44 Uses and Benefits of Witch Hazel for Health & Beauty

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Witch Hazel, or known by it’s Latin name as Hamamelis Virgiana is an herbal plant from North America, which used for many treatment. Although many people are not familiar with this plant, Witch Hazel can be utilized its leaves, bark, twigs and even its drying branch.

Witch Hazel is a herbaceous plant with a height about 3 to 8 meters. Witch Hazel is usually bloom in September to November, when other plants are just begins to bloom in January and March. The main constituents of the witch hazel extract are:

  • gallotannin
  • calcium oxalate
  • safrole
  • and the essential oil (carvacrol, eugenol)

Native Americans have used Witch Hazel drugs for long time and most benefits that known is boiled parts of witch hazel plant decoction to treat skin irritations and tumors. Currently the popularity of this herbal medicine recognized by the world as a medicinal skin care, because witch hazel has more uses than just to clarify the skin and shrink pores.

witch hazelWitch Hazel processing through a special process called distillation process. This is done in order to obtain water extract of Witch Hazel, or better known as Hamamelis Water or many people called it Hydrosol. Hamamelis Water has a function in the areas of health, among others, to cure some diseases. just like: Vomiting blood, diarrhea, tuberculosis, cancer, colds, flu, and tumor.

In addition to the field of medicine, Witch Hazel is also used in the field of beauty and skin care. In fact, Witch Hazel Extract can also be used as a deodorant spray our own making. How to make it? The trick is quite simple: Move the witch hazel into a spray bottle, then drops 10 drops of tea tree oil per 30ml witch hazel. Shake before use.

Witch Hazel for Health Benefits

Witch Hazel in our health is used for:

  1. Cure Hemorrhoids

Witch hazel is great for reducing pain in bleeding hemorrhoids. Witch Hazel is a common ingredient used in many commercial hemorrhoid cream. Just mix witch hazel with Aloe Vera gel is good for the area affected by hemorrhoids.

  1. Relieve Sore Throat

Herbal tea of witch hazel (not purchased at the store, because of the type that sold in stores contain isopropyl alcohol) can help to ease the discomfort of a sore throat. Gargle with witch hazel tea to reduce swelling, dry excess mucus and reduce pain caused by strep throat, sinusitis, tonsillitis, throat or other diseases.

  1. Care Gum

Gargling with Witch Hazel (once again, do not use witch hazel that containing isopropyl alcohol) can help reduce the pain and swelling of the gums that irritated or infected. Witch hazel can be used to stop minor bleeding of the gums and mouth. If you want, try a teaspoon of witch chocolate tea with one drop of each clove and myrrh safely relieve tooth pain for the baby. The same treatment can also be used to relieve pain caused by emerging wisdom teeth, reduce discomfort and inflammation.

  1. Drying “swimmer’s ear”

‘Swimmer Ear’ or Otitus Externa caused by microbial infections of the ear canal. Use the eye dropper to insert several drops of witch hazel into each ear dries out pus, clean the excessive oil, and broke the wax and debris that may clog the ear canal

  1. Reduce Diaper Rash

Witch hazel containt Anti-inflammatory which effective and safe drug to soothe pain of diaper rash. regular application will also help in the healing of damaged skin more quickly, further reducing the discomfort of your baby.

  1. Relieve Sunburn

Mix witch hazel with Aloe Vera gel when you have to treat sunburn. The anti-inflammatory properties of this plant extract helps skin healing for a while. This treatment can also help to prevent the skin from peeling.

  1. Neutralize Dermatitis

Because drying and strength anti-itch, witch hazel can also can be used to counteract the effects of skin irritation due to contact with compounds that plants such as poison ivy, poison oak, and others that cause contact dermatitis.

  1. Stings Bug Bites

Just like witch hazel can be used to relieve the pain and itching of poison ivy and its cousins, Witch Hazel also has the same function for bug bites and stings.

  1. Astrigensia – As Anti diarrhea

Tannins in Witch Hazel can be shrunk (adstrigensia) and harden the intestinal wall, thus reducing the in and out process of fluid in the intestine. Tannins can also be used to shrink the pores of the skin.

  1. Antibacterial

The antibacterial effect of tannins in Witch Hazel, among others, by reaction with the cell membrane. Flavonoids in tannins will denature protein and damage the cell wall membrane.

  1. Antioxidants

Tannins have antioxidative properties that play a role in fighting free radicals that are harmful to the body

  1. Antidote

Tannins in Witch Hazel will issue greedy acid insoluble and react with alkaloids to form tannic buildup.

  1. cure Vomiting Blood

Witch Hazel contain tannins that effectively shrinks (adstrigensia) and harden the intestinal wall, thus reducing the causes of vomiting blood. Tannins are also very good for maintaining the quality of the intestine.

  1. Cancer Therapy

The nature of the Witch Hazel kastegenoid effectively able to prevent the abnormal cells. The abnormal cells can cause cancer if left unchecked. In addition, safrole in witch hazel is considered as a weak carcinogen in mice, and is considered by the European Commission on health and consumer protection as genotoxic and carcinogenic.

  1. Cure Flu

Witch Hazel in a distinctive smells and its flavor effective to cure the flu. The virus that causes the flu, known to dislike the content of Witch Hazel.

  1. Inhibiting HIV

Tannins are known to be used as an antiviral, antibacterial, and antitumor. Certain tannins can inhibit HIV replication selectivity and also used as a diuretic.

Benefits of Witch Hazel for Beauty

In the field of beauty and facial treatments, Witch Hazel famous by its natural Astringent content. Astringent is a biological network that is able to contract or to shrink. If implemented on a live network, Astringent will cause the tissue to shrink. It is useful to:

  1. Reduce swelling

Astringent is a biological network that is able to contract. This Astringet shrink the mucous membrane, thereby reducing swelling.

  1. Relieve irritation

In reducing iritas, Witch Hazel is also not runs out of the role Astringent. This is due to release the substance calamine Astringent, namely topical agent that is designed to be reducing irritation.

  1. Eliminate insect bites

The trick, you just pinch a bit of witch hazel ointment on insect bites in accordance with the instructions for use printed on medication.

  1. Disguise Bruising

Apply witch hazel with a cotton ball or cosmetic to reduce irritation, or other inflammatory skin conditions. This will help fade the discoloration of the skin and accelerate the healing process of damage.

  1. Brighten Around Eyes

Witch Hazel is useful to tighten the skin and reduce inflammation. Witch Hazel  making it ideal for treating discoloration and puffiness under and around the eyes and is one of the most popular uses of witch hazel itself. But be careful, this use can cause side effects such as eyes feel dry.

  1. Decrease the swelling Veins

Soak a soft cloth in the water extract of witch hazel and put over the affected skin varicose veins to reduce swelling and pain. But remember, to prop up the swollen area should be positioned as high as possible. This is to lowers the blood pressure in the blood vessels swell and maximize the effectiveness of your treatment.

  1. Stop the Bleeding

Witch hazel naturally useful to tighten the skin and accelerate wound healing faster. Apply organic witch hazel for minor cuts and scrapes to stop the bleeding. witch hazel that can be purchased at the store also often contain alcohol isoproply that disinfect, making it a popular choice to clean the wound before bandaging.

  1. Post treatments for Hair-Removal

In terms of its usefulness in beauty, Witch Hazel will not only stop the bleeding but anti-inflammatory witch hazel also work to prevent razor burn. Furthermore, for those who are in hot wax treatment for hair-removal or waxing can use witch hazel as post-waxing anti-inflammatory or use it to stop the bleeding from damaged hair follicles.

In addition to the aforementioned, other benefits of Witch Hazel in the field of beauty are as follows:

  • 24. Fixing damaged skin cells
  • 25. Preventing premature aging
  • 26. Against bacteria on the skin
  • 27. reduce acne prone skin
  • 28. Overcoming oily skin
  • 29. Eliminate acne scars
  • 30. pull out impurities from the skin layer
  • 31. Smooth the skin
  • 32. Addressing blemishes (flaw)
  • 33. Make the skin becomes taut and springy
  • 34. Adequate intake necessary nutriri skin
  • 35. Prevent spots and black spots on the face
  • 36. Maintaining hormonal balance skin

Other Benefits of Witch Hazel

Another benefit of Witch Hazel is as follows:

  1. Ornamental Plants

For Witch Hazel has a yellow-orange-red flower colour to remind us of the autumn which will soon be replaced by winter.

  1. Postpartum Care

Witch hazel extract useful for soothing post-birth. You do this by pouring more natural witch hazel organic cotton (and even add spices or aloe vera to soothe extra).

  1. For Stretch Marks

Witch Hazel can fade stretch marks to almost completely disappear by spraying with witch hazel extract once a day for several months.

  1. Deodorant

To make Witch Hazel deodorant is simply by moving to a spray bottle of witch hazel, then drops 10 drops of tea tree oil per 30ml witch hazel. Shake before use.

  1. Tan nets, Ropes and Sails

Tannins in Witch Hazel is mainly used to tan the skin so durable and easy to use. Tannins are also used to tan nets, ropes, and the screen to be more resistant to seawater. Besides tannin used as an ingredient:

  • 42. Dyes,
  • 43. Adhesive, and
  • 44. Mordant.

Side effect of Witch Hazel

  1. Witch hazel SAFE when applied directly to the skin. But some people, it can cause mild skin irritation.
  2. In some people, witch hazel can cause abdominal pain when drunk.
  3. Excessive doses can cause liver problems.
  4. Witch hazel contains cancer-causing chemicals (safrole) if consumed in excessive amounts.