15 Health Benefits of Yeo Valley Yoghurt (No.2 Is Best)

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Health Benefits of Yeo Valley Yoghurt not many people know, but before explore its effects we better know its history. In 1974 there was a company named Yeo Valley focused on producing yogurts and also dessert in Bristol. For some years they moved the production into milk production while in 1993 the company restarted produding the organic yogurt. In the other years, the company reset another business up and it was The Yeo Valley Organic Company and it produced the organic products which are categorized as yogurt dairy and ice cream and frozen yogurt.

Yeo Valley Organic produces the products using surplus cream and it is defined also as the thick while milk yogurt. There are many flavours of Yeo Valley Organic, they are plum, blackcurrent, apricot and also strawberry. They are classified as the natural and fruited products.

In the packaging method, Yeo Valley Organic uses the friendly-environmental packaging such as polythelene coated the card. It is friendly package and it can be recycled. There are many people consuming Yeo Valley Yogurt in order to maintain health.

Yeo Valley Yogurt Nutrition

Yeo Valley Yogurt contains specific bacterial live culture such as Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Bifidobacterium and also Streptococcus Thermophilus.

Those converts milk sugar or it can be called as lactose into lactic acid in which it contains health benefit for human body. Besides, it also contains other nutrients which are gained by fermentation process such as diacetyl, acetic acid, carbod dioxide and also acetaldehyde.

Those are contributing to the fermentation process to differ yogurt from others by its taste and aroma and also texture Thus it is proved that Yeo Valley Yogurt health benefits such as:

1. Boost the Immune System

Health Benefits of Yeo Valley Yoghurt could be best for immune. Yeo Valley Yogurt contains Bifidobacterium as it is explained above and it means that Yeo Valley Yogurt can help boosting and increasing the immune system of human body. Bifidobacterium lactic of Yeo Valley Yogurt has been analyzed as the most harderst working for human health by maintaining the immune system.

It is revealed as the lactic acid which can fight lactose or sugar intolerance and also boost the immune system well. Furthermore the lactobacillus acidophillus can also help boosting the immune system and also protect the digestive tract. It also prevents the body from harmful pathogens in immune system.

2. Support the Cholesterol Level

There are many foods which can protect the cholesterol level, but Yeo Valley Yogurt does the same since it contributes in maintaining and boosting the immune system of human body. Thus, it is good to use Yeo Valley Yogurt to be added on list in diet.

3. Prevent the Diarrhea

Bifidobacterium Lactis of Yeo Valley Yogurt can help to reduce the antibiotic problem related to diarrhea. The antibiotics on Yeo Valley Yogurt can even help to reduce the diarrhea problem.

4. Prevent Against Respiratory Problem

Another health benefit of Yeo Valley Yogurt is that it can prevent the respiratory problem occurs on the body. It has a big role in bowel condition even it can support the proper movement of bowwel. The prebiotics on Bifidobacterium can be mixed with other probiotic.

5. Reduce the Toxic Chemicals

For maintaining and protecting the body, it is necessary to balance consuming the probiotics and prebiotics ( read : List of Foods Contain Probiotics Naturally). According to the research revealed that prebiotics on Yeo Valley Yogurt can reduce the toxic chemicals such as the pesticide.

6. Prevent the Infection

Yeo Valley Yogurts has been known as its health benefits since it contains the great cultures such as S. Thermophilus which can produce the lactase and also can help people digesting the milk. This probiotics can even rise the antiobiotic chemicals and also prevent the infection inside the body.

7. Decrease the IBS symptom

Relating to improving the digestion, Yeo Valley Yogurt has one of the health benefits such as decreasing the IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. It commonly occurs effecting the large intestine or the colon. It also indicates the abdominal pain, bloating and gas and even cramping. The proper treatment is using a probiotics such as lactobacillus acidophillus and also s. thermophilus. Thus consuming Yeo Valley Yogurt can prevent the body from IBS.

8. Obsorb the Nutrients Easily

Another health benefit of Yeo Valley Yogurt is that it can absorb the nutritions easily and it can help the body to digest the food easily. The lactobacillus acidophilus on Yeo Valley Yogurt can properly produce the peroxide hydrogen and also lactic acid in which they can prevent the inhospitable environment of harmful organism. It can make sure to absorb the nutrients inside the body very well.

9. Preventing Body from Viruses

The health benefits of Yeo Valley Yogurt has been proved by so many people in consuming it well. Yeo Valley Yogurt can also prevent the body from the Virus and even AIDS since the lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium both boost the immune system very well. It is just like the double power to boost the immune system inside the body. It directly prevent the body from the virus and also AIDS.

10. Improve the Infection of Urinary System

Yeo Valley Yogurt contains Lactobacillus acidophilus which can bring the great health benefits in consuming it very well. Lactobacillus acidophilus is well known as the effective way to prevent the urinary system and it even prevent the vaginal problem. As the result Yeo Valley Yogurt can prevent the infection of urinary system.

11. Recover the Body from Drug or Antibiotics Side Effects

Antibiotics or drug can be used for any purposes in healing some diseases, while it also contains the side effects for body itself. They even can bring the disease such as diarrhea. Yeo Valley Yogurt with its lactobacillus acidophilus can prevent the side effects of using the drugs or antibiotics. It can even be used as the recovery from chemotherapy for patients who are doing it.

12. Protecting the Body from Eczema

Another benefits of drinking the Yeo Valley Yogurt is that it can reduce the risk of eczema. Eczema is the condition of the inflammatory skin. It can be allergens and also itchy skin. According to the studies lactibacillys Achiphilus can prevent it happens inside the body. As the probiotics it can significantly reduce the eczema well and also reduce the itchy skin.

13. Antiaging for Skin Health

Having the healthy and flawless skin is everyone’s dream. The best way to treat the skin well is consuming the prebiotics such as lactobacillus acidophilus on Yeo Valley Yoghurt. It has been known as the effective way to treat the skin well and it absorbs the nutrients and also minerals inside the body, thus it make the skin more healthy and also glowing. Furthermore, consuming Yeo Valley Yogurt can keep the overall wellness including skin.

14. Oral Health

Another great benefit of Yeo Valley Yogurt is that it can keep the oral healthy especially in keep scenting the breath. The probiotics on Yeo Valley Yogurt such as lactobacillus acidophilus can reduce and block the unpleasant odor from the body especially in our mouth. It can even inhibit the undesirable microorganisms growth. Thus, consuming the Yeo Valley Yogurt can scent the breath and keep the oral healthy.

15. Prevent from the Chrohn Disease

Crohn Disease can attack everyone who has the inflammatory problem. According to the research it has revealed that lactobacillus acidophilus on Yeo Valley Yogurt can reduce the Crohn disease and also prevent it well. It has been explained that Yeo Valley Yogurt can reduce the inflammatory problem including Chrohn Disease.

Side Effect of Drinking Yeo Valley Yogurt

Yeo Valley Yogurt contains many health benefits for human health. It is one of the healthy yogurt to maintain health. In the other sides, there are some side effects in which influece the health for human. For pregnant women and breast feeding women, they should not consume it.

It is also forbidden for people who has weak immune system such as HIV sufferers. It will be better to consult to the doctor about consuming it in right dosage. It will keep the right way for drinking Yeo Valley Yogurt.