35 Benefits of Almond Oil for Health and Beauty

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Almond is the family of tree nut –Prunus dulcis grown in Middle Eats and still related to cherries, plums and peaches families. Indeed, almond fruit is literally not a nut, but a drupe measures 3.5–6 cm thick, leathery, grey-green coat. Meanwhile, the seed of its fruit is called almond nut that we all known so popular as food ingredient. Despite of almond nut, the extract of its nut is almond oil featured in many desserts, cookies, cakes, sweets and syrups.

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Particularly, almond oil contains fatty acids, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins like riboflavin, and minerals such as magnesium. Meanwhile, here are the nutrition you need to know.

Nutritional Values of Almond Oil

1. Vitamin E

Almond oil is rich of vitamin E which is the best source of anti oxidant and essential fat-soluble. Indeed, vitamin E is good for skin health as it is proved as anti ageing prevention and treatment of dry skin. Meanwhile, the recommended value of vitamin E is 15 mg per day for adults.

2. Omega 6 

Almond oil contains high omega 6 that is used to maintaining heart health and brain function. Also, omega 6 is beneficial for hair health such as reducing hair fall, maintaining hair root strength, and making the hair sheen.

3.  Fiber

Fiber is the low carbs contain in almond oil. Thus, almond oil contains soluble and insoluble fiber and in one ounce almond oil contains 3.5 gram fiber. That is good to controlling blood sugar and carbohydrates absorption.

4. Protein

Almond oil contains high nutrient of protein as the essential for body growth. Even though, almond oil did not contains a complete protein substances yet it has source of the amino acid arginine, which is useful to treatment of wound and infection.

5. Vitamins and Minerals 

Indeed, almond oil is the good source of vitamins and minerals:

  • Vitamin B2: Vitamin B2 or also known as Riboflavin is the source of red blood production.
  • Magnesium: The mineral essential to maintaining bone and heart health.
  • Phosphorus: The mineral to that is very essential to providing bone and teeth health.
  • Iron: The essential element of many body functions such as distributing protein to red blood cells.
  • Manganese: The nutrient to powering immune system and reproduction.

6. Plant Compounds

Indeed, plant compounds providing the good source of anti oxidant

  • Epicatechin: It is good for heart health and brain functions.
  • Catechin: This is the plant compounds of 20 types of flavonoid antioxidants.
  • Kaempferol: The anti oxidant of anti cancer cells.
  • Resveratrol: It’s proven as the treatment of diabetes and cancer.
  • Quercetin: The anti bacterial effect.

7. Fats – The fats substances in almond oil can help reducing the risk of heart diseases.

Moreover, almond oil contains high source of healthy nutrients for our body. Then, we may try to joining almond oil in our food ingredients to help us getting a strong bone and body health overall.

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1. Treatment of Diabetes

Almond oil contains magnesium that is the key role to controlling blood sugar as well as insulin production. Also, almond oil contains minerals that may reduce the inflammation and oxidative stress caused by diabetes. Thus, almond oil is good for diabetes type 2 as it has the power to maintaining blood level to stay normal and reducing the risk of diabetes complications.

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2. Treatment of Cancer 

Indeed, almond oil contains fiber as cancer prevention. Also, the high sources of anti oxidant from plant compounds are beneficial to reduce the growth of cancer cells. Thus, the type of vitamin E (gamma-tocopherol) in almond oil can fight free radical damage as the powerful source of anti oxidant. As a result, many studies has proven that almond oil can reduce the risk of breast, prostate, and colon cancer.

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3. Improving Hearth Health

Meanwhile, anti oxidant is also beneficial to maintaining heart health as well as fighting the cardiovascular disease. Also, almond oil contains arginine, magnesium, copper, manganese, calcium and potassium. That is the key of nutrients to improving heart health especially for those who already infected by high cholesterol.

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4. Improving Brain Function 

The combination of riboflavin and L-carnitine are the best sources to activating neurological and cognitive ability. Like most of nuts food substances,  almond oil is also beneficial to improving brain function and reducing brain disorders such as Alzheimer. Likewise, elderly people is recommended to consume almond or almond oil at least once a weak.

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5. Improving Immunity System

Actually, consuming almond oil can help body to stay strong. Likewise, almond oil provides with Quercetin as the anti bacterial effect. That is why it can protect us from bacteria and virus such as in fever, flue, or cold. Moreover, olive oil measures with better cleaning system by its substance so that it keeps body clear and fresh.

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6. Improving Memory System

Almond oil is the extract of almond nut, so it has even more nutrients than its almond. Moreover, almond oil contains omega 3 fatty acid and potassium to improving your memory system. Also, this substance powers the nervous system and brain functions overall, So, if you ever forget small things like where you take your phone in or something like that, you may need some drops of almond oil  in your soup.


7. Improving Blood Circulation 

The vitamin D contents in almond oil requires for calcium absorption to body effectively, so it’s good for blood circulation. Moreover, almond oil can be used as cream for massage and it will adsorbed in skin to improving blood circulation. Further, it can be the best treatment for newborn baby for the bones structures and blood circulation.

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8. Increasing Digestive Health

In addition, almond oil contains probiotic components that is good as detoxification and fight bacteria in the gut and colon. In correlation, probiotic components also help the absorption of food nutrients effectively to body organs. Moreover, almond oil is also beneficial to cure constipation, digestive and rectal prolapse. So, two tablespoon of almond oil is enough to help you with digestive problems.

9. Maintaining Dental and Bone Health

Back to the high minerals content in almond oil such as magnesium and phosphorus, which is the sources to build strength for bone and teeth. Also, almond oil can be used to prevent tooth decay and early cavity. Thus, it can also prevent osteoporosis and bone fractures. So, we may now pay more attention to maybe replace cooking oil with almond oil.

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10. Increasing Nutrient Absorption 

Indeed, almond oil contains vitamin A and vitamin B to absorbed fat properly. Actually, almond oil is the only oil to alkalize the digestive tract, reducing acid buildup and balancing the body’s pH. Actually, pH level is important in order to balancing immunity and reduce the risks of any diseases. So, the nutrient from our food can absorbed properly.

11. Weight Loss

Almond oil contains healthy fat which means you eat less but you feel full. So, it must be really good for diet. Then, almond oil also contains high fiber and protein, which is reducing calories and providing fullness in body. Well, that is why almond oil becomes salad dressing, as it is to bring you perfect healthy diet menu everyday.

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12. Treatment of Earaches 

Well, sweet almond oil is known as ear wax softener as it has substance for relieving ear pain and treating ear infections. Also, it is safe for ear and quickly works. Indeed, two tablespoon of sweet almond oil mixing with warm water. Then, drops it to the affected ear till it relaxes you and it fixing the ear condition.

13. Treatment of Cholesterol 

Indeed, almond oil has the ability to regulate cholesterol. The vitamin E in almond oil substance allows oxygen and nutrients to flow freely through your blood. Also, it contains high unsaturated fats that is really safe for your cholesterol levels. So, almond oil will do you good for your heart health and good treatment for you cholesterol.

14. Relieving Muscle Ache and Fatigue 

Well, if you feel so tired today then you can try almond oil as your relaxation. Indeed, almond oil is the traditional oil for massage as well as sweet almond oil. Likewise, you can just drops the almond oil to the tired muscle and give it a gentle massage. Also, the protein substance in it can give you a better result to relieving pain in muscle. For better, you can also use warm water mixed with drops of almond oil.

15. Anti-Inflammatory

Frankly speaking, bacteria infection can cause inflammation where the wounds swell up and it brings you pain depends on where it affected your body part. Indeed, inflammation happens when system immune fails to fight the bacteria or virus. Thus, almond oil can help your body to strength immune system and reduces inflammation.

16. Anti-Hepatotoxic

Hepatotoxic is the condition when liver gets damage due to chemicals as the side effects of medicine you take. Thus, the chemicals is called hepatotoxins. Meanwhile, this condition can be so danger as it lowers the function of liver as body filters. Thus, almond oil is known to aid the liver in killing toxins.

17. Energy Booster 

Well, almond oil provides quick energy producer for your body. So, if you ever feel like feeling so weak and needs energizer, you can just simply eating something that contains almond oil. For example, you can grab vegetable salad with almond oil as the dressing. Indeed, it substances of manganese and riboflavin can actually energize you effectively.

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18. Source of Vitamins and Minerals

Indeed, almond oil is rich of vitamin and mineral to complete your need. Meanwhile, you can not ask for a better thing because this is just an oil, just one drop but you get anything your health ever wanted. Moreover, almond oil is always coming with the main course, so you will all get double benefits of its vitamins and minerals.


19. Treatment for Pregnancy 

Like it said, pregnant woman always needs complete nutrient for both mommy and baby health. Indeed, almond oil seems to be the best alternative to use to cook better than fatty oil. Thus, almond oil is rich of folic acid, which is to reduce the risk of birth defect. Also, almond oil is also provides the growth of newborn baby cells. So, it is so good.

20. Treatment of Constipation 

Constipation is common disease, painful defecation that happens in all ages. Thus, almond oil has active laxative to help curing constipation. Indeed, almond oil provides substance to clean your stomach and fixing digestive system. By the way, you can put two drops or almond oil then drink it once a day to get a clean and healthy stomach.

Skin Beauty Tricks with Almond Oil

21. Anti Ageing Skin 

Ageing is common happen to scare most of female in the world. The skin problems like the wrinkles, dulls, dot spot, dry skin are the things that can get female so mad. Yet, don’t worry because there is a thousands natural ways to handle it. Meanwhile, almond oil contains high nutrients of vitamin E to help nourishing skin and reducing the sign of early ageing.

22. Resolving Eyes Bags 

Well, it is also the beauty trick that almond oil can be useful to reduce dark circles around your eyes so you don’t look like having panda eyes. By the way, all what you need is natural vitamin E to nourish your skin, especially on circle eyes that’s easily go dark when you are tired. So, just apply two drops of almond oil to the circle and massage before you sleep.

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23. Healthier Skin

Whether man or woman, having a healthy skin represents healthy body. Indeed, almond oil contains rich of vitamin A, B, and E that can perfectly nourishing your skin. It protects skin from UV radiation damage. Then, it is natural body lotion and also make your skin smooth and clean. Then, it is easy to use almond oil through your skin.

24. Removing Dead Skin Cells

There are many factors that may cause skin cells dead, particularly, our busy activity, dirt, sweat, unhealthy food and pollution may affected it. Thus, we can use almond oil to remove the dull dead skin cells. It help skin to moisturize. By the way, the mixing of almond oil and lime water is perfect to clean you skin and make it clean again.

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25. Treatment of Skin Disorders

The skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis are common happen to people. It is due the lack of nutrients of skin the it gets itching, red, or even irritation. Thus, this condition can be cured with almond oil. Indeed, the vitamin A can refresh the skin, fix the irritation, and moisturize skin.

26. Body Lotion 

Likewise, you can buy lotion in the store but there is nothing as natural as almond oil. The rich contents of Vitamin A and protein actually is the best for foot and hand cream. Indeed, it is a relaxation oil to make your hand and foot smooth and fresh. Then, you can use it for massage and get the natural remedy as well.

27. Skin Glow 

Well, having glowing skin appears to be female’s number one life goal but the sun rays and pollution are not easy to avoid. Thus, almond oil contains SPV 5 to prevent sunburn or tan. Indeed, this is the natural protection to keep the skin glow even in the daylight.

28. Make-up Remover 

However, if you are a girl with full make-up days to work, then you should know about almond oil. Indeed, almond oil can be useful for make up remover. Well, it’s not only removing your make-up, but also removing dust and dead skin cell. Further, it’s also nourishing and resting your skin. So, you get triple super benefits then.

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29. Nourishing Lips

Well, skin lip has a thin layer and it’s easily get chapped. Meanwhile, chapped lips represents that you are not having enough vitamin E to nourish the skin lips. Then, you can applying almond oil to your lips to get it moisturizes as well as making lips soft and naturally pink. As you love.

30. Reducing Wrinkles

Well, almond oil massage should be the best solution to remove wrinkles or fine lines in your face. The steps are just prepare two teaspoon of almond oil and massage in circular motion gently. Also, this massage can make you feel relax. Properly, it will also launch blood circulation.

31. Treatment of Stretch Mark 

Stretch mark is the strip lines on skin with dark color that mostly happen with pregnant women or after pregnancy. Well, almond oil can help reducing the stretch mark by nourishing the skin. Indeed, just massage the stretch mark skin with almond oil and in routine time, it can stop the stretch mark.

Hair Beauty Tricks with Almond Oil

Indeed, almond oil is also beneficial to nourishing hair

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32. Split End Hair 

Split end hair may be the sign of unhealthy head skin so it grows unhealthy hair. Well, almond oil contains the essential of minerals and vitamins to strength hair from it root. Meanwhile, to get the best result is by mixing almond oil, castor, and olive oil all together. We all know that the three oils have rich of nutrients. Then, just massage it to head skin from root along to hair.

33. Anti Dandruff 

Dandruff is actually the dead skin from head. Indeed, almond oil nourishes hair and fight dandruff, also removes the dead skin. By the way, you can wash your hair with mixture of amla and almond oil for thirty minutes to get the best anti dandruff hair.

34. Healthy Hair

As a result, you all get healthier hair. Almond oil nourishes hair, improves hair sheen, and as well gives volume for your hair texture. Indeed, it is a traditional way to treat hair by regularly applying or massaging head with almond oil. In case you ever heard, this treatment can also provides a healthy, smooth, long hair.

35.  Promote Eyelashes 

Nowadays, fake eyelashes is so viral to use. Thus, we can choose a natural way to grow eyelashes by almond oil. The magnesium, vitamin E, and fatty acids present in almond oil make it a great salve for the lashes as well. How to use it? Use it like you use mascara. It’s so simple and worth to try for a perfect real beauty.

As a result, there are vary benefits we ca get from almond oil. Thus, we can mix every food with almond oil such as spaghetti, oats, salad, and more.