13 Health Benefits of Iaso Tea (No.7 Surprising You)

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We do already know that organic tea is one of healthy beverages that can bring lots of benefits to our body. Green tea, white tea, herbal tea… We heard about those teas a lot. But how about Iaso tea? What is Iaso tea? What is the benefit we can get by drinking it?

In this chance, i would really like to answer those questions. First of all, Iaso tea is known as a Detox Tea made by Total Life Changes. It means that this tea can detoxify your body from toxins. But there are also people who linked the benefit to weight-loss. This isn’t all wrong. Depending on the diet you take this tea can also help you to lose weight. It is also said that by regularly drinking a couple of cup of Iaso tea you can feel the changes within a few days.

Before we go further, let’s take a look what is the secret behind it. Apparently, Iaso tea is made by 9 sanify source of ingredients such ginger, papaya, myrrh, persimmon leaves, chamomile, marsh mallow leaves, malva leaves,  holy thistle, and blessed thistle. The mixture of those ingredients is the one that offers you the benefits below:

  1. Detoxify Liver

Liver is one of vital organs that have a duty to detoxify every single food, beverage, or even medicine that enter you body. You may never know how many toxins get into your body with everything you eat nor can avoid it. Then the liver act as a filter to choose what should be in and what should be out. The main purpose of this tea is also detoxifying your body including your liver. With a clean liver you can have a clean body as well.

  1. Promote Alkalinity

This tea can help you to get your alkaline balance by promoting your alkalinity. Your can avoid any common and even chronic disease when the level of alkaline in your body at the right state. But this alkaline balance can be affected by your diet. This balance can be measured depending your pH values. If your pH value is 7 or more then your body can be considered healthy.

  1. Boost Energy

Iaso tea offers you sustainable energy to your daily activities. Most of people can feel that their energy is  fully charged after drink this tea in a short period.

  1. Improve Constipation

Iaso tea works great as a herb to cure constipation for different ages of people whether for children or adult.

  1. Improve Digestion

Digestion problems commonly occur when the body cannot absorb nutrients well. Then this tea can be a great and delicious way to help your gut absorb nutrients that your body need while improving digestion problems.

  1. Expel Nicotine

Nicotine can get into your body by many ways such coffee or tobacco. Smoke from tobacco may be the biggest cause of the existence of nicotine in your body. Smoker can absorb nicotine by smoking but people who don’t smoke can absorb it through their nose or even their skin when a smoker is smoking around them. The side effects of this compound is rather dangerous. It can lead to some serious disease, disability, or more frightening, death. Good news, Iaso tea can help you avoid these effects by expelling nicotine from your body.

  1. Boost Memory

When you have too many toxins in your body system it may impact your brain. Making you forget things and hard to have a clear mind. Iaso tea can help you restore your mental clarity. If you have a clear mind you will have a clear actions. It can also help you to improve your memory so you can remember things which may change your gloomy day to a happy day.

  1. Clean Chemical Drugs

Chemically supplements, medicines, drugs, these things may get into your body after you meet your doctor or going to hospital. Nowadays, chemical drugs can be found easily in any store around your neighborhood, it help you to heal  common disease such cold or flu. But you may do not know that this drugs also carry chemical compounds that your body can not accept it. Iaso tea can help you clean these chemical compounds that contained in your prescription given by your doctor.

  1. Relieve Allergies and Hay Fever

Some of people may have some allergies to some things such nuts, seafood, or even flowers. If you have some of these allergies or hay fever this tea can also help you to relieve it.

  1. Keep Vital Organs Healthy

Your body need your vital organs such liver, kidneys, colon, and lungs to maintain your health. Iaso tea can protects these organs and keep it healthy, clean, and clear.

  1. Eliminate Parasites

In your colon can live parasites such as worms and flukes. You may not know that but your colon can have a hard time with these parasites inside. Iaso tea can help you to eliminate these parasites out of your body. You can feel relief now.

  1. Detoxify Colon and Digestive Tract

Beside parasites, there can be chemicals that bring your problems in your colon and digestive tract. These chemicals can be created by bad bacteria, fungi, and yeast and may bring harm to your health. Iaso tea will help you to detoxify your colon from these chemicals and clean your digestive tract.

  1. Weight Loss

This tea also linked to weight loss benefit because one of the benefits is burning fats. It is said that this tea can shed unwanted pounds but there are two groups of dieters which tell different result. Then it can be taken a conclusion that the main purpose of this tea is nothing else but detoxify toxins from the body. But this tea also can help people to lose weight with their diet. With the “right diet” and Iaso tea you can have both healthy body and shedding pounds.

Now after read those benefits about you may wonder how about the taste? Nah, you do not have to worry about the taste because this tea taste so good. The fact is this tea is quiet popular because has been distributed in approximately 140 countries all over the world.

While enjoying this tea you may also feel side effects such as more frequent urination, headache, and some gas and bloating. But don’t feel too much worry, because these side effects is minor and none of them will bring you any longer serious problems. These effects are only indicating that the tea is working by eliminating every toxins throughout your body. Drinking a lot of water may reduce these side effects.