20 Health Benefits of Chili Leaves – Medical – Beauty – Culinary Uses

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Chili is well-known as spicy herbs and spices that usually contains in food as seasoning. Thus, the world’s hottest chili is Carolina Reaper that peaks at 2.2 Million SHU. Yet. there are many types of chili that usually uses in Asia culinary. Thus, we all know about the Health Benefits of Chili but you never that chili leaves also has its benefits.  Chili leaves (capsicum) is the flowering plant that is cultivated since a long ago. Nevertheless, people don’t know that chili leaves also contains some vitamins and minerals. As a result, here is the health benefits of chili leaves that you should now.

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Most of people throw the chili leaves and just take its chili as they though chili leaves are just useless. Then, after reading this article you may take the chili leaves for its advantages.

1. Treats Arthritis 

Arthritis is common happen to elderly above 55 years old. Thus, this disease causes swollen and stiffness in joints. For the patients, arthritis can be worse that effects body movements. Indeed, chili leaves can help to treat arthritis as it contains high inflammatory properties.

2. Treats Shingles 

What is shingles disease? Shingles is skin disorder that happens due to virus, it’s the same virus that causes smallpox. Also, shingles is likely scabies on skin. Then, chili leaves can be used to treat shingles as it has the source of inflammatory.

3. Cleans Toxin 

Then, our body conducts of toxin from all sources such as food or anything. Thus, chili leaves have the anti septic properties that able to heal you from food poisoning. Also, to heal skin disorder such as ringworm, fungi diseases, or help from injuries.

4. Healthy Diet 

Chili has been known as the great source for diet menu. Also, chili leaves can help you promoting healthy diet. Indeed, chili leaves contain a low fat and calories. Then, you may use it as your alternative weight loss treatment. Well, how to do it? You can take dried chili leaves for three or four leaves. Then, boil it with water and you may add it with lime or lemon water. So, drink it straight in the morning.


5. Lowers Cholesterol Level

There two type of cholesterol which are good cholesterol (HDL) and bad cholesterol (LDL). Thus, the high level of cholesterol can cause you a serious disease like heart attack. Meanwhile, the low fat and low calories in chili leaves may help you to lower cholesterol level.

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6. Boots Immune System 

One more health benefits of chili leaves is to boost immune system. As chili leaves contain the source of phytochemcials and phenolic acids. These sources are used to boosts immune system and as well as preventing us from diseases.

7. Source Antioxidant 

Indeed, antioxidant is all we need to kill free radicals that cause us bad things in body. Well, chili leaves contain the high source of antioxidant which is the source to prevent cancer, cataract, cardiovascular diseases and more. Indeed, we may consume the leaves to get extra anti oxidants source.

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8. Produces Insulin 

It is important for diabetes type 1 patients. Indeed, pepper leaves contain photochemical. It boosts pancreatic cells to produce insulin in diabetes cases. Then, the trials also proven that the chili leaves can reduce the LDL level.

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9. Indigestion Treatment – You can cure indigestion with chili leaves. Thus, boil the fresh chili leaves and drink it after meals.

10. Cures Fever – You can also cure fever with this traditional medical treatment. By then, mashed chili leaves mixed with lettuce oil and apply it on your forehead.

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11. Heals Wound – The chili leaves is used for dressing wound. It’s used as traditional and fast cure.

12. The Nutrient Sources – The chili leaves contain great sources of Vitamins and Minerals. They are Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin B1, B2, Iron, calcium, potassium.

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Thus, there are many health benefits of chili leaves in medical applications that we now know.

Beauty Treatments with Chili Leaves

Indeed, chili leaves also beneficial to promote your beauty.

13. Prevents Acne – Acne is common skin disorder that caused by hormones or bacteria. Indeed, you can use chili leaves as your traditional facial mask to Prevent Acne and Pimples Naturally. Well, that is How to Get Rid of Acne for sure.

14. As Scrubs – Here we go for a great traditional scrub. You may just crush the fresh chili leaves and apply it to you hands, feet, and body. It works to nourish skin.

15. Facial Mask – One more beauty trick with chili leaves is worth for facial mask. How to do it? You can mix the chili leaves with rice water. Then, apply to face about fifteen minutes.

16. Mouth Wash – This is the traditional trick for your mouth was. How to make it? Boil the fresh leaves and take it. You can then just wash your mouth with the liquid. It will freshen your mouth and breathe.

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17. Skin Disorder – Then, you may experiences skin disorder like small bump by insect bites such as mosquitoes. Well, the alternative way to fix it it’s by applying the chili leaves to your red bump skin.

18. Shaving – Believe it or not, chili leaves can help you shave off from armpit hair.

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Meanwhile, it’s shocking that chili leaves are also good for some beauty treatments that none of us ever though before. Now, you may try.

Chili Leaves as Culinary Uses

It’s only its chili that used in culinary uses. As it said, chili adds the original spicy taste that you may love. Thus, chili leaves it’s also good in culinary applications in many Asia countries.

19. Food Dressing – Chili leaves used as food dressing in many tasty food. Likewise, Indian foods, Thai food, some of Indonesian food and also most of Asia dishes use chili leaves for their top dressing on the plates. As it is, chili leaves have a bitter taste but it is okay to mix it with another food to balance the taste.

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20. Additional Herbs and Spices – Indeed, in many region people add chili leaves as their seasonings. Likewise, some Korea, Japanese, and Filipino dishes add chili leaves in their menus. The food like kimchi, dahon ng sili, and some soups are tasty with chili leaves addition seasoning on the last minute of cooking. Thus, you may never thought about it before but chili leaves make the curry more tasteful.

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As a result, chili leaves are amazingly beneficial for our body. Indeed, you can use it for medical, beauty tricks, and also culinary uses. That’s so great to know the health benefits of chili leaves. Now, let’s take a look to the herbal recipes below.

How to Process the Chili Leaves Herbal Tea

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Meanwhile, here is the ingredients and steps to process herbal drink from chili leaves:

  1. Take three till four chili leaves, the fresh leaves.
  2. Clean the leaves.
  3. Boil the water, about 300 ml for one serving.
  4. Grind the chili leaves.
  5. Then, put the grilled chili leaves to the boiling water.
  6. If it’s done, strain the water.
  7. Pour it to your cup and it’s almost ready.
  8. Add honey to make it perfect.
  9. The chili leaves herbal tea is ready to drink.

Meanwhile, for overall wellness then you may drink the chili leaves herbal tea once a day in the morning. As a result, there are many health benefits of chili leaves that we can take. For now, we may take its benefits. Nevertheless, it is not easy to find chili leaves, likewise, the fresh ones. As people in the store do not sale chili with its leaves. By the way, you may start to plant it or ask them to store the chili leaves too. Some traditional market may sell the chili leaves fresh with its spicy chili.

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