All Things You Should Know About the Health Benefits of Periwinkle Snails

Periwinkle snail is a seafood that is generally eaten in the Asian mainland as well as the southern part of Nigeria. It is deductively called Littorina littoral. This little eatable ocean snail has an operculum and gills. When eaten, depending on how it is prepared, it tastes so sweet and fulfilling.  As a result of […]

Let’s Find Out The Health Benefits of Oysters

Seafood has many benefits for the body if you consume it correctly and regularly. This is because seafood, like the health benefits of crayfish, contains a variety of essential nutrients. Check out what benefits you can get from consuming seafood. There is a wide variety of seafood, such as fish, shrimp, squid, and others. Seafood […]

Unpredictable Health Benefits of Nigerian Periwinkle

One of the unique culinary in the world which contains many health benefits is Nigerian periwinkle. Also called Littorina littorea, is a type of small sea slug that can be eaten. This small animal can be found in various countries with tropical climates such as Asia and Africa. However, the country famous for its cuisine […]

10 Health Benefits of Canned Tuna in Water

Tuna is one of the sea fish that holds many benefits for the body. Tuna is included in the category of large fish because its weight can reach 680 kg. Even though its body is big, tuna is easy to process and has a thick and soft meat texture. Some of the nutrients contained in […]

12 Superior Prawns Benefits for Skin Health and Skin Appearance

Everyone knows that prawns are rich with protein. But not all people aware that there also prawns benefits for skin health. Most of the people thinking that high protein level can cause allergies, mainly in the skin area. But apparently, some researches find that prawn will benefit for the skin on healthy people that able […]

15 Special Benefits of Gelfilte Fish for Brain Optimization

A portion of food might have a long tradition together with its advantage. The same way happens about the benefits of Gelfilte fish. A kind of traditional tradition in Jewish to serve the fish in a certain manner for celebrating Sabat holidays. Therefore, inside the unique way of cooking, there are several gains for health […]

Amazing Health Benefits of Lobster Tail that May Surprise You!

When talking about the tastiest shelled marine creature, lobster is probably on the top of the list of seafood. However, there are a lot of people prefer to avoid consuming lobster because this kind of seafood is closely associate with some chronic diseases such as cardiovascular conditions and cholesterol. What Is Lobster and What Nutrients […]

Unexpected Health Benefits of Squid Ink Pasta – You Must Try!

Squid ink pastas are basically classic egg and wheat pasta coloured with black squid ink. It is also a rather versatile dish because there are squid ink-coloured versions of different types of pasta, such as spaghetti, fettucine, gnocchi as well as fusilli. Despite its pitch-black fierce appearance, squid ink pasta does not taste that way […]

25 Unbelievable Health Benefits of Snapper Fish

For most of Indonesian people, consuming fish is one of the common things to do since their markets are full of them. The fact that half of Indonesia’s territory is waters makes the people there have no problem at all to find fish at the sea and consume them.  One of the saltwater fish that […]

5 Health Benefits of Barramundi Fish That You Might Never Know

One of the fishermen’s favorite fish is the giant perch, or we can also call as barramundi fish. This fish has a pretty big body size and is known to be able to grow up to 60kg. However, with that being said, a lot of the barramundi that are caught by the fishermen only weight […]