21 Health Benefits of Quitting Coffee (No.13 for A Better Life)

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As the most popular beverage to drink in the morning, coffee is consumed by billions of people daily for various reasons. Some took a sip of coffee to satisfy their addiction to caffeine, some consume it to help them stay awake, some enjoyed it as coffee connoisseurs, and some drink it out of their daily habit.


Whatever the reason is, drinking coffee has its drawback too, especially if consumed too much. That is why breaking the habit of drinking coffee could be advantageous as it provides several health benefits, such as:

1. Lowers Cholesterol Level

Unfiltered coffee – such as espresso or a French press, would increase the LDL cholesterol concentration in your veins when consumed. LDL cholesterol is the bad cholesterol who could cause plaque in arteries, which in turn could cause many cardiovascular diseases such as cardiac arrest, etc. Although the filtered coffee – such as instant coffee, is somewhat better, it still increases the bad cholesterol in your body so it’s probably much wiser to just stop taking any coffee at all.

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2. Cures the Caffeine Addiction

A substance called caffeine is normally found in any coffee. It is a psychoactive drug that functions as a stimulant for your nervous system to keep you awake and reduce your fatigues. Unlike many of its contemporaries, this psychoactive drug could be consumed without any regulations or legal problems.

However, like many of its contemporaries, this substance could create an addiction, and many people are consuming coffee daily just to withstand the caffeine withdrawal. By quitting coffee people can break free of this dependence to caffeine once and for all.

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3. Better Sleep Pattern

Some study reveals that drinking coffee increases the chance of having insomnia. It said coffee is known to raise your wakefulness and alertness, making you have a hard time to sleep or reducing your sleep quality. Since the effect varies depending on how much coffee you drink and brewing method used, you will have a hard time on setting a good sleep pattern if you keep drinking coffee.

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4. Improves Mood

A bad sleep could lead into a bad mood. Since coffee alters your sleep pattern it could leave you waking up in a bad mood. Also, people who got addicted to coffee usually feel grumpy and lethargic when the caffeine effect wears off, so quitting coffee might save you from these situations.

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5. Improves Performance

As stated before, quitting coffee could give you a better sleep. With better sleep quality and regular sleeping pattern, your body will feel more energetic and fresh when you woke up in the morning, increasing your overall performance.

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6. Decreases Anxiety

Caffeine act as a stimulant for your central nervous system to release more epinephrine or better known as adrenaline inside your body, making you feel more anxious and irritable. Stopping your caffeine intake may help reduce the adrenaline levels, which in turn reduces anxiousness and irritability.

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7. Lower Blood Pressure

As epinephrine was released within your body due to the caffeine intake, your heart rate and blood pressure level would rise considerably. High blood pressure can be dangerous as it might lead to heart palpitation, stroke, or even heart attack.

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8. Avoid Headache

Caffeine withdrawal could cause you a major headache and trigger a migraine. By stopping your habit of drinking it daily you could avoid headaches caused by caffeine withdrawal.

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9. Reduce Indigestion

Coffee possesses a mild diuretic effect and is slightly acidic which may present some problems with your digestive system. Some of the side effects include – but not limited to, acid reflux, dehydration, heartburn, etc.

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10. Less Bathroom Trip Frequency

Quitting coffee could reduce the frequency of bathroom trips considerably. Your colon muscles get stimulated by drinking coffee, giving you the urge to go to the toilet. You will also feel the need to urinate more often when you drink coffee. This bathroom trips could cause several problems at certain times, such as in the middle of an interview, meeting, etc. Giving up on coffee might help you on such occasions.

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11. Improve Skin Health

As stated before, coffee could leave you with a bad sleeping pattern and problems. These sleeping disorders are bad for your skin health as it could cause skin aging and dry skin. Caffeine also increases your skin’s oil production, which could cause skin irritation. If you want a smooth, shiny skin, consider quitting your daily coffee-sipping habit.

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12. Healthier Teeth

Coffee is slightly acidic and such acidly substance is bad for your teeth health. Many people also like to add sugar into their coffee, such sweet drinks could lead to teeth decay and cavities especially when consumed daily. Since coffee has strong color, it could also leave a stain on your teeth.

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13. Cleaner Environment

Every coffee that you’ve bought comes in different size and containers. Most of these containers are disposable and made using materials such as paper, plastic, styrofoam, carton, etc. This is not environment-friendly, even when made using recyclable materials. Just imagine, how many trees do they need to cut in order to meet the demand for paper coffee cups? Plastic and styrofoam are dangerous to the environment as well since they need thousands of year to decay and decompose. By stopping your coffee drinking habit you could reduce this demand and help the world to be a better place. Or alternatively, use your own cup or tumbler instead of disposable containers.

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14. Reduces Diabetes Risk

Many coffees contain a high amount of sugar. Especially the varieties sold in fancy cafe or coffee shops with extra ingredients, such as caramel, chocolate chip, mocha, etc. Some people also like to add a lot of sugar into their coffee to reduce the bitter taste. Coffee also increases insulin insensitivity, making your body more resistant towards insulin and major risk factor for Type II diabetes. Therefore, quitting coffee reduces your diabetes risk considerably.

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15. Improve Kidney Functions

We know that coffee has a mild diuretic effect to your body. A diuretic means it caused your body to excrete more water. As your kidneys need a lot of water to function properly, this lack of water caused by the excretion could prove harmful to your body.

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16. Make Caffeine Works Again

A prolonged usage of caffeine will build up a tolerance against it within your body. This tolerance would force you to increase the dosage of caffeine to achieve any desired effect. For example, a cup of coffee usually enough to prevent drowsiness and keep you awake. As you keep drinking coffee daily and building up the tolerance against caffeine, a single cup won’t cut it anymore. Now you need two cups of coffee instead of one to stay awake. Increased dose means increased drawbacks too.

By quitting coffee, you could remove this tolerance altogether, making your body susceptible to the effects of caffeine once again.

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17. Weight Loss

Experts say that sugary beverages are one of the main reason for the obesity pandemic in the western world. Sugary beverages with caffeine are even more dangerous since it makes people consumed more of it compared to sugary beverages without caffeine. Many coffee varieties are high in calories as well which could give you unwanted excess fat. For example, a Caramel Frappucino from Starbucks contained 270 calories. If you consumed it daily for a week you’ll gain 1890 extra calories which roughly translates to about a half pound.

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18. More Stable Energy Levels

Effects from coffee could increase your energy and productivity since it increases your wakefulness and reduces your fatigue levels. However, once the effect wears off, you’ll be left with some severe drawbacks that made you lethargic and ineffective. These unstable energy spikes can be avoided by stop relying on coffee to boost your energy levels.

19. Increase Financial savings

A cup of coffee is usually cheap unless it is bought at a fancy place like Starbucks or it is a gourmet coffee made from special beans like civet coffee. But, since people consumed it daily, the money they spend could easily add up to a significant amount. Hence, if you quit your habit of sipping a cup of joe daily, you might find yourself saved quite a bit of fortune at the end of the month.

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20. Cut Off Bad Calories

Many coffee varieties are high in calories as well which could give you unwanted excess fat. For example, a Caramel Frappucino from Starbucks contained 270 calories. If you consumed it daily for a week you’ll gain 1890 extra calories which roughly translates to about a half pound. Imagine how much weight you’ll lose if you stopped drinking those sugary coffees.

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21. Live Better 

Meanwhile, drinking coffee is never a mistake. Yet, don’t be so addictive as caffeine has its side effects too. Thus, try now drink mineral water in order to clean your body. Also, you may live a better life by quitting coffee. As a result, you may now drink an alternative healthy beverage such as fruits juice or milk.


So, after reading all of this amazing benefits from quitting coffee, you might want to think twice before buying a cup of coffee on your way to work.