24 Health Benefits of Lime Tea #Top Nutrients Source

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Lime. We already familiar of this small orange. In some countries, such as Indonesia, usually housewife use lime as one of seasoning to put some kind of sour taste to the food. Also, lime’s water sometimes used to get rid of fishy smell of some food. But, maybe some of us don’t know that actually lime’s water has a lot of health benefits for our body.

For you who don’t know what is health benefit of lime, lime is really helpful for you who want to go on diet, take care of your skin, improve your digestive system, relief from constipation, take care of your eye, etc. Yeah, there are lots of health benefits of lime.

We can meet lime everywhere around the world and we can consume it in different way. Like we already know, in some countries it used as seasoning. Beside of that, we can meet it in the form of beverages, cocktails, pickles, jams, and stuff. And beverages that we can meet is lime tea.

Nutrients Contained Inside Lime

There are some nutrients contained inside lime. What are those? Let’s find out!

Macronutrients, Fiber and Calorie” state=”closed

Based on research, 1 cup of lime’s water contains 1 gram of protein, 0,17 total fat that is 2% of daily value based on diet 2.000 calories per day. Also, it contains about 20 grams carbohydrate, 1 gram fiber and 60 calories. Beside that, lime’s water contains free-cholesterol fat. Simply, it contains lot of things that you needed for your diet.

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Lime is rich of vitamin C. For more specific, it contains more than 100% of vitamin C that needed for daily value. Also, it contains another micronutrient in the smaller amount, including calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphor, vitamin A and B complex.

Rich of Flavanoid

Flavanoid is a pigment that give color to plant and its fruit. Flavanoid contains antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, antibiotic, and detox that is really needed for our body’s healthiness.

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Citric Acid

Based on researches, lime’s water contains citric acid that is really helpful to fight bad bacteria.


Lime water contains some important minerals such as iron, potassium, and calcium that can help us keep our body’s healthiness.

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We already know that lime can be consumed as a tea. Now, maybe some of you questioning “Is the nutrients contained inside lime will be reduced if we consume it as a tea?” The answer is no. We still can find the nutrients contains inside lime tea. So, lime tea is healthy for our body.

How to make it? It’s really easy, though. Just squeeze one or two limes into your glass, depends on how much you need, add some hot water and honey. Then, your lime tea is ready. Its’ healthy, easy, and tasty.

Now, we already know a bit about lime tea, nutrients contained in it, even how to make it. Do you want to know what is the health benefits of lime tea? Let’s find out!

  1. Boost Your Digestive System

The first health benefits of lime tea that you should know is it can boost your digestive system. Actually, before consume it, it already affect your digestive system only by its scent. Lime’s scent will make your mouth watery and it’s really helpful for our digestive system, it will help us swallow better. Then, flavanoid will do the rest. What is the meaning of “the rest”? Flavanoid will help stimulate digestive system and increase secretion of digestive liquid and gall.

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  1. Relief Constipation

Simply, the amount of acids contained in lime helps clear the excretory system by cleaning of the tracts, just like acid that used to clean the floor when we mop the floor. Also, fiber contained inside lime is helpful in easing constipation.

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  1. Cure or Prevent From Diabetes

Based on American Diabetes Association, all kind of orange considered as “super food” that really helpful to cure and prevent from diabetes, especially lime. Why? It’s because of high-level dissolved fiber that contained inside lime is helpful to control sugar absorption to the blood. Also, lime and other kind of oranges have low level of glucose index, so you don’t need to worry that your glucose will increase rapidly.

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  1. Heart Disease

Another health benefits of consuming lime tea is it can cure our heart or prevent from heart disease. Actually, it is related to point no. 3. If we can control sugar blood level, then we can protect our heart also. Also, it can decrease blood pressure to its normal level and fight LDL, the bad cholesterol. Beside that, it can help us cure and protect our artery from inflammation, which is one of the main cause of heartache and stroke.

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  1. Peptic Ulcer

Another health benefits of consuming lime tea is to cure peptic ulcer. This is another responsibility of flavanoids, which have antioxidant, antibiotic, anti-carcinogenic, and detoxifying things that can help curing peptic and oral ulcer.

  1. Boost Respiratory System

Just like another tea drinker, the one that we look first its scent. Tea with good scent will make the tea taste better. Well, all tea smells good, though. But, for lime tea, it’s not only smells good, but its smell will help our respiratory system because it contains flavanoid in it. Just smell it and it will help solve our breathing and queasy problem.

  1. Arthritis

Simply, citric acid that found inside citrus fruits such as lime can be a good way for you who want to relief from arthritis. All kind of citrus fruit have anti-inflammatory things that can prevent and relief us from all inflammatory issues, including arthritis.

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  1. Protect Your Eyes

Another health benefits of consuming lime tea is it can protect your eyes from aging and macular degeneration. And, again, it is vitamin C job, which is related to flavanoids. But, the most important thing is that flavanoids help protect our eyes from infection.

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  1. Cure Fever

Are you suffer from fever and too afraid to take medical drug? Then you can try consuming lime tea. Its high-concentration of vitamin C will help decrease your body’s temperature. But, it works only if you suffer from low to medium level of fever.

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  1. Cure Gout

Another responsibilities of vitamin C and flavanoids is to cure gout. There are two main causes of gout. The first one is free radical, the second one is accumulations of toxins in our body. Vitamin C and flavanoids is a good source of antioxidants and detoxifiers which help decrease free radical and detoxifying our body.

  1. Protect Your Gum

The main causes of gum problem is lack of vitamin C. and the growth of microbial. Sometimes, the ulcers come from physical trauma. And, again, its vitamin C and flavanoid responsibility! Because the main causes of gum problem is lack of vitamin C, of course you need vitamin C to cure it. In this case, flavanoids has two responsibilities. First, it will inhabit microbial. Second, along with potassium, it will help cure ulcers and wounds.

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  1. Prevent From Free Radical

Flavanoid contains antioxidant that needed to prevent from free radical. For you who don’t know, free radical is a condition when damaged cells in our body attach the health one. Free radical cause by chemical things that come inside our body. Our body designed to receive natural things only. So, if we receive over-limit chemical things, it will destroy our cells and that damaged cells will attack our healthy cells. We need antioxidant to prevent from it and lime tea is a good source of antioxidant.

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  1. Decrease The Risk of Cholera

In some part of the world, cholera still recognized as one of deathly disease. Luckily, limes and other citrus fruits can help defend against this deathly problem. If someone have been exposed to cholera-infected water, then that someone should consume lime tea, or just lime water if it’s take too long, the risk for him to get infected is reduce.

  1. Support Diet

For you who want to do diet or still on progress on your diet program, you can try add lime tea to your diet menu. Citric acid contains in it known as excellent fat burner. You can consume two glasses a day and let’s see the remarkable changes of your weights.

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  1. Urinary Problem

Consuming lime tea is one of effective way to get rid of poison and another bad stuff in our body because of high-level potassium that contained inside lime. Also, disinfectant properties of lime will help cure infections in the urinary system. Beside that, it will stops prostate growth and clears blockage of urine cause by calcium deposits in urinary system.

  1. Anti-Cancer

Again, another responsibilities of flavanoid is to prevent our body from cancer. Actually, it has relation on point no. 12 because free radical can cause cancer. So, we recommend you to consume lime tea to prevent from cancer or cure from it.

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  1. Cure Cough

Another health benefits of lime tea is to cure cough. Its good materials are good for our throat healthiness. You have to add sugar or honey to your lime tea. Drink once a day and we will get the result that we want.

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  1. Help Menstruation Problem

If you are a woman who have menstruation problem, we recommend you to drink lime tea regularly. Prepare 3 table spoon of lime water, add 1 table spoon of honey and two glasses of hot water. You have to drink it 3 times a day.

More Lime Tea Benefits

Here are more health benefits of lime tea:

  1. Make you feel fresh
  2. Boost your mood
  3. Weight loss treatment
  4. Healthy Drink
  5. Natural energy booster
  6. Tasty and great beverage for summer

Well, let’s now cheers lime tea together.

Side Effect of Lime Tea

As we already know, the main ingredient of lime tea is lime water. For some people, lime water maybe dangerous for their body.

  • Lime’s water has a very low PH, for about 2,0.
  • For those who has a high sensitivity level, consuming everything contains lime water maybe dangerous.
  • It will cause like a burned sensation on their mouth, tongue, and lips.
  • Beside, if it consumed in an excessive amount, it will make the illness and disease become more serious.
  • So, before you try to consume it, better you consult it to the doctor first.

So, there are many health benefits of lime tea but also pay attention of the cautions. Indeed, lime tea can make you feel fresh and bosth your mood. Also, it works to promote health.

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