12 Top Health Benefits of Coconut Oil in Coffee – Beauty – Weight Loss Treatment

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When you first read the words of ‘coconut coffee’ there probably are a lot of suggestion in your head. But, to help you start understanding better we would like to explain it to you. It generally is a simple method or ways of drinking coffee nowadays. Coconut word placed before coffee here means that we are going to consume our regular black coffee with a little hint of a coconut oil. Yes, coconut oil. The kind of oil we get from a gist of coconut.

This innovation happens lately because of our demand and desire to consume coffee as our daily dose of energy booster. But, in coffee you can’t help using sugar to balance its taste from bitter to the sweetness level we prefer so we add a lot spoon of sugar to our coffee. If this scenario happen everyday, one day it will potentially make us get diabetes which is not good. To maintain our health, we start innovating the way we drink coffee.

Earlier before, people used to outsmart the taste by adding some small diced of coconut flesh into their coffee and it successfully made their coffee tasted sout and better. From that preference, people nowadays comes with more efficient way which is by adding the coconut oil into their coffee. It will cost you less time than before, when you have to buy a fresh coconut, peel the inside flesh, and chop your coconut flesh one by one every time you want to enjoy coconut coffee. But now, you simply can buy the coconut oil from the market, and easily add it to your coffee mixture. A simpler way, with an equal taste and coconut coffee benefits.

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Adding some coconut oil in our coffee turns out not only can make it have a better aroma and flavor, but it can also bring us benefits. Coconut oil itself has already knows for its ability to fix so many health problems, but mixing it with coffee will bring them up to the next level. Here’s several benefits of coconut oil in coffee you should know:

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1. Source of Extra Energy

Coffee is naturally believed to have a rich source of caffeine which also known for energy boosting. When we’re starting feeling sleepy, lazy, and seems like all the energy had been used earlier, we can try drinking coffee and it will slowly rising up your energy until you feel alive and fresh again. To add some tablespoon of coconut oil support this function as well.

Coconut oil will double the energy cause it has that characteristic that make it faster to get absorbed into our body. From a good metabolism will produce much energy to finish our daily duties for the rest of the day so we can maximize our time more. Coconut Oil Coffee does not store sugar and fat intake of food into our body’s metabolism. All will be converted into positive energy for our health.

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2. Worry-less about Diabetes

A research compared between a group woman consuming coconut oil, and a group of woman consuming soybean oil and the result was that the group who consume coconut oil had a smaller sizes of waist size and less in weight as well as an increase in “good” HDL cholesterol. These results were not found in the group given soybean oil.

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3. Fix Our Metabolism System

Fats usually contain of a long chains compound inside and fats in coconut oil are mostly in MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) form that don’t need to be broken down because of its length that already short enough for it to get transported directly to the bloodstream and absorbed into our body. By this, means that we only need shorter amount of time for our body to fully proceed coconut oil and it will be better for metabolism.

4. Treat Disease that caused by Virus

Coconut oil contain 2 detected substances (lauric acid and monolaurin) that have been proved for its ability to kill harmful pathogens such as bacteria, virus, and fungi in our body. According to studies, these 2 substances have been shown to kill the Straphylococcus Aureus bacteria as a common source of yeast infections in humans.

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5. Boost Brain Function

In one 2006 study, triglycerides substances can improve brain function in patients. Also, that works for milder forms of Alzheimer’s patients. These findings support other studies and medium chain triglycerides are being intensively studied as potential therapeutic agents in Alzheimer’s disease.

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6. Upgrade Blood Cholesterol Level

Coconut oil contains healthy saturated fats. There are “good” HDL cholesterol and “bad” LDL cholesterol in your body. Also coconut oil may improve other risk factors and therefore protect against heart disease.

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7. Help us with Seizures

There is this one diet named ketogenic diet that currently being studied to treat various disorders such as seizures in epilepsy children. The patient should consume a low charbohydrate food and large amount of fat. While in coconut oil, there are the MCTs fat compound that will be delivered to the liver and turned into ketones. This will make blood charged by so much ketones inside. This diet method believed can reduce seizures within an epilepsy patient with a further study needed.

Coconut Oil in Coffee Benefits for Weight Loss Treatments

Indeed, here are the health benefits of coconut oil in coffee for your best diet program.

8. Help us with Weight Loss Program

One interesting feature of coconut oil is that it can reduce your hunger. This may be related to the way the fatty acids in it are metabolized, because ketones can have an appetite reducing effect. There were several studies talking about how MCTs in coconut oil can make you eat less than your daily calories intake and will make your body lose some weight during the process. But, this benefit still need further explanation and study since the last researches were done in a small scale group of participants.

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9. No more Obesity

According to a study made by 40 female volunteers between the ages of 20 and 40 with congenital suffer from abdominal obesity. For 12 weeks, the women were given a daily food supplement consisting of 30 milliliters of either soybean oil or palm oil. So you don’t need to feel anxious to restart the oil consumption of the VCO or Virgin Coconut Oil.

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10. Boost Our Body Endurance

Coconut oil benefits do not stop there. As many as 50 percent of the fatty acids found in coconut oil is lauric acid, which is widely obtained from milk and fat and has many antimicrobial substances. According to the researchers, these fatty acids efficacious for overcoming the flu, fever, and other diseases.

Coconut Oil in Coffee Benefits for Beauty Treatments

Indeed, here are the health benefits of coconut oil in coffee for your beauty tricks.

11. Moisturize our Skin

Coconut oil has been famous because it is one of the traditional option ingredients that literally comes from nature and very good for skin. This may function for a direct application but when we harvest its benefits by drinking its oil, we could also hope it will improve the skin from inside. Skin will casually look smoother and shinier after using coconut oil.

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12. Fix Hair Damage

We usually use coconut oil to apply it directly to our damaged hair. Just by stroking our wet fingers that already splattered by coconut oil is believed to help improving our hair condition. Our hair will feel smoother and also shinier than before. But, when we try to examine this benefit by drinking coconut oil along with coffee mixture hopefully still help us fix our damaged hair problems. The whole ingredients inside coconut oil might be absorbed into our body and delivered to skin and also hair so that it can lastly improve our hair situation.

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How to Make Coconut Coffee

You only need several simple steps when you want to try making your very own coconut coffee. Here are the basic ingredients needed:

  • Coffee
  • Coconut Oil
  • Optional: Vanilla extract, Gelatin, Peppermint extract, Raw Honey, or whatever additional mix you’d like!

Ways to make it:

  1. First, gently pour coffee to the blender cup with your own desired amount
  2. Add some coconut oil and other mixture you like (The mixture of 1 tablespoon of gelatin + 1 table spoon of raw honey is recommended)
  3. Start blending your coffee with a slow mixing. You’ll start smelling its great aroma
  4. Once its blended, pour it into your cup and enjoy!

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If you don’t have a blender it will still be okay for you to just stir and shake it to get to the perfect mixture you like. Also, starts with a few amount (around 1-2 tablespoons) of coconut oil for a beginner and you can constantly develop into 2 or more if you’re already get used to it. And, morning is a time that suggested to consume this type of coffee to get a fully boosted energy throughout the day.

Get creative with your measurement and additional fusion cause once you get the perfect arrangement, your recipe will taste even better and enjoyable than Starbucks, but with more benefits that comes from the coconut oil, we promise! So you will not regret trying it because it’s a double pleasure, right? Would you dare to try this alternative way to enjoy your cup of coffee?

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