15 Health Benefits of Allspice Tea (Top #1 Herbal Medicine)

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Do you know what is allspice tea? Allspice tea is a herbal tonic made from allspice, a native “pepper” from Africa continent. People from around the world call it “pepper” because of its taste and smell. Allspice tea has a lot of benefits for our body and also side effect if we consume it excessively. Do you want to know more about this pepper? Let’s find out!

About Allspice

Allspice. Many of us still don’t know about this herbal plant. This plant is come from Africa continent, more specific from Jamaica. We also can find allspice at Mexico and Latin America, it’s just the quality is not as good as the one from Jamaica.

Allspice’s Latin name is Pimenta officinalis. Allspice is included in Myrtaceae family. Allspice is a fruit of a plant called Pimente dioica which already dried. This Pimenta dioica can be found only at Greater Antilles, Southern Mexico, and Central America. Then, how can be this allspice known around the world just like now?

Allspice started to got popular at Europe after the Columbus expedition. Because of its shape, they called allspice as “pepper”, maybe to make it more popular at the market. Until now, allspice is known as “pepper” at some countries, usually they add the name of region that allspice come from.

Why allspice is being liked by people around the world? Because, just like pepper, allspice has a very strong spicy taste. Beside that, allspice also has a unique aroma. It’s like a combination between pepper, nutmeg, clove, and cinnamon. And because of that, people use allspice for seasoning and herbal medicine. Meanwhile, here is all the health benefits of allspice tea.

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1. Allspice Tea as Herbal Medicine

Aside from its used as seasoning, allspice also used for herbal medicine. Based on research allspice is a good source of nutrients, vitamins, and mineral. Only consuming 100 gram of allspice and you will get vitamin A, 2.943 mg of Manganese, 7.06 mg of Iron, 661 mg of Calcium, 0.553 mg of Copper, 21.6 g of Total dietary Fiber, 72.12 g of Carbohydrate, 39.2 mg of Vitamin C, 135 mg of Magnesium, 8.69 g of Total Fat and 1044 mg of Potassium.

Allspice also has some of active components, such as caryophyllene and methyleugenol, gum, minerals, glycosides, quercetin, sesquiterpenes, sugar, tannin and resin. Its strong and pleasant aroma comes from eugenol. Then how can we consume it? As already said before, we can use it as seasoning. People in Carribean use it as seasoning in their food. Beside, we can brew it and drink it as tea.

2. Allspice Tea with Organic Compound 

Tea is another processed of allspice that we can consume. Just like another herbal drink, allspice tea has a lot of benefits for our health because of its high concentration of beneficial nutrients and organic compounds. So, what is the benefits of consuming allspice tea? Let’s find it out!

3. Anti-Inflammatory 

One of the most important benefit of allspice is to reduce body pain. The active ingredients inside allspice has responsibility on eliminate inflammatory. That makes this spice is a perfect solution to give you some relief from muscle aches, arthritis, or another pain cause by inflammation. If you need pain killers but you are too scared to go visit doctor, then you can try this.

4. Digestive System 

Another benefit of consuming allspice tea is its ability to comfort your digestion. Allspice has eugenol that can help you eliminate digestive problem such as constipation, diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. Beside, its anti-inflammatory ability also can help you to eases cramps. So, if you have indigestion problem but you don’t want to take medical drugs, you can try allspice tea.

5. Boosting Immune System 

Beside it ability to protect the inner part of our body, health benefits of allspice tea also can protect the outer part of our body. Allspice tea can help our immune system to fight bacteria because it has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects. If you add allspice to your meal, than it will neutralize bacteria in your meal. So, if you want to stay healthy, it’ll be great if you consume allspice tea regularly.

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6. Cancer Protection 

Some researches have shown that foods that contains rich calcium can reduce the risk of get affected by cancer, especially colon rectal cancer. Allspice contains 661 mg of iron which is 66.10% of daily needs. And because of that, allspice is include in rich-calcium foods that can prevent us from cancer. If you want to take care of your body and stay away from cancer, just consume allspice tea regularly

7. Good for Diabetic 

Allspice also good for those who suffering diabetes, especially diabetes Type II. Allspice contains a very low Glychemic index, which make it beneficial and safe. Allspice tea will control the blood glucose level if we consume it before meal. So, if you want to cure your diabetes or prevent from it, you can try consuming allspice tea.

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8. Improve Blood Circulation 

Allspice can also improve blood circulation in our body. Why? Because allspice contains significant amount of copper and iron and they are very important components of red blood cells. Allspice can also expand the blood vessels to provide a comprehensive and efficient passage of blood. And because of that, our body will receive enough oxygen.

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9. Dental Health 

Teeth, a very important component in our digestive system. Without it, we can’t chew food. And, it’s not another part of our body, teeth can’t be cured by itself. Once you suffer toothache and get a hole on your teeth, it will be there forever. Is there any way to protect our teeth beside brushing it? Yes, there is, although it’s not really pleasant, by using allspice. Another benefit of consuming allspice tea is for our dental health. As we already know, allspice has anti-bacterial and anti-septic components that can keep our teeth and gum from bacterial pathogens.

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10. Constipation Treatment 

Constipation. One of stomach problem that is really disturbing. Almost all people already faced it at least once. Is there any way to reduced it beside consulting it to the doctor? Yes, by trying herbal medicine. One of which is allspice tea. Allspice is one of those fiber-rich food that can reduced constipation. Fiber-rich food can add bulk into the feces. Bulky feces will make it through the gut easily and it will reduce constipation inside our stomach.

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11. Heart Health 

Heart. One of the most crucial organ inside our body. Without it, the blood will not circulate and, simply, we will die. So that’s why our heart healthiness is really important. There are some ways that you can try to protect your heart, one of which is by consuming allspice tea. Allspice contains potassium which can control our heartbeat. And if we consume food that contain potassium in it, it will protect our heart and prevent us from another heart illness.

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12. Free Radical Sources 

Free radical is a damaged cells that stay in our body and will destroy the healthy cells. What is the cause of this free radical? One of which is the amount of chemical substance. Human’s body is designed to accept natural substance only. So, when our body received over limit chemical substance, it will damage our cells and that damaged cells called free radical.

Is it dangerous for our body? Yes, it is. It can cause such a deathly illness such as cancer and tumors. Is there any way to protect our body from free radical? The one and only way is by boosting antioxidant in our body. There are a lot food contains antioxidant, one of which is allspice. By consuming it regularly, it will control the growth of free radicals. Allspice can also used as natural anti-aging cause by free radicals.

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13. Promote Strong Bone 

Bones is a very important component of human body. It’s like a foundation of a building, the stronger the foundation than the building can stand more sturdy. The same case happens to human’s bones. The stronger the bones, than we will get stronger body.

And just like another part of our body, bones also has its own problem. Osteoporosis and arthritis are few of the problems related to bones and joints. One of the cause is because our bones and joints are lack of manganese. Manganese is a substance that stored in bones, liver and kidney. Based on studies, allspice contains manganese in it so if we consume it regularly, it will increase the amount of manganese inside our bones.

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14. Prevent Anemia

Anemia is a condition when your body is lack of red blood cells. There are some factors that can increase the risk of anemia, one of which is lack of iron. One of the way to prevent anemia is consuming food that contains iron in it. Allspice is one of the food that contains iron in it, specifically it contains 88% iron in it. So, allspice is a good choice to overcome anemia.

15. Menstrual Cramp 

Menstruation is a common thing for woman. But, each condition is different. Some of them suffer during their period. They feel the painful sensations in their lower abdomen that can occur both before and during the period. Of course there are a lot of herbal drink sold out there that can decrease the pain. But, if you want, you can make it by yourself. One of the herbals that can less the pain is allspice.

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Side Effect Of Consuming Allspice Tea

There are always positive and negative said in this world. The same things goes to consuming allspice tea. Despite its benefits, allspice tea also has side effect and we have to pay attention on it. Consuming it excessively will cause a serious side effect. What is the side effect of consuming allspice tea? Let’s find out!

  • Allspice may cause serious allergic reactions to hypersensitive individuals. It should be avoided during pregnancy and breast-feeding.
  • Some studies suggests that eugenol may promote cancer for some cases. So people with cancer or who are at a high risk of it should consult it to a health care professional first.
  • Consult it before use it to the professional. Just because allspice is a herbal, doesn’t mean you can consume it to cure every illness. There are some herbal that may produce side effect instead of cure illness.

So, that’s the benefit of consuming allspice tea. As we can see, allspice is a herbal that can cure some illness. But also it has some side effect. We recommend you to consult it to the professional first, especially for those in cancer. So, stay healthy!

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