14 Benefits of Taking Vacation Days (No.5 Shocking)

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Benefits of Taking Vacation have a lot of positive impact. Holiday or vacation is one of the most awaiting moment throughout the year after working and having many activities. Before vacation comes, people used to prepare everything and making plan to spend their holiday. Not only make people happy, vacation can make people stay healthy and relax. It is mentioned in journal of the holiday health report that vacation may help you to live longer.

Usually after spending vacation, people will look healthier and more fresh than before and thus have been proven by several studies. Even they just spend vacation at home still vacation give benefits for health. People will suffer from stress and other health problems if they don’t take vacation. Recent studies have revealed that workers often suffer from stress and depression during time off work due to working burdens, overtime job and restlessness.

According to the holiday health report, stress is the main factor that effected on vacation. Jay Brewer, Professional Head of Physiology, Nuffield Health mentioned that stress may lead the body to do all worst thing such as binge eating, slcoholism, lack of sleeping and etc.
Here are some benefits that can be received through taking vacation :

1. Relieve stress

Benefits of Taking Vacation could relieve stress. Stress is a problem of people in modern age since they have high burden in work and studies. Many health disease caused by high level of stress such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Stress also leads to several mental disorder and causing sleep disorder in most people. Taking vacation for some times can help to relieve stress since it can stimulate the brain to produce more serotonine and relax your mind. Vacation may also lower your burden of work and reduce the factors that can cause stress. After vacation, people will feel happier and they are already fit to back in work.

2. Improve fitness

Taking vacation means you can spend your day by visiting any place, hiking, camping or even just having exercise and relaxation at home. These activities that you do along holiday can help to increase your body stamina and stimulate your muscle endurance. Going to travel or adventure will make you walk longer and often and this may result in better health condition, especially if you spend whole year by working behind your desk job and less to exercise.

3. Cure insomnia

Insomnia is a type of sleeping disorder that make people hard to fall asleep. Insomnia used to happen since people sacrifice their sleeping time for work or studies. These condition may result in high stress level and as opposite, stress causing insomnia as well. By taking vacation, people can repair their sleeping pattern and try to manage stress. Healthy and enough sleeping time may promote the body to produce melatonine hormone that aids in lowering stress level and cure insomnia.

4. Reduce the risk of heart disease

Heart disease is on the top leading cause of high mortality rate in the world especially in USA. High level of stress, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity are the factors that trigger heart disease in most people. Taking vacation in some period can reduce the risk of heart disease since it can reduce high level cortisole in the body which causing stress as well as lowering the blood pressure. While in vacation people used to spend time for hiking or exercise, it may give benefits to the heart and cardiovascular health. Studies reported that people have better heart performance after they finished their vacation.

5. Increase productivity

According to researches which published in The New York times, people who were having vacation has better productivity after they back to work. This may lead people to put more performance and better work result. Thus may be caused by good mood which they derived from vacation experiences.

6. Better brain function

Brain need refreshing as well as the body. It is reported by several studies that taking vacation can improve brain function and make you smarter. By having vacation, doing exercise or adventure, people watch new things and new environment that stimulate the brain to improve creativity and memory.

7. Stabilize emotion

Emotion is something that can be effected by stress and depression. People with tight work schedule and high level of stress used to have bad emotional control and easily to be enraged. Taking vacation for a while can lower stress level which result in steady emotion control. It is also correlated with mental health disease that can be relieve by taking proper rest including vacation.

8. Enhance mood

A research which conducted by researchers from University of Pittsburgh Mind-Body Center reported that people who just back from vacation has better mood and feel leisure. Taking vacation by visiting other place and spending time with family or relatives gives positive effect to the mood.

9. Decrease the risk of diabetes

Diabetes is a metabolism disease that occur because of insulin sensitivity and the damage of pancreatic cells due to unhealthy life style or genetics. This disease makes the body hard to control blood sugar and it can be dangerous since high level of sugar can cause tissue damage. Taking vacation can reduce the production of cortisole, stress hormone that also promote fat cells storage. By inhibiting the brain to produce cortisole, taking vacation may lower the risk of diabetes.

10. Increase digestive function

You can’t enjoy vacation without having great food. On vacation, you can repair your eating pattern and try to cook or eat healthier food. During working, people used to mess up their eating pattern and tend to consume unhealthy food such as junk food and snack. Taking vacation and spending days to have healthier habit can increase the ability of the digestion tract that may enhance the absorption of several nutrients from the food.

11. Strengthen bones

If you spend vacation by having more sun exposure in the morning while you sunbathing in beach or having hiking, it may help to strengthen the bones since sunlight can promote the absorption of Vitamin D in the body that required in keeping bone remain strong.

12. Help in weight loss

Wanna lose weight and having some leisure? Just simply take vacation. Taking vacation can help to manage weight if you spend the holidays by doing some activities such as hiking or adenturing. Eating healthy food on vacation also can help in weight loss program. Due to its effect in reducing stress, vacation may help to reduce sugar craving and emotional eating.

13. Improve libido

High level of stress can decrease libido and fertility. People who used to spend days by working and don’t have enough time for sexual activity will lose the libido and sexual desire yet losing the fertility. Taking vacation can make you feel relax and reduce stress level as well. You can spend holiday with your couple and improve the sexual function both man and woman.

14. Strengthen immune system

Laughing can make you happy and based on research, laugh can reduce the level of stress hormone, cortisole as well as increase the immune system function. The body will be more resistance to pathogen and disease if you find yourself enjoy the holiday with laughter.

Tips of Taking Vacation

To get all the benefits of taking vacation, you may follow these tips :

  • Before taking vacation make sure you donn’t have any problem in your workplace or etc that may disturb your mind during vacation.
  • If you planning to visit a place for vacation it will be better if you choose place with nature spot.
  • Pack all your stuffs which is required during vacation and make sure you bring important stuffs like medicine and first aid kit.
  • If you go vacation with family, prepare all the family needs and arrange the financial well.
  • On vacation spot, try to do many acticvities that you used to miss during your productive days such as walking, cycling or even swimming. These exercise will help you to increase stamina and fitness after vacation.
  • Don’t bring your work along with vacation, it will bother your time and resting quality.
  • Eat healthier food like fruit and vegetables during vacations and don’t eat too much fat or sugar that may increase your weight.