20 Super Health Benefits of Tawa Tawa Plant (#No.7 is Proven)

Tawa tawa, also known as Gatas gatas, is a traditional herbs that many people believe to have the ability to smooth up dengue fever. Euphorbia is the largest genus of the family Euphorbiaceae with around 1600 species. All species of Euphorbia exude a milky juice when broken, and Euphorbia hirta’s local name “gatas-gatas” derives from […]

12 Top Health Benefits of Coconut Oil in Coffee – Beauty – Weight Loss Treatment

When you first read the words of ‘coconut coffee’ there probably are a lot of suggestion in your head. But, to help you start understanding better we would like to explain it to you. It generally is a simple method or ways of drinking coffee nowadays. Coconut word placed before coffee here means that we […]

12 Top Health Benefits of Yerba Mate Tea (#No.7 is Excellent!)

Yerba Mate originally came from Guarani Indian in Southern part of America. This kind of drink is a traditional one cause it comes from a dried leaves of a yerba mate plants. Earlier before, the Guarani Indian tribe invented this beverages a long time ago and usually enjoy this kind of drink during a gathering […]

18 Super Health Benefits of Ginseng Coffee – Stamina – Vitality – Beauty Treatments

Ginseng English word derived from the Mandarin Renshen, which means “The root of man,” because their finger-roots shape like a human arm and leg. While the scientific name Panax comes from the Greek, meaning “cure all diseases.” Ginseng plants that can be used as herbal base material is the roots, just like Ginger. First ginseng health […]

18 Health Benefits of White Tea #1 Top Beauty Treatments

Tea is always used as mainstays in various occasions. Good to accompany an afternoon snack or a relaxing cool down in time. This habit seems to have good benefits. Like we know, tea contains antioxidants such as polyphenols and catechins which are good for health. This substance can counteract free radicals, preventing cancer and can […]

20 Top Health Benefits of Acai Berry – Weight Loss – Skin Treatments

Acai Berry, which is famous as Euterpe oleracea as its Binomial name among scientists, belongs to the same group of other berries that has a more familiar name to us such as strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and grapes in Arececaeae family. Physically seen, this type of berry has a tiny round fruit with various tone of […]

20 Health Benefits of Green Coffee – Weight Loss – Beauty Treatments

Green Coffee is technically a coffee beans that have not been roasted yet. This type of coffee do not need to get grilled by heat just like the usual coffee do. It has a freshly green color, that’s why we call it Green Coffee. Coffee, originally happen late in 1100 M around Arabian country near […]

21 Health Benefits of Elderberry (No.16 No Doctor Uses)

Elderberry fruit is one type of fruit that has many benefits for humans. Unfortunately, elderberry is not widely known yet to the fruit lovers. These tiny berries are not yet as popular as strawberry, blueberry or raspberry. Elderberry itself is one of the plants with related families with berry plants which are found in Europe […]

25 Top Health Benefits of Persimmon (No.5 No Doctor Uses)

Persimmons were commonly mentioned as a coquettish fruits according to its ever powdery rind. Other than that, it has also called as “Javanese apple” because of its appearance that is similar to apple, with yellowish to reddish orange skin colors but with smoother fruit flesh inside. Another name for this fruits are Oriental Persimmons. But […]