24 Health Benefits of Sweet Basil Seeds (#Proven)

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You should get used to sweet basil. Perhaps you have found many of these sweet basil seeds as a mixture and complement of various cold drinks. For those of you who do not know, basil seeds are small black and outside. Clear white color, almost the size of sesame. The seeds of sweet basil came from the dried basil flower and the seeds moistened the white whiteness that sat beside it.

Sweet basil has the Latin name ocinum which is a structured division of plantea and is a native of Thailand. This plant is widely used in the seeds, leaves and fruit. Leaves that function as spices with a distinctive aroma that is fragrant, langu, sweet, and refreshing.

In the country of China, sweet basil seeds have long been used for various alternative medicine that cures various diseases. Chinese people believe sweet basil seeds can relieve fever, decrease heat in the body, cure insect bites, increase appetite and treat cough.

In addition to having a delicious taste and curious for those who have never consume, sweet basil seeds are consumed at any time without adversely affecting health. The most appropriate time and is recommended to consume drinks or foods of based sweet basil’s seed at night.

One of the most popular types of basil in Indonesia is basil. In general, many Indonesian people use this basil on the leaves as spice and vegetable herbs, while the seeds to mix a variety of ice drinks. Not only as a complement of cold drinks, can not be denied seeds basil has a variety of good content in it so that the functions and properties are also many.

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Nutrient Content of Basil

Various good content contained in seed basil among them eugenol, tymol, metal eugenol, vitamins, fats, and fiber. Eugamol acts as a fungicide in the body, tymol has a repellent function or an insect repellent, antibiotics against bacteria, and metal eugenol as attractant or attractant. In addition there is also the essential oil content in seed basil consisting of linalool, methyichavicol, citral, geraniol, ocimenen, 1.8 cincole, encalyptole, himonene, eugenol methylether, furfural, methyl cinnamate, and farnesol. This content is very good for health and beauty of skin and face.

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1. Reduce the adverse effects of nicotine

By eating seed basil then can minimize the negative effects of nicotine in the body are mostly obtained from the inhalation of cigarette smoke. Not only the seeds, basil leaves also have the same benefits in minimizing the effects of nicotine in the body.

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2. Strengthen the immune system in the body

The content of vitamin C and antioxidants in seed basil is what plays an important role in improving and strengthen immunity in the human body.

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3. Heals constipation and flatulence

The carminative effects contained in sweet basil seeds function to cure various digestive problems such as flatulence, cramps, constipation and difficult bowel movements. It also can cure stomach ulcers by consuming 5 grams of basil seeds boiled with 200cc water and 1sdm extra honey in the every morning and evening.

4. Treat cough

Antispasmodic in seed basil can help heal whooping cough. Therefore, do not be surprised if many people use this seed basil for expectorant and cough medicine by mixing basil seeds on a cup of tea that can also thin the sputum.

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5. Relieve stress

Basil flower seed is not rarely used as an aromatherapy material because it has a calming effect and can improve mood. In addition, basil seeds or basil flower seeds can cure fatigue, tense nerves, migrants and reduce depression. Way by brewing 5gr seeds basil on 200 cc of water then drink while still warm and mixed honey and lime to taste.

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6. Relieves respiratory problems

Consuming a ginger drink with a mixture of seed basil and honey can be a natural remedy in overcoming respiratory problems such as asthma and bronchitis. The trick is to boil ginger and seeds with a glass of water simultaneously then add honey to taste and drink while still warm.

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7. Heals wounds and infections on the skin

Basil seeds contain natural oils that can be used to help heal wounds and infections on the skin such as burns.

8. Lowering blood sugar levels

Research on Sutter Gould Medical Foundation proves that basil seeds can help normalize blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes. Not only that, basil seeds are also effective in controlling appetite.

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9. Strengthen bones

Anti-inflammatory found in plants one is able to healing arthritis disease. Calcium contained in basil seeds can also increase bone density and prevent porous bone.

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10. Can Control hunger

For those who are on a diet program, basil seeds can be used as an alternative to resisting hunger for people on a diet. Fiber contained in seed basil is what makes full longer but still healthy intestine because it inhibits the conversion of starch into sugar and reduce the absorption of toxins in the body.

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11. Helps to overcome insomnia

Difficulty sleeping this one is experienced by many people. By regularly consuming foods and beverages containing seeds basil then can reduce the feeling of excessive restlessness or insomnia. One of the best health benefits of sweet basil seeds. 

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12. Heals toothache

By drinking the stew 10gr seeds basil mixed with 4 grains of cloves can help relieve toothache. Drink while still warm.

13. Heals headaches

By consuming 5 grams of basil seeds that have been boiled with hot water and extra honey then it can relieve headaches.

14. Streamlining the blood circulation

In addition to its properties that can accelerate blood circulation in the body, basil seeds also accelerate the sweat out, improve the performance of the heart that neutralize and remove toxins, urine, and reduce fever and heat within.

15. Useful for pregnant women

For mothers who are pregnant young usually often experience a fever or deep heat. Seed beans can be utilized to cope with the inner heat of pregnant women. However, if the heat and fever is too high should be brought to the doctor because of harmful data for fetal health.

The benefits of basil as described above also apply to pregnant women, such as reducing restlessness, overcoming insomnia, overcoming digestive problems, blood circulation, relieving seizures, relieving pain, urine and sweat, cleansing toxins in the body, and increasing Immune system. One of the best health benefits of sweet basil seeds. 

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16. Usefulness as an anti-inflammatory

Basil has the same effectiveness as aspirin and ibuprofen. In addition, basil indeed will not irritate the stomach because in this herbaceous plant there are elements that will prevent injury in the body. All parts of the seeds basil can be used from the leaves, stems, stalks, flowers, seeds and essential oils it contains to treat various diseases both physical and psychological.

17. Prevent Hypertension

You must already know hypertension. Yes, that’s right, hypertension is a condition where blood pressure in the body goes beyond normal limits. The impact is you will be faster angry, often dizzy, and so forth. One solution that you can take is to consume seed basil regularly, because the properties of these seeds can smooth circulation or blood circulation.

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18. As an antioxidant

Antioxidants have a quite important function in everyday life. These antioxidants play a role in maintaining the immune system (immune system) that can ward off free radicals and also prevent the body from disease. So it can be concluded that seed basil can greatly improve the immune system or the body’s defense system to the fullest.

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19. As Analgesic

This trait is helpful in relieving the pain or pain caused by certain types of diseases. Like one example is dizziness, migraine, wound outside the skin, and also other symptoms such as rheumatism, stroke and so forth. One of the best health benefits of sweet basil seeds. 

20. Maintaining Kidney Health

One of the most important organs in the body is the kidney whose function is to regulate the secretion in humans. If kidney health is impaired, such as the presence of stones or known as bladder stones, other health problems may arise and require more serious treatment. So just in case there is good if you consume seed basil regularly.

21. Relieve Stomach Bloating

If you are wrong in consuming food or in a state of being not optimal, may be puffed or bloated in the stomach you will experience. This may also be due to the rise of stomach acid, which has a negative impact on health. If you have an ulcer problem, maybe basil can be a more efficient way when compared to chemical drugs.

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22. Anti-inflammatory

Basil seeds have good properties in overcoming inflammation or swelling especially in the stomach. Suitable for ulcer patients and also reduce swelling found in other digestive tract.

23. Helps soothe and moisturize facial skin

In using basil seeds as a beauty ingredient, then mashed up the seed basil until smooth, brewed with enough hot water, stir to cool then use as a scrub on the face and do once a day before the afternoon bath.

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24. Reduces eye dot

These symptoms may arise because the eyes are tired, often stay up and also because of other activities that make the eyes work more minimal. It is not surprising that eye bags are a common problem that requires special handling. But you do not need to be complicated to overcome this, because by just consuming the seed basil alone this problem you can handle yourself at home.

Indeed, there are many health benefits of sweet basil seeds. Thus, this seeds is so popular in Indonesia as compliment of beverage taste. Indeed, you can mix it with juice, soda, or iced tea. Well, hope this articel is useful for you.

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