25 Health Benefits of Green Grapes (No.1 Is Best)

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Who doesn’t know the juicy and tasty grape? Amazing Health Benefits of Grapes , may be the best one for your heart. This fruit is one of the most favorite fruit around the world. People love grape because it has sweet, juicy and refreshing sour taste. Not only consume raw, grape can be processed as wine but who knows that grape as well as wine has great potential benefits for human health.

Grapes is one of the oldest fruit that mentioned in bible. People has cultivated grape since ancient times and it was a luxury fruit at that time. Grapes can also being dried or canned that which we know as raisin. This raisin we can found in most dessert dish and bakery. Based on a journal, it is mentioned that people consume average 8 pounds of grape every year around the world. One of the most consume grape on world is the green grapes.

There are more than 60 species and 8000 more varieties of grapes from red, blue, white , pink, yellow and green. Green grapes is a variant of grape (Vitis vinivera) and its is one of most important crop in United States. Botanically, grape included as berries and it best growth in warm climate. Grape is mostly use in making wine, jelly, beverages, juice, drink and other products. It is one of most economically plant which cultivated world wide.

Nutrition Value

Recent studies have shown that green grape show many beneficial health effects that promoted by consumption of green grape and grape products. Green grape is a unique mix of polyphenolic compounds. Green grapes contains large group of polyphenols that calles as flavonoids.

Flavonoids are the main candidates of green grapes which considered having biological properties, including other antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, antimicrobial, antiviral, cardioprotective, neuroprotective, and hepatoprotective activities. The main antioxidant subtance in green grape is known as resveratrol. Green grapes contains more antioxidants and chlorophyll more that other variants of grape. Below is the table of green grape nutrition facts that you can find out.

Amount Per 1 cup

(92 g)


%Daily Value*




Total Fat

0.3 g


Saturated fat

0.1 g


Polyunsaturated fat

0.1 g

Monounsaturated fat

0 g


0 mg



2 mg



176 mg


Total Carbohydrate

16 g


Dietary fiber

0.8 g



15 g



0.6 g


Vitamin A




Vitamin D


Vitamin B-12


Vitamin C




Vitamin B-6




Health Benefits of Green Grape

green grapesHealth benefits of green grape is very important to know since it could prevent some serious diseases. Since green grape contains many potential components and bioactive subtance, it can improve your health by deliver some of great benefits. Here are the best benefits that you can get by consuming green grapes

1. Prevent heart disease

In the study conducted by Klinge et al. (2008) reported that consuming grape including green grape that contains resveratrol may activate the shield that protect against coronary heart diseases and is improving the function of endothelium of blood vessels. This may aids in maintaining healthy heart.

2. Reduce cholesterol

Green grape contains dietary fiber which can bind cholesterol and get rid it from the body. The antioxidant in green grape also play important role in increase the level of good cholesterol that can decrease the number of bad cholesterol.

3. Prevent atherosclerosis

By reducing the level of bad cholesterol in blood, green grape can significantly reduce the accumulation of cholesterol inside the blood vessel and prevent atherosclerosis. As we know that atherosclerosis is one of the main cause of coronary disease. Consuming green grape daily can build healthy blood vessel and keep you away from heart disease.

4. Prevent cancer

Green grapes contains strong antioxidant substance that can slighly prevent cancer. Cancer is genetic disease where the cells growth out of control. Still there is no exact cure for cancer and this is why preventing is better that curing. The anticancer effect of green grape products is considered due to their unique mixture of polyphenolic compounds with various biological activities’ Flavonoids are the main group of active anticancer constituents in most of grape products including green grapes.

Researchers found that grape skin extract can possesses chemotherapeutic efficacy against breast cancer. Recently, a study show that green grape and extracts of raisins have curing effect on human colon cancer cell. It is found that resveratrol and other flavonoids in green grape significantly reduced cancer cell viability and induced apoptosis

5. Strengthen immune system

Green grape contains vitamin C and other potential antioxidant that can improve immunity. The resveratrol in green grape can strengthen the white cell function and other mechanism in fighting infection or disease.

6. Prevent cold

High vitamin C and other antioxidant in green grapes may bring anti-viral effect which can prevent the body from several virus infection such as influenza that can causing cold.

7. Maintain healthy nerve

Resveratrol as a potential phytoceutical in neurological diseases. It has protective effect to almost all nerveos system especially brain. Antioxidant in green grapes also can treat such disorders include toxins, chemicals and certain medical conditions such as alcoholism or stroke that affecting nerve function.

8. Promotes brain function

Antioxidant in green grapes has potential effect in keeping brain cell function. Free radicals damage can lead to oxidative stress and lead to brain cell damage. Consuming green grapes regularly everyday can help in maintaining healthy brain function.

9. Prevent Alzheimer

Alzheimer disease or AD is the most common form of dementia, which is associated with senile plaques caused by aggregation of amyloid peptide (AP) in the brain. Alzheimer can promotes memory lost and it used to be happen in elderly. A clinical study demonstrated that 12 weeks supplementation with green grapes juice in the diet may have neurocognitive benefits in older adults with early memory decline and it significantly can decrease the risk of alzheimer disease

10. Prevent parkinson disease

Parkinson Disease is another neurodegenerative disorder that is characterized by a selective death of dopamine-producing cells in the substantia nigra. This disease leads to musle inability, paralyze and lost ability to speak. S study by Jin et al reported that resveratrol in green grapes can reduce the level of dopamine that can trigger parkinson disease.

11. Reduce the risk of Huttington disease

Huttington disease is also a type of brain disorder that caused by free radicals and some toxin effect to some particular brain area. Green greapes contains resveratrol and other bioactive substance that can protect the brain from such free radical damage.

12. Maintain healthy skin

If you want to have healthy skin, consuming fruit including green greapes will really help you. The vitamin C in green grapes can nourish the skin and fight free radicals effect in skin surface that can lead to dullness and damaged skin. Vitamin C in green grapes also promotes collagen production that can make your skin keep firm and young.

13. Promotes hair growth

By promoting better circulation system, resveratrol promotes the hair root to absorb more nutrients and it can be helpful to maintain healthy and shiny hair. Some hair care product have also used green grapes extract as ingredients to make shampoo and other hair treatement product.

14. Brighthen skin

Vitamin C is a great and powerful antioxidant that can be use to treat skin and brigthen it. The extract of vitis vinifera or green grapes seed can improves skin tone and lighten the skin. It is also known that grape has become a popular ingredients in some skin supplement product.

15. Prevent diabetes

Green grapes contains dietary fiber and natural sugar that can help to control blood sugar level. The fiber can reduce the absorption of sugar to the body and incvrease insulin function that may reduce the risk of developing diabetes especially type 2.

16. Help in weight loss

Wanna have some snack but don’t wanna add more weight? Green grape can be a solution for healthy snack. It contains many nutrients but low in fat, cholesterol, calories and sodium that can be a perfect snack for people who are in diet program.

17. Relieve stress

A bunch of grape can help to relieve stress since it high in antioxidant, magnesium and vitamin that can affect to the nerve and calming it. Just simply consume it raw or make a grape juice to gain this benefits anytime you want.

18. Fight inflammation

Vitamin C and resveratrol are perfect combination in figthing inflammtaion which occur in the body. Both of those substances is contained in green grapes and they significantly stay you away from disease.

19. Protect liver

Environmental factors such as pollutants, alcohol, viral infections, and aflatoxins, can promote development of liver disease. Green grape polyphenols including resveratrol and other antioxidant have the ability to protect liver because of their anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

20. Promote healthy digestion

Green grapes benefits could be best for promote healthy digestion. Fiber in green grape can improve healthy digestion and it also promotes the good bacteria growth inside the gut which can ease the defecation process inside the colon or large intestine.

21. Relieve constipation

Dietary fiber in green grapes not only improve healthy digestion but also can relieve constipation. Constipation is a common problem in defecation process and usually people who consume lack fiber will suffer from this disease. Dietary fiber in grapes can add bulk to stool and it ease the bowel movement pass through the large intestine and relieve constipation.

22. Prevent Anemia

Green grapes contains some amount of iron that can prevent the body from developing the symptom of anemia. Anemia is a disorder that decrease red blood cell number due to lack of iron in the body. Iron is crucial mineral which used to form new red blood cells.

23. Maintain healthy vision

Vitamin A is important to keep healthy eyes and vision. Green grapes contains some amount of Vitamin A that can protect eyes from any health problem.

24. Delay aging

Free radicals damage can promotes aging and it fasten the aging in almost human organs. Green grapes contains many active substance such as resveratrol and vitamin C that can fight free radicals and delay the onset of aging. This is why people who used to consume grapes daily looks younger and better than people on same age.

25. Promotes longlivity

A study which conducted by harvard University reported that subjects which fed resveratrol were healthier, leaner and lived up to 30% longer, compare to them who were on high-calorie, high-fat diets consumers. Researchers believe that resveratrol can activates the same genetic longevity pathways as calorie restriction, and it is the only diet known to extend lifespan.so if you want to live a bit longer start to consume green grapes right now.

Health Risk of Green Grape

There is no certain case reported that green grapes cause side effect. Even so, excessive consumption should be considered especially to people under medication. Green grapes contains high vitamin K that can interfere with some blood medication such as hypertention and blood clotting treatment.

Tips to Consume Green Grapes

Before you start to consume green grape and purchase it on store it is better to follow these tips :

  • Purchase only firm and fresh fruit that available on store. If there is label on the fruit package better watch the expire date and the date of fruit packaging
  • Avoid to purchase moldy, smooth and broken fruits especially if it has sign of spoiled
  • Store the green grapes in fridge just after you reached home. It can be save in fridge for around a week
  • You can eat raw fruit but don’t forget to wash it before you consume it
  • Green grapes can also be used to make juice,smoothie and dried to make raisins.
  • you can also add it to your favorite fruit salad, ice cream, cake and any other dish you want

Green grape is not only delicious but also provide the body with abundant benefits. If you getting bored with apple, banana and other fruit just try to consume the green grape and you may be like it.