olive oil to be applied as hair shampoo or hair mask as well. As the consequence, with the regular use of chikoo, then you can have the healthy and beauty hair for sure.


Then, after knowing about the benefits of chikoo, let’s have a look at the tips for consuming chikoo below.

Tips for Consuming

  • If you want to shop chikoo fruit, then select the one with the fresh, smooth, and has the brown color. Avoid the one which has wrinkles, spots, or bruised skins. Then, to check the ripening of the fruit, you can gently press the thumb on the fruit.
  • After that, store chikoo at room temperature and keep them in the container or in a cool and dry place. Moreover, you can keep it in the refrigerator. It is also advised to consume this fruit within 4 days of buying
  • You can eat chikoo fruit as the fresh fruit bu peel out the skin and remove the seeds out. For the recipe tips, you can use chikoo to make smoothies, ice creams, syrups, and milkshakes as well.
  • Last, it is better to consume chikoo in moderate since the over consumption of this fruit may lead to the breath problems and ulcer in the mouth due to the presence of sour chemicals like latex and tannins. Also, it may cause the abdominal pain.

As the conclusion, to have a healthier body, then you can consume chikoo as your fruit option. Indeed, by eating chikoo, then you have succeeded to add the great package of essential nutrients to the body. So, it is time to have chikoo at your food table for getting the best health results as well!

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