35 Benefits of Salmon : Health – Brain – Diet

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Salmon considered as one of the healthiest and most nutritious food in the world is not without reasons because salmon is rich of nutrients as well as beneficial for human’s health.  There are a lot of types of Salmon and Alaska salmon is not only tasty but also considered to be sustainable food so there is no reason for you to now consume salmon not only for the taste but also for all the benefits that offered by this fish.

For further information about how beneficial this fish for human’s health is. Some information below about the nutrients as well as the list of health benefits of salmon may help you.

Nutrients Breakdown of Salmon


113.4 gram per serving

Vitamin B12236%
Vitamin D128%
Vitamin B356%
Omega 3 Fatty Acid55%
Vitamin B638%
Panthotenic Acid18%

Benefits of Salmon

  1. Good for Bone Health

The combination of Omega 3 fatty acid and protein calcitonin which are relatively rich found in salmon have been proven to improve the bone strength as well as promote its density. Besides that salmon is also the rich source of essential minerals like calcium, iron, phosphorous and selenium which obviously good for bone health and prevent all kinds of bone conditions.

  1. Treat Osteoarthritis

As mentioned above salmon is rich of calcium, omega 3 fatty acid as well as certain protein which are good for bone health. However, in the more specific case like osteoarthritis, the combinations of those substances have significant role in stabilizing the synthesis of collagen osteoarthritis cartilage that will treat all kinds of symptoms as well as reduce the risk of osteoarthritis.

  1. Promote Healthy Joints

Omega 3 fatty acid is not only good to maintain the health of bones as well as prevent all bone conditions to occur but it also has significant role in promoting healthy joints. It is because of the EPA contained in salmon which produce three types of compounds that have function to reduce the excess inflammation that will protect the joints.

  1. Reduce Depression (Risk and Symptoms)

Vitamin and minerals contained in salmon like Vitamin A, Vitamin D and then combined them with all the benefits offered by DHA from Omega 3 fatty acid will make salmon has antidepressant effect. In other words, consuming salmon regularly could reduce the risk of depression as well as ease of the symptoms.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Heart Attack

Heart attack is caused when heart is forced to hard to produce blood due to the hardened artery. What we should do to avoid it by making sure the artery is freed from substances that could cause the hardened. Generally, salmon is good for heart because of the minerals and omega 3 fatty acid that contained in salmon could maintain the blood vessel to be freed from plaques that could cause the heart attack.

  1. Controlling High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure occurred when there are some disturbances in the blood circulation. Those disturbances could be caused the accumulation of plaques that formulated due to the excess amount of LDL cholesterol that hardening the artery and forces heart to work harder.

  1. Reduce the Risk of Stroke

Store is like short-circuit occurred in the brain. The main cause is when brain doesn’t receive enough oxygen brought by red blood cells. The iron deficiency could cause this as well as the narrowed artery caused by the accumulation of plaques in the blood vessel. Salmon is rich of omega 3 fatty acid that contributes in removing plaques from the blood vessel while the iron will make sure the production of red blood cells.

  1. Controlling Cholesterol

All foods contained omega 3 already proven to be good as natural control toward cholesterol level. The omega 3 fatty acid found in salmon is not the exception. Omega 3 could assist in optimizing the production of HDL or good cholesterol and control the excess amount of LDL or bad cholesterol in the body.

  1. Brain Food for Fetal

It is true that salmon is also well known as brain food. It is not only good for children or adult but also for the unborn baby inside the womb. All the nutrients contained in salmon and omega 3 fatty acid and minerals contribute in the optimal development of brain and nervous system. According to some researches fetal that gets enough brain boosters during pregnancy will excel others kid that didn’t.

  1. Good For Pregnant Women

During pregnancy women should make sure that all nutrients for the fetal development and for the sake of mother’s health available in the food. Salmon is not only good for the fetal development as mentioned in the previous point but the vitamin and mineral contained also good to maintain the mother’s stamina during and after pregnancy.

  1. Prevent the Development of Post Partum Depression

Every single pregnant woman should aware of this kind of mental condition. There are no specific reasons sometimes why a woman could cause this kind of depression. However, by making sure that you consume enough omega 3 during pregnancy that could ease off the stress or pressure that usually suffered by a mother could reduce the risk of post partum depression.

  1. Prevent ADHD

In children with ADHD, feeding them with salmon which is rich of omega 3 fatty acid will help reducing the effect or symptoms of ADHD by improving the brain function. However, it is also possible for a pregnant mother who consumed enough omega 3 from salmon to prevent the possibility of their babies born with ADHD.

  1. Academic Performance Booster

If you have children under five years old, feeding them with salmon regularly is highly recommended. According to some researches the omega 3 found in salmon could contribute in optimal development which will lead to the optimal function of brain when they reach school age. Besides that, it also affects their cognitive function.

  1. Increase Focus on Children

It is closely related to the previous point when feeding children will increase their academic performance because children who know how to focus will understand their surrounding a bit better than children who don’t. Thus make them learn faster.

  1. Memory Benefit

Omega 3 fatty acid found in salmon is also good to improve memory. Some studies conducted to some children whose mother giving them salmon regularly compared to other group of children who don’t receive salmon. The memory ability in each group shows a very significant difference. Children who consumed salmon regularly have better memory than those who don’t.

  1. Prevent Alzheimer and Parkinson

Consuming omega 3 fatty acid found in salmon could assist in preventing Alzheimer as well as Parkinson. The FDA and DHA found in salmon have significant role in improving the function of the brains.

  1. Protect Nervous System

If one type of food is able to protect and improve the function of the brain it means salmon is also good to protect the nervous system. Even during pregnancy, omega 3, DHA, FTA and some minerals found in salmon have great contributions in making sure the optimal development of nervous system in the fetal.

  1. Reduce the Risk Cancer

Salmon is not only rich of vitamin and minerals but also some amino acids which have been prove to fight cancers. As antioxidant like carotenoid which is found in moderate amount also able to protect the healthy cells from damages caused by free radicals so consuming salmon means that you provide your body extra protection to reduce the risk of cancer by preventing the development of cancerous cells.

  1. Killing Tumors

Just like in cancerous cells consuming salmon is not useful as prevention action but some researches also found that the regular consumption by patients with some tumor conditions could help them healing. Their tumor is not only inhibited but also killed.

  1. Prevent Systemic Lupus

Lupus occurred when there is abnormality in the white blood cells that considered even healthy cells to be a treat. Consuming salmon which is rich of omega 3 could assist in reducing the symptom as well as prevent the development of lupus by controlling the auto immune.

  1. Treat Diabetes

For patients with diabetes consuming salmon could treat their conditions by improving the body sensitivity toward insulin for patient diabetes type 2. Besides that, obesity is actually the main reason behind diabetes type 2. Putting salmon as part of daily diet could assist in providing all the nutrients the body needs and at the same time assisting in weight loss and prevent the weight gain.

  1. Antioxidant

Carotenoid is one of the types of antioxidant found in salmon. As rich of antioxidant surely salmon could assist in protecting your body from free radicals. Sometimes it is so difficult to avoid the bad effect of free radicals but by making sure that you have provided the protection inside your body, at least you could have some peace of mind.

  1. Promote Healthy Skin

The combination of rich amount of omega 3 fatty acid and carotenoid promote healthier skin by provide all the nutrients required by skin while carotenoid will prevent all the damages caused by free radicals. Carotenoid also contributes in promoting the optimal regeneration of skin cells for more radiant and glowing skin.

  1. Promote Healthier Hair

A lot of people usually forget that healthy hair is not only about how they treat their hair but also about how they treat the scalp. Scalp is also one of the parts of the body that needs treatment. Healthy scalp means healthier and stronger hair. Omega 3 fatty acid is also good for scalp health besides that the iron contained in salmon would assist in making sure the optimal supply of oxygen to the scalp.

  1. Maintain Nails Strength

You have some brittle nails problem? Then put salmon as part of your daily diet. The calcium and protein found in salmon will help you getting rid of brittle nails and as the result you will get healthier and stronger nails that shining.

  1. Promote Tissue Health

As antioxidant and anti inflammatory of course salmon is good for tissue health. Besides that the high amount of protein contained in salmon also contributes in maintaining the health of tissue health as well as the muscle mass. So, salmon is also recommended for those who are currently in weight loss or specific bodybuilding program.

  1. Prevent Macular Degeneration

During senior ages there are some conditions that are impossible to be avoided. Macular degeneration is one of them. This condition caused by when body is no longer able to promote the optimal regeneration of cells. However, though it is impossible to avoid but it is still possible to be slowed down. Omega 3 will make sure the slowing down process of the degeneration.

  1. Treat Fatigue of the Eye

Some studies have found that why omega 3 is good for eye is due to neuroprotectine made from DHA that could reduce the inflammatory occurred in the eye and could treat fatigue of the eye efficiently and effectively even able to prevent some chronic eye diseases.

  1. Improve Vision

Salmon is not a magic fish that will cure or treat all kinds of medical condition but consuming it regularly has a lot of benefits and the omega 3 and vitamin A contained in salmon has significant role in making sure the eye health is maintained.

  1. Prevent Cognitive Decline in Elderly

If salmon has been proven to be able in optimizing the cognitive function of children even before they were born, means that it is also able to prevent the cognitive decline in elderly. It is due to the rich amount of omega 3 fatty acid found in salmon along with some vitamins and minerals.

  1. Weight Loss

Weight gain is not as simple as you think. There are a lot of medical conditions that wait for you behind weight gain problem. Diabetes type 2 is started by obesity while blood pressure also closely related to weight gain. Put salmon as part of your daily diet could assist in maintaining the possibility of weight gain and reduce all the risks that will follow. Besides that omega 3 will assist in optimizing the purpose of work out and the protein in salmon will assist in the building of body mass.

  1. Reduce the Symptoms of Epilepsy

Adding salmon as part of daily diet for epilepsy patient is high recommended. It is because the omega 3 fatty acid found in salmon has been proven scientifically to be effective in reducing the symptoms as well as the frequent of epilepsy. Though some further studies should be conducted about the possibility of salmon to treat epilepsy.

  1. Treat Asthma

Asthma is one of the medical condition that is impossible to be cured but it doesn’t mean that the symptoms cannot be reduced. Some studies have found that consuming salmon which is rich of omega 3 fatty acid could assist in ease off the symptoms of asthma and reduce the frequent of the attack as well.

  1. Good for Kidney

Though further studies are still required to support this opinion but some proofs have been reported that omega 3 fatty acid is able to maximize the function of kidney. Kidney has function to filter all the necessary and unnecessary substances in the body. By improving the function of kidney the unnecessary substances that could be harmful for the body will be washed away completely.

  1. Treating Hepatitis C

Omega 3 found in salmon is enough to treat patient with hepatitis C. it is due to the therapeutic value contained in omega 3.

Warning and Cautions of Salmon

Knowing about the benefits of salmon is important but for you who have plan to put it as part of your daily diet perhaps knowing about the side effects of consuming salmon is also important. So you aware of some warnings and the cautions.

  • Too much salmon means too much omega 3 in the body. This fatty acid may be beneficial but for those who have being disorder history should aware of the fact that omega 3 could trig bleeding condition.
  • Salmon may be good to the production of insulin for people with diabetes patients but the bad effect is it affects the blood sugar level.
  • Omega 3 may causes some medical condition for those who are currently suffering from low blood pressure.
  • Omega 3 is supposed to be avoided for those who are currently suffering vitamin E deficiency.
  • Omega 3 also able to cause hormone imbalance so it is better for those who currently in the hormone therapy consult their doctor whether they could put salmon as part of their daily diet.
  • Perhaps for those who are allergic to seafood don’t ever try to put salmon as part of your daily diet.
  • Be careful with the mercury contained in salmon.
  • Too much salmon that could affect the liver. It’s probably good in adequate amount but not so good in high dosage.

Salmon is tasty fish that could be cooked into several types of dishes. Whether you life to eat it raw like in sushi or you prefer to cook it. However, not all countries in the world get enough supply of salmon since the demand of this fish is increasing every year but for you who live in the countries with unlimited supply of salmon, you could consider yourself lucky because you could enjoy salmon as your daily dishes and get all the benefits offered by this nutritious fish.