8 Proven Health Benefits of Yorkshire Tea (No.1 Works)

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Tea lovers would likely know even have tasted what is called by Yorkshire Tea. This tea is relatively popular among the world citizens particularly for those who like to consume tea or are passionate about the taste of tea. However, it would be sure to say that for some ‘foreigners’ of tea world, Yorkshire tea is very strange and they may not even heard about it. Well anyway, whether you are a part of either the former or later group, this writing would explore much about health benefits of Yorkshire tea. The brief introduction and history about this tea would also be presented to ensure and make your insight complete.

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What is Yorkshire Tea?

As you could sum up and imagine from the name, the word Yorkshire has derived from York or New York City. It turns out to be true as Yorkshire itself is a type of tea blend sold in the United Kingdom. The manufacturer of this brand is a tea family called Betty and Taylors of Harrogate beginning their business company since last 1886. At that time, the company made much improvement under management of a merchant called Charles Taylor. It was Taylor who traveled around the world to find the best tea seed.

In general, this brand of tea defines its taste by combining different blends of tea obtained from Assam (India), Kenya (Sri Lanka) and Rwanda (East Africa). From this, you could imagine that the manufacturer was really passionate to present the best and the most delicious taste of tea ever. The passion could be clearly seen from the ‘ingredients’ of tea coming from three different areas which show that it was really seriously dedicated to satisfy the tea lovers’ appetite. Yorkshire Tea has  mainly for main categories, which are Yorkshire Tea, Yorkshire Tea for Hard Water, Yorkshire Gold and Yorkshire Tea Decaffeinated. However recently, the brand extends its business to the product of fruit loaves, biscuits and cake.

The History of Yorkshire Tea

It is popularly known that since its first establishment at 1886, Yorkshire Tea was broadly recognized as the best quality tea in the world. Some of tea lovers may say so and some others may not due to the different appetite they have. However, general people know that Yorkshire is a high quality and worldly popular tea. It is often mentioned that each day, about ten million of Yorkshire tea is consumed and even more.

The very much reason on why this tea becomes so special is that because the manufacturer does not only take the tea tree from the garden then cultivate it. They even plant the seed, run moors tea plantation as what the founder did hundred years ago, take care of it, do harvest then package it. For doing those jobs, manufacturer hires local workers to work in center factories. This procedure and process could ensure the maintaining of tea quality to not disappoint the customers and fanatic buyers.  The manufacturer even claims that before the tea arrives in front of the customer, it has been tasted eight times to ensure the quality and the taste.

Additionally, it was from 1994 that the brand of Yorkshire tea had what is called by Protected Geographical Indication requiring that the tea tree could only be grown on the limited number of private Yorkshire moor plantations. It closely relates to the care of the plant as well as weather condition and change. This also means that the company does not give any chance for outer part to take a part in the production of the tea, such as what is popularly known as franchise system.

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Yorkshire Tea Super Advantages

Like most of tea, Yorkshire contains various essences which are good for health and make it more beneficial and popular. Some of those essences are anti-oxidant, amino acids and the most recently known, an anti-oxidant molecule called yorkshirenolic. Having those good essences then enable Yorkshire Tea to offer these following benefits.

1. Supports Weight Loss

This would be very good news for those who are in a diet program and or passionate to loss the weight soon in relatively easy way. You can drink Yorkshire tea in the morning to get rid of fat and absorb more mineral. How to do it? You can buy the Yorkshire tea on the store the boil it with warm water. One cup of Yorkshire tea per day is good enough to support your weight loss treatment.

2. Serves as an Energetic Drink – It is the cause why people like to consume it before or during work to double their energy for finishing the job soon.

3. Reduces Stress and Anxiety – Stress and anxiety are two common problems of nowadays people which could come from job pressure, life demand and the likes. This one benefit makes Yorkshire popular and favorite as it could solve the common problems straight away.

4. Helps to Reduce Cardio Vascular Problems – This closely relates to the good essences inside from anti-oxidant, amino acid and so called Yorkshirenolic.

5. Prevents Heart Disease – A study noted that yorkshire tea has the ability to prevent heart diseases by its black varieties provides.

6. Best Diet Drinks – Indeed, you can include Yorkshire tea if you are into diet program right now. It works!

7. Relaxes You – Well, you can sip a warm cup of Yorkshire tea during the worst time. Then, it will relax you naturally.

8. Tastes Good – Yes, Yorkshire tea has a good taste that you will love to drink.

People like to wonder and compare which is more healthy among Yorkshire tea and other types of tea popular with the health benefit, such as Japaneses green tea. The answers vary due to the health condition of customer, the portion of consumption, the intensity of consumption as well as the way of cooking.

How To Process Yorkshire Tea

Well, if you are curious on how to maximize the health benefits of Yorkshire Tea, pay very much attention to these following steps;

  • Brew the tea in the teapot instead of other types of pan
  • Pour the liquid to individual cups soon after being brewed
  • Add the slice of lemon instead of sugar and milk
  • Make so called Yorkshire Blossom by adding orange blossoms or orange bitters
  • Yorkshire is ready to drink. It’s warm and relaxing you.

If you are interested enough to taste the product for the first time, you could directly buy it online or check the closest store. Recommendation, suggestion and information from tea lovers around you would be very helpful for you to do this mission. As a result, that’s the health benefits of yorkshire tea that you know now.