14 Top Health Benefits of Drinking Black Coffee (#No.7 Works!)

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Coffee? Who doesn’t love coffee? We can find this beverage everywhere in this world. We can buy it at cafe or we can make it by ourselves at home. Just to remind you, coffee is a drink made from seeds. Our ancestor already drink coffee since a long time ago. And each country, even each part of your country, has their own characteristic of this beverage. Well, we know that coffee has been a worldwide culture.

And because of that, we know that there are a lot kind of coffee drink. We know there are mochacinno, cappucinno, latte, luwak coffee, black coffee, etc. But, the most common one is black coffee or we know it as espresso. Well, it has different names, depends on which area you are at. Black coffee is a pure coffee, without sugar, milk, or anything else. Just coffee. Not a lot of people like this coffee, except those who love coffee so much.

Black coffee is one of beverages that contains antioxidant and another nutrients sources such as caffeine, potassium, niacin, chromium, magnesium, and vitamin E. Are there any health benefits black coffee? Yes, there are. A lot, actually. But, maybe, some of you have no idea about it. So, what is health benefits of drinking black coffee? Let’s find out! 

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  1. Prevent Diabetes

As we already know, diabetes is a condition when sugar level inside our red blood cells is over limit. If you already affected by diabetes, it’s pretty hard to cure it, but there are ways to cure it. One of which is by consuming black coffee. Black coffee will control sugar level in our blood, if we consume it in just enough amount. And if you want to prevent diabetes, black coffee is a good choice because it has no sugar.

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  1. Prevent Cancer

Cancer is one of deathly diseases that become the main causes of a lot of death in years. If you want to prevent it, you can find many ways to stay healthy. One of which is by consuming black coffee. Black coffee contains caffeine in it, which is good for health and a good choice for you to prevent and cure cancer, especially prostate cancer, mouth cancer, and breast cancer.

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  1. Protect Heart

It’s important for us to keep our health healthy because heart is one of the most important organ for our body. Without heart, blood will not be circulated and other organs inside our body will not work properly. Black coffee contains potassium which can control our heartbeat. Potassium is a good material to protect our heart and prevent us from heart disease.

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  1. Boosting Productivity

The fact is some people will feel more energized after drink black coffee in the morning. But, some people said it’s just a suggestion. Black coffee contains caffeine that will stimulate your brain and it will make you feel energized and spend your day actively. And if you drink it at the morning, it will keep your body fresh all day.

  1. Keep Bone’s Health

Keep bone’s health? Really? Maybe some of you will questioning that. The fact is black coffee contains important material like potassium for our bone. So, if we drink it regularly, like once a day, black coffee will help us protect our bones.

  1. Prevent Free Radical

Free radical is damage cells that stay in our body and attack our healthy cells. Actually, these damage cells was a healthy cells before. How these “kind” cells turn into “bad” cells? The answer is bad chemical around us, mostly from pollution.

So, is there any way to prevent us from free radical? By consuming food or beverage contains antioxidant in it. One of which is black coffee. So, if you want to protect your body from free radical, just drink black coffee each morning and it will help us attack these “bad” cells.

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  1. Support Diet Program

Some of us, especially woman, are worrying about our weight. It’s important for us to keep our body’s weight to its ideal shape, not too fat and not too thin. But, some of us haven’t found the right way to diet yet. Each person have their own way to diet, because every body’s needs is different. But, we can recommend you beverage that can support your diet program. It is black coffee.

Maybe some of you already know what is the reason black coffee supports diet program. Yes, no sugar. Actually, it’s not directly help your diet program, but it will support your diet because it has no sugar and it’s a pure coffee. And every pure food and drinks is good for health, right?

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  1. Decrease Cognitive Function Risk For Elder

For those who drink black coffee regularly will have their motor and sensory nerve work properly, although when they grow old. Why? Because caffeine that contained in black coffee boost productivity and it will protect nerve and prevent from aging risk related to nerves.

  1. Relaxation Influence

Health benefits of drinking black coffee? We need to relax our body and mind in any way possible. Without being relax, our body and mind will be stressed and we can’t do our activity. In worst case, stroke is ready to welcome us whenever and wherever if we suffer stress. Is there any way to relieve stress? Yes, a lot. But, if you want to relieve stress without spend a lot of money, you can try it at home. There are a lot ways to relieve stress at home, one of which is drink black coffee in the morning.

  1. Prevent Alzheimer

Alzheimer is a disease that related to aging, usually it started by the degradation of hearing function. Actually, it’s related to point no. 4 and no. 8. So, by consuming black coffee regularly every morning, it will stimulate our nerve and prevent us from getting alzheimer.

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  1. Boost Metabolism

Metabolism is an important material for our body. Without it, organs inside our body can’t work properly. Our metabolism can be disturbed when we sick or lack of exercise. So that’s why we need to boost our metabolism. If you are sick or don’t have time to exercise, you can consume food or beverage that can boost your metabolism. One of which is black coffee.

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  1. Increase Retention

Maybe some of you questioning this. Can black coffee increasing our retention? Yes. It’s related to point no 4, no. 8 and no. 10. Caffeine can stimulate our nerves and keep our body active when we are young. And that’s including boosting our retention. So, if you want to keep your retention from aging, consume black coffee regularly each morning.

  1. Protect Brain

Brain. The most important organ in our body. Why? Because each movement we do  controlled by brain, even our heartbeat. And also brain has responsible to store our memory and to think. In computer, there’s main chip that control everything. Without it, our computer can’t be used. The same goes to brain. Without brain, we can’t use our body. So, it’s important to protect our brain.

How? By consuming healthy food. There are a lot of foods and beverages that good for our brain, one of which is black coffee. Why? Because coffee contains a lot of good materials for our body.

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  1. Protect Liver

Liver disease can causing complication to other organs. It means, if we suffer liver disease, than other organs will be affected too. Maybe some of you will be questioning, why liver disease can affect other organs too? Because liver is responsible to filter poison that can attack our body. If our liver attacked, then it can’t work properly and those poison will attack other organs. So that’s why we have to protect our liver.

How? By consume healthy foods and beverages. One of which is black coffee. Black coffee contains antioxidant, potassium and other good materials that can protect our liver from being suffered.

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Side Effects of Consuming Black Coffee

We already know health benefits of drinking black coffee. Now, we will find out the side effect of consuming black coffee. As we already know, everything that over limit is not good. So does consuming black coffee. Beside its health benefits, black coffee also has side effect if we consume it more than 5 times per day. So, what is side effects of consuming black coffee? Let’s find out!

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  1. Early Death – Based on a research, if you consume black coffe more than 4 times per day, it will make the risk of death goes higher. Because black coffee has a lot of active materials that will turn into poison if we drink it too much.
  1. Stroke – Another side effect of consuming black coffee too much is stroke. Researches shown that caffeine will damaged veins in our body. And also overdose caffeine will increase our blood pressure. And that will cause stroke.
  1. Insomnia – you will feel headache, feel nervous, and get angry easier. Also read: Caffeine Side Effects
  2. Cholesterol – What? Cholesterol? We already said that black coffee will support your diet, but cholesterol? Yes. Consuming too much black coffee will increase cholesterol LDL because coffee contains oil called terpene in it. Researches shown that if you drink coffee 5 times per day, it will increase your blood cholesterol 6 to 8 percent.
  1. Heart Disease – “Heart disease? But you said that black coffee will protect our heart?” Yes, if we drink it in just enough amount. Research shown that consuming coffee will increase the amount of homocysteine in blood, the factor of cardiovascular.
  1. Diabetes – There are a lot of short-term studies shown that coffee and caffeine could increase blood sugar and insulin levels.
  1. Digestive Problem – Black coffee will boost our energy. But, if we drink it in empty stomach condition, it’s also wrong. If that happens, caffeine will turn into poison for your digestive system.
  1. Fertility – A research at University of Nevada School of Medicine shown that caffeine could decrease woman’s fertility for about 27%
  1. Kidney’s problem – Too much caffeine will cause kidney failure and kidney stone.

We already know health benefits of consuming black coffee. But, take a note, black coffee will be a potion if we drink it in just enough amount. If we over-consume it, it will turn into poison and it will kill us. So, stay healthy!

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