30 Health Benefits of Himalayan Salt – Beauty – Food – Energy Drink

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Many people now decided to avoid salt in all cost because the sodium contained in salt is closely related to all kinds of cardiovascular condition like heart disease, hypertension even stroke. Those people think by avoiding salt, they take one step closer to healthy lifestyle. Is it true? Do you know that avoiding salt could cause you suffering from sodium deficiency that also could lead you to some serious health condition like acute nausea and hyponatremia?

Furthermore, salt is one of the natural sources of iodine that is very important for human body, according to the data, now almost two billion people were suffering from iodine deficiency which lead to serious condition like mental retardation. That’s why it is not about avoiding it but about being smart in consuming it. If the common table sea salt is still too much for you perhaps it is the time to find out more about the alternative like the Himalayan salt and what will happen if you’re swapping your current sea salt with the Himalayan salt?

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What is Himalayan Salt?

Surely you have been wondering what Himalayan salt is and what is the different of this salt with the table salt you’ve known all your life. They are not really different from the texture, but totally different in color and how to process or extract it from the natural resource. The Himalayan salt, instead of being evaporated from the seawater like the common table salt, this salt is mined. That’s why this type of salt is also well known as rock salt or halite and not sea salt. The texture is almost the same but the color is completely different because Himalayan salt has its own characteristic in color which is the shades of white, pink, reddish and deep red color. So, it is easy to differentiate which sea salt and which Himalayan salt. While the name of Himalayan comes from the fact that this type of salt is mined at Khewra Salt Mine which location is not far from the Himalayas, India.

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Is it true that Himalayan Salt is better than Table Salt?

The idea that Himalayan salt is better than table salt is probably coming from the fact that compared to the common sea salt, the Himalayan salt is the purest entity of salt you could find on earth, this salt was fully protected from any pollution today. Meanwhile, table salt which is evaporated from seawater has bigger risk of being contaminated. If the sea is contaminated and then the salt is also possibly contaminated. As a result, here is the health benefits of Himalayan Salt that you need to know.

When it comes to the benefits probably the list is as long as the common table sea salt you’ve known but of course with less risk of being contaminated by dangerous chemicals.

Himalayan Salt for Beauty Tricks

Believe it or not, taking mineral bath is also giving you health benefits as much as you consume this pink salt. The benefit is not only related to beauty sake but also able to cure some health conditions. So, why don’t you start put Himalayan salt to your bath now?

1. Hydrating Your Skin

When you’re taking a bath with minerals in the water is possible for those minerals to be absorbed by your skin and the direct effect is your skin will be fully hydrating. Hydrated skin cells means the cell regeneration will function optimally and give you healthier, younger and firm skin.

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2. Infusing Your Beautiful Skin

Through the dermal absorption, your already beautiful skin will be infused with minerals so your skin is also healthy and looks younger. Surely you could save a lot of money for skin products and regular skin treatment if what you need is just some pinches of Himalayan salt in your bathtub.

3. Stimulate Body Circulation

Hydrated body and infused muscles will stimulate your body circulation. Furthermore, the warm water you use during bathing is also a perfect solution so your body could function optimally. Healthy body circulation means better metabolism system, and once metabolism system works optimally and then more health benefits will follow suit.

4. Soothe Sore Muscle

After a very long day at work, soaking yourself in warm water sounds like heaven and Himalayan salt will add more benefits to that simple activity because instead of paying extra money for a massage, Himalayan salt could do the wonder by soothing your sore muscles. It is due to some minerals contained in salt that could do that kind magic.

5. Therapeutic Effect for Body and Soul

Surely there is no better solution to refresh your body and mind but soaking yourself in a warm water. While your body and soul were refreshed, you will get all the best benefits like better sleep, better appetite, better feeling and when you wake up in the next morning, you will be a better you as well.

6. Relaxing Cramped Muscles

Cramped muscles could be suffered by anyone especially when you’re doing too much activities during the day. Warm water and Himalayan salt are the perfect combination to treat cramped muscles; the warm water will provide the sooth feeling while minerals in salt will be absorbed by your skin and infuse your muscles.

7. Heal Damaged Muscles

Damaged muscles or other soft tissues could happen to anyone. In short term, all the effect you will get is like soreness in some part of your body because your muscles are not functioning properly but in long term, muscles tightness could happen. Himalayan salt could prevent and heal it in daily basis.

8. Fortify Bone Health

It is a common knowledge that minerals are some of the important properties to promote bone health. However, not everyone realizes that soaking yourself in minerals are giving as much as benefits with when you consume it. That’s why using Himalayan salt as bathing salt is highly recommended for this reason.

9. Act As Detox for Your Body

When Himalayan salt was dissolved by water, it is not only able to absorbed by your skin in promote some health benefits but it also able to draw toxins out from your body through the skin pores. That’s why this pink salt could act as detox for your body as well.

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10. Energize Yourself

This health benefit is closely related to point number 9 when all toxins in your body were drawn by the ionic solution provided by the pink salt, you will feel energized. That’s why taking a warm bath with salt is highly recommended when you feel super tired after a long day at work.

11. Make You Feel Refreshed

After you feel energized you will feel refreshed as well. It is totally perfect solution for you who don’t have enough time to go to spa or get a body massage because the pink salt could do all the magic that provided by any spa center. So, there is no point for you to pay extra money.

Himalayan Salt As Air Purifier

Well, the Himalayan salt is not only able to be put into your bath but it is also widely used as air purifier. The question is how? Recently, you could find crystal rock lamp online easily, those crystal rock lamps are actually made from Himalayan Salt, the bulb in the center will heat the rock and the mineral will be evaporated to the air.

12. Clean the Air Around You

The main function of air purifier is to clean the air. Perhaps it is not going to clean the entire environment but the effect is enough to provide you and your family cleaner air. Just like many air con brands that claim could kill bacteria and pollen in the air, Himalayan salt could do it in much more affordable, effective and natural way.

13. Clear Your Sinuses

It is getting harder to find clean air day by day, that’s why the risk of sinusitis is increasing because you breathe polluted air every day. The alternative to clean your sinuses is by dissolving the salt in the water and use to clean your sinuses but if the idea of water running through your nasal scares you, just use air purifier.

14. Cleanse Your Respiratory System

Not only your nasal cavities could be cleansed but also your respiratory system. Breathing in clean air could cleanse your respiratory system. That’s why making sure to have at least one air purifier made from Himalayan salt in each room of your house so you could breathe clean air and at the same time cleanse your respiratory system from all dangerous contaminants that stuck in your nasal cavities.

15. Treat Chronic Bronchitis

Though it is still required more studies about the possibility of Himalayan salt in treating bronchitis but some early researches have shown significant result that Himalayan salt could treat chronic bronchitis even without the support of any medication. This type of therapy well known as halotheraphy. Halo means salt in Greek language.

Himalayan Salt as Energy Drink

Have you ever thought of adding some salt to your drink? Perhaps it is the time to consider it, the taste is probably not something you like but the health benefits are totally worth it.

16. As Natural Source of Electrolyte

Electrolyte has prominent function in human’s body and one of them is balancing your body’s fluid after an intensive workout. Right now there are a lot of sport drinks that claim they contain electrolyte required by your body. Unfortunately, those sport drinks also contain more ingredients like artificial sugars and more of chemical preservatives that provide more negative effects to your body instead of positive effects.

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17. Hydrate Your Body

Water is good to deal with dehydration but that’s it because sometimes body needs more than just minerals contained in water but more electrolytes like potassium, calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate. That’s why sport and energy drinks are among the favorite to deal with dehydration. Unfortunately, only water infused with Himalayan salt that contain those electrolytes in the right amount required by your body without more ingredients or chemical properties that harmful for your body.

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18. Balance Your PH Level

Do you know that it is important to do regular check of your PH level? Because unbalance PH level could lead to some serious health problems. The list might be endless but some are like immune deficiency, loss of bone density, weight gain and also the accumulation of kidney stone.

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19. Boost Your Immunity System

Once your PH level is balance and then immunity system will follow suit. The problem is many people consider that unbalance PH level is no big deal when the fact is it could lead to some serious health problem and once immunity system is not function optimally; you will be easily infected by diseases.

20. Promote Good Digestion

There are some factors that could cause your digestive system is not working or functioning optimally. When it is not working optimally, some nutrients extracted from food you consumed cannot be absorbed optimally as well, instead it will be considered as excessive and washed off from the body. Water infused with Himalayan salt could improve the digestion system to function optimally.

21. Balance the Stomach Acid

One more amazing benefit of Himalayan salt that is infused to the water is it could balance the stomach acid or could act as antacid. Now, when you get problem with your stomach acid, there is no need to consume any medications or drugs that probably could harm your body, instead just drink a glass of water with dissolved Himalayan salt to balance the stomach acid.

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22. Better Metabolism

Having healthy metabolism for some people is no a bid deal, some of them even don’t care whether their metabolism is in trouble or not. It is because they don’t realize how healthy metabolism could affect the whole body system. Himalayan salt could make sure your metabolism are working in normal and proper stage to promote better and healthier lifestyle.

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23. Promote the Production of Digestive Fluids

Digestive fluids are prominently required inside the intestine so the digestive system could work properly. With enough digestive fluids, food will be digested in better way as well, so all nutrients contained in food will be fully extracted and optimally absorbed. So, why don’t you stop consuming energy or sport drinks and change it to Himalayan salt infused to your water?

Himalayan Salt as Food Ingredients

Salt is one of the important food ingredients. The salty taste will be able to improve the food taste and make it more delicious and tasty. Aside from that, the Himalayan salt also promotes some health benefits if consumed.

24. Act As Natural Sleep Aid

Most people probably don’t know that salt, especially Himalayan salt is a natural sleep aid. Insomnia could be easily treated just by consuming enough salt. It is because this pink salt contains so much of mineral properties. Surely you know that minerals are the key to a good night sleep.

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25. Lower Blood Pressure

With all the bad reputation of salt that could raise the blood pressure, this point probably sounds ridiculous for most of you. Don’t generalize it, salt contains prominent properties for your body, it is the refined type of salt with additional and synthetic properties that cause the harms. Since Himalayan salt is pure from those properties, the sodium contains is able to lower the blood pressure.

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26. Good for Weight Loss

Another skeptical opinion since many all weight loss programs you know will strictly forbid you to consume salt and why on earth Himalayan salt could be good for your weight loss. The problem with weight gain is when your body metabolism is not working optimally and your digestive system is not functioning properly. Himalayan salt will make sure those thing wouldn’t happen, healthy metabolism and proper function of digestive system is the key to weight loss.

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27. Maintain Stronger Bones

There is no better solution to maintain the health of your bones and its density but consuming minerals like calcium and magnesium. Furthermore, there is no better or more natural resources for minerals required by your body but from Himalayan salt. So, consume it anyway and enjoy having stronger bones and better lifestyle.

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28. Promote Proper Muscle Regeneration

If you want to have a stronger and healthier body, it is not only bones that you should maintain but also your muscle. The cells regenerations are taking prominent part to maintain the muscle mass. Many minerals found in Himalayan salt are important for the cell regenerations of your muscles.

29. Treat Mental Fatigue

Mental fatigue could be caused by the deficiency of iodine. Though iodine is also found in table salt, but that type of iodine mostly artificial type, which surely has some side effects to your body. However, since all minerals contained in Himalayan salt is natural so you don’t need to worry about any artificial properties that could be harmful for your body.

30. Prevent Goiter

Goiter is one of the health conditions caused by the sodium deficiency. It is true that the case is no longer a problem but still it is better to prevent it than to cure it. Furthermore, tough the common table salt also could handle the condition but the purity of Himalayan Salt is still much better.

Cautions of Himalayan Salt

Even with those amazing benefits thare are some cautions you should aware of Himalayan salt.

  • The sodium content in Himalayan salt though it is probably the purest sodium source you could find on earth, still consuming it in high dosage could be dangerous.
  • For you who are using the Himalayan Salt lamp should follow the specific instruction since it is not a wise move to put wet rock salt so close to electric source.

So, why Himalayan salt is better if the benefits are similar to the common sea salt and why table sea salt has its bad reputation? Well, while Himalayan salt is so well known from its purity, table salt, like it is not enough to put more bad reputation, the salt product you’ve known now is not natural and have been processed in several stages, aside from sodium and chloride more minerals like iodine is the synthetic kind, so it is not the salt that cause the problem but the refined salt table. Moreover, there are many health benefits of Himalayan Salt surely you cannot put aside the fact that our sea is getting more polluted every day. That’s why, Himalayan salt is much recommended right now for a step closer to healthier lifestyle.