5 Health Benefits of Tea for Liver, Is Good ?

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What is liver? Among the other body organ, liver is like a guardian that will make sure that bloods should be filtered first before being distributed to the rest of the body. Liver will make sure that bloods will be pure from dangerous substances like toxins caused by alcohol or drugs. Having healthy liver means a person could have a healthy life, however once the liver is broken, the chance of survive is much lesser than when you have acute heart disease because there is no longer organ that will filter all the harmful substances to enter your body.

There are a lot of things you could do to keep your liver healthy. Avoiding alcohol and doing regular exercises are two easiest things that everyone could do. Besides that be aware of all foods you consume and learn about foods or drinks that is good for your liver. One example of recommended drink that you could consume daily is tea. Is tea good for liver? Well, let’s find out.

Health Benefits of Tea for Liver

  1. Tea as Liver Detoxification

Liver has important role in clearing bloods from dangerous chemical and tea has the same function as the natural cleanser of liver. Consuming tea daily could maintain the health of your liver regularly.

  1. Tea for Better Digestion Process

Tea contributes in easing metabolism system, working together with bile to prevent digestion problem. In other words, liver should not work as hard as it should be because of the healthier metabolism.

  1. Tea Prevent Blood Clotting Risk

The other important function of liver is producing protein that could help in optimizing the blood to change into clot while tea has special ability to reduce or prevent the blood clotting risk. So, tea could enhance the function of liver optimally in coagulation process.

  1. Green Tea the Natural Remover of Fatty Liver

Liver which is functioning as a filter to make sure that no harmful substances will enter your body is not functioning without risk. Fatty liver is a condition when fats are accumulated in the liver which mostly happens to a person with alcoholic history. However, it doesn’t mean that non-alcoholic person could not suffer the same condition. Consuming tea could help cleansing your liver from this kind of fats.

  1. Tea Reduces the Risk of CLD (Chronic Liver Disease)

By having a healthier and cleaner liver, the risk of CLD or Chronic Liver Disease could be reduced and tea has important role as the natural detox and cleanser while in the same time the other nutrients contained in tea could assist liver functioning a little easier.

Bad Effects of Drinking Too Much Tea

It is very true that no matter how health tea is and how super the nutrients contained in tea are, still if it is consumed in high dosage, tea still could cause harm for your body. One example is hepatotoxicity; it is a condition when a person takes too much herbs and supplement which could damage the liver. Tea is one of the herbs which very beneficial for health but taking it too much could cause a serious liver damage. Besides that there are a lot of types of tea, the nutrients and benefits from each tea are different from one type to another. So, finding out which tea is your favorite and which tea is best for your liver health might be important.

Which Type of Tea is Your Favorite?

Black Tea

The name of black tea comes from the color of tea which is darker than the regular tea and the flavor is a little sharp. The dark color and the sharper flavor of the tea are due to the fermented process of the leaves. For those who have heart problem, consuming black tea is highly recommended.

Green Tea

Among the other types of tea, green tea might be the most popular one because it is not only delicious but the nutrients contained have been proven to be good for the sake of healthier lifestyle. Unlike black tea, green tea is not fermented. Green tea is like a magical solution for weight loss and it is very good for the liver because it functions as the natural cleanser and very effective in preventing the accumulation of fatty liver.

Oolong Tea

Chinese consider oolong tea as special tea variety because all the super power contained in black and green could be found in this variety of tea. It is semi-fermented which means lower oxidation and the characteristics is also between green and black which produce brownish color and the flavor is also different, not really as sharp as black tea and not as herbs as green tea, instead it tastes sweet with a little bit woody flavor.

White Tea

Just like the name, white tea, you could expect the purest variety of tea from white tea. It is not fermented and the process is very simple. The taste is also very smooth and well known as rich of antioxidants.

So, which one is your favorite? Tea is one of the healthy beverages which available in a lot of variants of flavor. Drinking tea is like drinking your herbal medicines but in a very delicious way.