12 Health Benefits of Breast Milk for Adults – Including Cautions from Experts

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There is one article that once viral in internet about a woman who decided to quit working in order to focus on breastfeeding her boyfriend. Well, aside the article is a hoax or not most people are starting to wonder about the health benefits of breast milk for adults. Since ancient time breast milk is the excellent source of nutrients for baby, the natural compounds found in breast milk has been proven to promote optimal development of baby brain so many scientific researches stated that babies who were exclusively breastfed up to 2 years old will be smarter and have better immunity system than those babies who are not exclusively breastfed and due to its wonderful and unique properties breast milk is also well known as liquid gold.

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Breast milk Is Called ‘Liquid Gold’ for A Reason

Surely everyone knows that breast milk is good for babies but not everyone knows how special it is so breast milk earns such name like ‘liquid gold’. What’s so amazing about breast milk, it is adapting to the baby’s needs based on the physiological responses between mother and infant. So, the properties contained in breast milk will change as respond to the feedback giving by the infant. In other words, breast milk is produced for specific need of the infant. Simple example, when there is family member who is sick, breast milk will produce milk contained certain compound that is similar to ‘vaccine’ to protect the baby or at night breast milk will contain more melatonin because this compound will help the infant to have a better sleep. When the baby grows, the nutrients in breast milk are also changing to meet the needs of the baby.

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Health Benefits of Breast Milk for Adults

The question is whether that amazing ability of breast milk for babies could be applicable to adults as well? Well, believe it or not there are some people out there who are willing to pay a lot of money for breast milk and recently it becomes a bizarre trend, especially among men. Though there are a lot of controversial about breast milk is going commercial but right now there are a lot of mothers out there who are selling their breast milks because of some factors, according to them it is better to be sold than to be dump. Unfortunately, black market is also taking part where unregistered breast milks were sold by unknown mothers to some eager buyers who believe about the health benefits of breast milk for adults. If you are among those who are wondering about it perhaps the list below may give you the answers you have been looking for.

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  1. Breast Milk Is All Natural

The recent trend is all about being organic and natural. Believe it or not but there are a lot of people out there who are going all out about being organic and only consuming those who are natural and organic only no matter how bizarre it will sound like consuming breast milk.

  1. It Is Better for Environment

It is true that compared to other types of milk, consuming breast milk is better for environment. However, it should be applied for mothers with babies only and adults should at least find an alternative for their need of dairy product instead of breast milk.

  1. Claimed to Be Energy Booster

Some people out there who drink breast milk regularly claimed that breast milk could act as natural energy booster. They feel more energized after drinking breast milk compared to other types of milk. Well, since there are more foods that could act as energy booster, why don’t just consume it instead of breast milk?

  1. Believed to Be Great to Build Muscle

The article about a girlfriend who breastfeeds her boyfriend said that the boyfriend is actually a professional bodybuilder. It is because according to some studies, breast milk contains some natural compounds that are great to build muscle.

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  1. Claimed to be The Best Solution to Gain Weight

Those who have claimed that drinking breast milk could help them gaining weight as well as building their muscles are mostly men. Unfortunately, no matter how many men have given their opinions about health benefits of breast milk for adults, still there is no single scientific research or study that support that opinion.

  1. Helps Dealing with Acnes

During pregnancy, some mothers will suffer some skin conditions like acnes and even after giving birth to an adorable baby, most mothers find difficult time even to take care of themselves. Well, just take some drops of breast milk which contains antibacterial agents could help getting rid of acnes effectively and naturally.

  1. Treats Sore Throat

When a baby is suffering from sore throat, don’t give them medicine but give them more breast milk. It means that it is true there are some compounds in the breast milk that could help soothing sore throat in the baby but it is not always working in the same way for adults. As mentioned above, breast milk is adapting to the baby’s needs and not the adults’ needs.

  1. Claimed to Be Effective to Fight E. Coli

The fact that breast milk is claimed to be effective to fight E. coli is not only a blind opinion but indeed some researches and animal studies have been conducted. Breast milk has been given to mice that are infected by E. Coli and the result is amazing, the E. Coli could be killed. Further studies may be required to support this claim.

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  1. Used to Fight Crohn’s Disease

Not only to fight E. Coli, some studies also stated that breast milk is possible solution to fight Crohn’s Disease. According to those studies there is a certain protein that could fight Crohn’s diseases and surprisingly that type of protein is significantly found in breast milk. However, just like it is probably possible to fight E. coli further studies about breast milk are able to fight Crohn’s are highly required.

  1. Helpful Against Diabetes

One more health benefits of breast milk for adults are it may helpful against diabetes. According to some researches, breast milk is an excellent source of stem cells and stem cells are the key to fight certain medical conditions, including diabetes.

  1. Treats Arthritis

Some studies have found out that one of the natural compounds like lactoferrin could be used to treat condition like arthritis. Fortunately, lactoferrin is one of the major properties that could be found in breast milk. If it could bring benefits to babies perhaps it could be beneficial for adults as well. Though once again, there is no single study yet that dedicated to research about this matter.

  1. Possible to Fight Cancer

Cancer is one of the chronic diseases that most people are desperately to find the solution. The amazing thing about breast milk is it contains a specific compound called Hamlet and it is excellent to fight cancer cells. Though it is still required a further and deeper research but at least there is a possible solution to fight cancer in the future.

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Cautions of Breast Milk for Adults

The controversial of adults drinking milk is still a big issue these days. It is indeed a bizarre trend that most people prefer to avoid but since it is the trend the numbers of people who are starting to wonder about the possibilities of health benefits of breast milk for adults are also increasing. Well, before you take side or consider to take breast milk as well, below is the list of cautions you should aware of.

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  • One thing that many experts always said is that breast milk is specially designed for babies not for adults. So, though it may contain some natural properties that are great even for adults, still the special and unique ability of breast milk is not going to be applicable for adults as it for babies.
  • Breast milks that are widely and commercially offered in the marketplace, mostly through internet, are considered to be in high risk of being contaminated. Furthermore, most mothers who are donating or selling their breast milk for babies in need will make sure their breast milks will be consumed by babies only and they will donate their breast milk through trusted organization that specifically handling this matter not through some random websites in internet.
  • Only those who don’t really care about where their breast milks will go will sell them to unknown buyers, so it is also hard to track from where the breast milks came from. Usually, breast milk sold in internet are not completely screened for contamination risk and the suppliers were not checked either.
  • Unlike other milk products, breast milk could carry infections from the mothers who produced it. Viruses like HIV and hepatitis could be in the list.
  • No matter how much people out there who claimed to enjoy all the health benefits of breast milk for adults, still most of those are only based on opinion and not based on science.

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Well, as mentioned above that there is a girlfriend who are willing to breastfeed her boyfriend but such women is very rare to find. So, the options for breast milk is only through internet and drinking breast milk from unknown resource will put you in a major health risk. Furthermore, though there are a lot of scientific studies have been conducted to find out the amazing benefits of breast milk but none of those studies recommend breast milk to be consumed by adults.